Around Bosco: Bosco Veteran Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt Named First Dean of Academics

by Pedro Ochoa

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you sudden changes that call for certain measures, you have to reassign responsibilities. A Bosco veteran, the well respected Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt, will be stepping into a new role for the rest of the 2020-2021 academic school year. 

Bosco has been through so many obstacles this past year in regards with the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, Mrs. Hunt has risen to the challenge and has now settled in as the first ever Dean of Academics. The administration team formed a new position in Dean of Academics to collaborate with the Vice Principal of Academic Affairs, Mr. Edgar Salmingo. 

“My goal as Dean of Academics is to make the teachers happy. Whenever the teachers show their love and affection for the subject, the students tend to love the subject even more,” said Mrs. Hunt.

St. John Bosco High School welcomes everyone with open arms. Bosco’s community setting is unmatched, as teachers and staff choose to serve the school for many years. Mrs. Hunt is a prime example of this. 

Mrs. Hunt was referred to work at Bosco by Ms. Norma Aguilera, a Spanish teacher at St. John Bosco. Mrs. Hunt has had a handful of roles at Bosco, ranging from class moderator, to Spanish teacher, to Dean of Students and now to Dean of Academics. Mrs. Hunt has always had the willingness to help out wherever the school needs her. She was even once the Assistant Principal of Student Affairs because she was called to do it. It is challenging to take a new position, especially in these precarious times. Mrs. Hunt’s willingness and dedication to help the school is an example of why she is a true Salesian.

“If there is anything that this past year has taught us, it is that there are going to be many obstacles that come at us in life, and we need to learn how to be ready and be able to maneuver those obstacles to keep going on with our lives,” said Mrs. Hunt. 

She took this new step in her career because she is always open to help the school. She believes in the Salesian mission, and wants to continue to help the school be the best it can be. Even through the challenges of the pandemic, teachers stepped up to the challenge and Mrs. Hunt wants to continue to support teachers and continue to help them grow so they can be the best they can be for the students.   

“I think she took this position because she wanted to show us students that we need to be open to trying new things. She is trying to inspire us to find our courage within. I want to congratulate her and thank her for what she is doing for the school,” said senior Alfred Munoz

Mrs. Hunt has built connections with many students at Bosco, whether teaching them in her class, being on her class board or disciplining them in her office after breaking the rules. She has worked with students in so many capacities. The transition from Dean of Students to Dean of Academics means that Mrs. Hunt will still advocate for students and teachers to try to promote the conduct of the “Bosco Man,” but this time on the academic level. 

Mrs. Hunt’s main goal as Dean of Academics is to try to help the learning experience of students by supporting and working with the teachers. It has been noticed in the past that when the teachers are happy, the students are happy. She wants to try to find ways to make learning and teaching fun everyday so that Bosco’s young men are excited to arrive on campus for a great learning experience.

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