Life of a Brave: The SAT Test is Going Digital

by Dominic Ramirez and Andrew Fierro, Managing Editor

Starting 2024, the college board will be offering students the chance to take the SAT test digitally. This change will be made in response to covid restrictions as well as a general rework of the structure of the exams.

On January 25, the college board made the announcement that the test will be offered digitally internationally in 2023, and in march of 2024 for the United States. The test will be taken on a laptop or tablet at school, or at a local testing facility, the test will not be available to be taken from the home.

If a student does not have a suitable electronic device, one will be provided by the college board on the day of the test. Also, if a device runs out of battery, the test will allow for the user to resume once the device finishes charging.

The digital SAT won’t just be the online version of the paper test, the college board plans to restructure the test to make it more flexible, easier to take, easier to give, more secure and more relevant. The test has been shortened to one hour, as opposed to the previous test, which was three hours in duration. This was done by making reading sections shorter and math questions less lengthy.

Making the SAT online also allows test results to be delivered to students faster and easier. SAT scores will also help give students resources like information about local two-year colleges and workforce training programs.

This isn’t the first exam sanctioned by the College Board to go digital, as in recent years they have had to conduct AP exams online due to covid restrictions.

“In this covid environment and in the digital new age, it makes sense to transition to an online version of exams,” said school counselor Basil Totah.

The effects of COVID-19 continue to have an impact on the educational field, with more schools transitioning to online learning, and more tests transitioning to digital versions. Though, for many, this is looked upon as a good thing as it can help with stress and other health issues when approaching tests or school in general. Many students at Bosco feel similarly and look forward to the digital switch of the SAT.

“I think making the SAT digital will help a lot with lowering my stress level on (the) testing day,” said junior Angel Rivera.

This new rework may improve the number of students actually taking the test as many have opted out since it has become optional. Many students would dread the SAT test, knowing that it was a very long and difficult test that had a great impact on a student’s college application. Though, with the length of the exam becoming far shorter as well as the exam becoming digital, students may feel more confident going into the test than they would have previously.

Although the SAT isn’t a mandatory requirement for most colleges it’s highly recommended you still take it as a good SAT score can strengthen your college application. All PSAT exams will become digital in the fall of 2023. To find out more about the SAT exam, one can visit the college board official website at

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