Life of a Brave: Unsung Heroes in St. John Bosco’s Front Office, Ms. Laura Wilson, Ms. Cat Hocanson and Ms. Diane Whitten

by Andrew Fierro, Managing Editor

Despite flying under the radar, St. John Bosco’s front office continues to provide in critical ways for the school.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

The front office consists of three women who take care of a variety of tasks that ensure Bosco’s success. These three spectacular workers include Ms. Cat Hocanson, the supervisor, Ms. Laura Wilson, the financial operations manager, and Ms. Diane Whitten, who is the receptionist. Working together, these three operate a system that ensures the most efficient work environment.

Each member of the front office was born and raised in Southern California, and, as of now, have no intentions of leaving. Ms. Wilson and Ms. Hocanson hold a record of service at Bosco longer than most faculty members, as Ms. Wilson is in year 27 here, while Ms. Hocanson has 23 years. Though Ms. Whitten just began a month ago, she already creates an impact on the Bosco community and the front office.

Ms. Wilson and Ms. Hocanson both were put in touch with St. John Bosco through a contacting agency which is where they found out about the job opening. For Ms. Whitten however, she was able to find out and acquire the job through friends in the Bosco community.

Though the three have been working here for vastly different amounts of time, it is obvious that during their time here, they have enjoyed their work.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

“I feel that it is obvious that we have enjoyed working here from our longevity alone. Though, my favorite part about working here is seeing the diversity in the students,” said Ms. Wilson.

Though Ms. Whitten has only been working at St. John Bosco for one month, she already feels that she fits in, as she enjoys working alongside Ms. Wilson and Ms. Hocanson. 

“So far so good. I really like the atmosphere of the community, and the people are very nice,” said Ms. Whitten. 

Although the work of the front office has been going on for quite some time, the consistency of the day-to-day work has not. 

“I walk in with an agenda, and it doesn’t get done. Though I get a lot of other things done, most of what I do at this job is help other people,” said Ms. Hocanson.

The work life may not be consistent, but the quality of work has been as the three have been so instrumental in helping Bosco stay efficient in all aspects of the school. All three have an important role to play, and they all work together in unison to get the job done.

Though they are able to work together to produce amazing work, the job is not always easy as there are many complications throughout each day.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

“The hardest part about the job is probably trying to stay on task with the job duties. There are a lot of interruptions, as we serve the population not only inside the school but those outside,” said Ms. Wilson.

The front office takes care of the needs of everyone inside the Bosco community. They take care of all of the Bosco employees, the students, the students’ families, the vendors and others. Everyone who works with St. John Bosco will go through the front office.

Like many, the COVID-19 pandemic had a very significant impact on the front office and the daily operations that take place.

“The job has become digitalized and much more of our work takes place online than before,” said Ms. Hocanson.

“As a result of the digitalization, our job has become much more overwhelming. Now that there is contact by phone and email 24/7, there is a lot more happening all at once,” said Ms. Wilson.

Through all adversity, it is no doubt that the front office will not only be able to get the work done, but also have it be of the highest quality. Without the front office, much of what the students and community love at St. John Bosco wouldn’t be possible. 

When passing by the front office, make sure to show them support as they are some of the hardest workers on campus and yet do not get nearly enough recognition.

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