Life of a Brave: Bosco Esports Welcomes Their Newest Alumni Assistant Coach, Damon Jimenez

By: Ed Crowe and William Reynolds 

St. John Bosco High School alumnus and former esports player, Damon Jimenez, serves now as an assistant coach for the program. With every alumni that comes back, the esports program and the Bosco community overall grow stronger as a brotherhood.

Photo by Bosco Esports

“The amount of brotherhood I felt when first entering the Esports Lab was unreal,” said Coach Jimenez. “I was given so many opportunities. I felt like I should repay them by offering my help and giving more students the same amount of help I was given.” 

The decision to become a coach for Bosco Esports was backed by fellow alumnus, Head Coach Gabe Giangualano. Coach Gabe was a key factor in Damon’s decision in coming back and helping out the team that he played for when he was at Bosco, which is their Rainbow Six Siege team. 

“As a person, he is fantastic. He is a good young man that is very committed, focused and goal oriented. He knows what he wants to do and how to get there,” said Coach Gabe.

Damon Jimenez is currently attending college. However, he is still excited in giving his spare time back to Bosco. 

“It’s pretty insane to think about walking down the halls and up the stairs but not as a student, just feels different but also refreshing,” Coach Jimenez said. “As a college student, it is very stressful to balance education as well as coaching, which is what I am starting to experience.” 

From a player perspective, senior and Rainbow Six Siege team member, Ezekiel Tejeda, is excited that Damon will be coaching this season, as he has gotten to know Damon not just as a player but as a friend.

“We played Rainbow Six Siege for the second semester. It was nice having another football player on the team. He was one of the best new players we had,” said Ezekiel. “He learned fast and was just a natural player. He’s a wonderful dude. We play other games on the side after practice and school.”

Bosco Esports anticipates that their new assistant will bring the already dominant team closer together through commitment, focus and leadership to get the team to even greater heights.

From November 19-20, Coach Gabe said there will be a tournament called the “Grim Cup” held in the Esports Lab, where our very own Braves will take on colleges in the area and start to bridge the gap between high school and college level Esports.

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