Life of a Brave: A Magical Night at Sofi

by Aeden Alexander

As the 2022 school year comes to an end, St. John Bosco High School held its senior prom at Sofi Stadium. Home of the reigning Super Bowl champions the Los Angeles Rams as well as the Los Angeles Chargers.

The stars were shining bright in Los Angeles as Bosco and St. Joseph’s came together for the 2022 senior prom. The venue was one of, if not, the best venue Bosco has had for their events and it did not disappoint. 

Prom would begin at eight and kids would trickle in as the night went on. The loud DJ and the homemade pretzel bites were great but the announcement of the prom king and queen really took over the show.

The Bosco prom court consisted of Eric Torres, Jake Ellison, Michael Carbone, Gian Noble and David Mayoral. The winner was picked by who had the most votes which were taken on Friday during the senior retreat.

After a few hours of dancing the night away, it was time to announce the winner of prom king. Eric Torres would win and be swarmed by students and picked up after the announcement. 

“It feels great to be nominated and win prom king. To be honest, I did not expect this to happen, so I was very surprised,” said Torres.

The announcement came as a shock to Eric as there were many popular students on the court but in the end, Eric came away with the victory. 

Eric celebrated by dancing with the prom queen from St. Joseph’s while the rest of the two schools stood around in a circle and watched. 

“I was shocked when I received the email saying I was on the prom court. I knew some guys told me that they voted for me, but I didn’t know I’d actually be on there,” said Torres.

For the rest of the night, the DJ continued to blast music as everyone enjoyed their time doing different things. Besides the dance, there were many attractions at the venue. Off to the side, there was a circular platform you and your friends could stand on while a video camera twirls around you shooting a 360-degree video.

Though if the students grew tired, they could take a break from dancing and sit down at the tables while enjoying some of the snacks provided. Besides that, students could take a walk around and see different views of the Sofi stadium football field that had other events on it as well. 

The prom ended at 11 p.m., and the students left satisfied with the magical night. After the event ended, students made their way out either through their own car or party buses.

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