Around Bosco: The Bosco Community Celebrates Mary Help of Christians

by Pedro Ochoa

In the Catholic Church, the month of May is traditionally dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In order to honor the Blessed Mother, the Bosco community celebrates Marian Day, this year, on May 7th. 

The tradition of dedicating the month of May to Our Lady is centuries old, dating back at least 700 years. The reason for dedicating May to Our Lady is associated with the particular season of the year. May is certainly known for its springtime beauty. It brings to mind the idea of promise and hope, of new life.

This connection between May and motherhood led Christians to adopt May as the month of Our Lady, the Mother of God and Our Heavenly Mother. She brought life into the world by giving birth to her son, Jesus, who brought about a new spring.

May is normally part of the Easter season, the period of fifty days which lasts from Easter to Pentecost. During this time we celebrate the Lord’s Resurrection from the dead, a celebration which culminates with his Ascension to the Father and the sending of the Holy Spirit to the Church on Pentecost. It is a fitting time to dedicate to the Blessed Virgin Mary; to recall her intense joy over her Son’s Resurrection and the comfort and guidance she gave to the Apostles during this difficult period.

Marian day is a special time for Bosco Braves. It is a time of reflection and for the community. Marian day truly resembles the Bosco Oratory. It reflects a Home, School, Church, and Playground. 

Home: This day is where the Bosco Braves can make Bosco, their home, while also being guided by Our Blessed Mother. 

School: Even though this day is a time of bonding, there are still classes during the day. The periods are cut short to make the day go by fast.

Church: On this day, the Bosco community gathers together for a liturgy. In this liturgy, Mary is offered and crowned with flowers to represent beauty. 

Playground: After classes and mass, the Bosco brothers have hours to themselves where they can strengthen their brotherhood. During this time, there are multiple activities, where some of them include jumpers. 

The Blessed Virgin Mary offered the disciples her prayers, motherly care, and witness. She continues to offer us her motherly love and intercession. During this month of May, let us rediscover her maternal role in each of our lives. Let us offer our spiritual mother our sincere prayers, that just as she aided the first Apostles with her prayers, she may also guide and intercede for us in our journey of faith. Let us learn from her how to love and trust God completely and how to be faithful witnesses of the risen Lord.

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