Life Of A Brave: St. Joseph’s High School Host Winter Formal Dance

by Carter Daley

After a relaxing Christmas Break, St. John Bosco and St. Joseph’s High Schools celebrated their Winter Formal Dance at The MODERN, a venue known for unparalleled views and private jet runways.

The MODERN is located on the top floor of the Sky Harbor Hanger giving a fantastic view of not only the city of Long Beach, but also the award-winning Long Beach Airport. The venue is most notably used for weddings.

The event began at 8pm on Saturday as students arrived in party buses and carpools. Upon entering, students were greeted by each school’s respective faculty as they checked in. Accompanied by two private elevators, the area also includes a lounge where students can dance, a center bar to serve food and beverages along with a terrace that overlooks the dance floor. The appearance of the venue allowed students to have a great time in a smaller environment. 

“Saint Joseph’s ASB Board wanted to take a more intimate and smaller approach to this year’s Winter Formal dance, as opposed to this year’s Homecoming Dance,” said Vice Principal of Student Affairs Ms. Jen Schnorr.

The Winter Formal Dance Planning Committee at Saint Joseph’s did an excellent job providing great food and beverages. Students were able to stay energized with iced coffee and blueberry grape lemonade. Sliders and fries were served as appetizers throughout the night. 

“We knew going into the dance the love of coffee St. Joseph’s and Bosco shared, so when we got the inspiration from the administration to bring in coffee. We decided on vanilla mocha. It was a way to keep people energized,” said St. Joseph’s Associated Student Body (ASB) President Xochitl Moreno.

Many St. John Bosco students brought dates to accompany them. Whether from St. Joseph’s or other schools around the area, many students had the opportunity to meet one another and enjoy a night of dancing.

A key highlight of the night came at the very end where students were offered milk and cookies. This was a sweet and savory treat to rap up a great night of excitement. 

“I didn’t have one but I saw a few teachers walking around with a big plate of cookies on top and a pitcher of milk under it. The whole thing made me laugh,” said senior Anthony Beyelia.

Chosen by St. Joseph’s ASB, DJ Brandon Wright kept the dance floor lively. Playing songs like the “Cupid Shuffle” and “Cha Cha Slide” kept students on their feet and happy to be around one another.

As St. John Bosco and St. Joseph’s students approach the last few months of the school year, they will continue to enjoy memories like these together as sisters and brothers.

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