Around Bosco: Bosco Celebrates The Annual Mother And Son Mass And Breakfast, Honoring The Actions Of A Community Stronger Than Ever

by Ryan Tavera

The annual mother and son mass and breakfast celebrates the special bond between mothers and sons in these times of confusion and uncertainty to uplift all members of the Braves family.

Despite continuous setbacks due to COVID-19 restrictions, the annual mother and son breakfast was celebrated on April 25, 2021, hosted in the Saint John Bosco quad. Thanks to the contribution of facuity and the parents association, the Bosco community was able to honor all hard-working mothers that are a part of the Bosco community. 

The event consists of students and their mothers participating in mass together, following a gathering in the quad to celebrate with friends and family, while enjoying a selection of staple breakfast items and music. 

Director of Enrollment Management Mrs. Becky Ellison feels that the event highlights the idea of togetherness and celebrating the relationship between parents and their son within the Bosco community. 

“Parents are the primary teachers always. The Salesian way of teaching is really about accompaniment and that’s not just with your teachers it also with your parents. I think it’s really important because it celebrates students’ relationships with their families,” said Mrs. Ellison. 

This idea that the relationship between mother and son can be so crucial and important in a young man reaching adulthood is something that must be cherished and celebrated. Vice President of Advancement, Ms. Amy Krisch shares this same sentiment and feels the event highlights that exactly.

“Our mothers play such a big role in how the school forms the young men into a Bosco man and their such a critical piece of it. The bond between a mother and son is just so important and it’s important for you guys as students to be able to continue to have that bond with your mom,” Ms. Krisch said.  

While the event highlights that strong and valuable connection between mothers and their sons, the event also showcases Bosco’s strong sense of community and togetherness. As seen throughout this challenging last months, Bosco families have established a community effort to get through several obstacles, while highlighting what it means to be a Bosco Brave.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and limitations, the event was much more spaced out and separated, in order to maintain COVID-19 safety precautions. However, the event still managed to captivate that sense of a welcoming and loving atmosphere that the Bosco community provides. 

Thanks to the determination and persistence of faculty and the parents association alike, the event was an extraordinary success. Parents such as Mariah Ruiz, Allie Arredondo, and Veronica Figueroa have given it their all in order to see the event come to fruition. The perseverance and service of the Bosco community truly highlights the sense of community and commitment that being a Brave is all about, giving families hope, that not even a great disaster can destroy the bond established among the Bosco community. 

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