Life Of A Brave: Senior Privileges Are Awarded To The Class Of 2023

by Brett Baligad, Senior Editor

As the class of 2023 begins their eigth semester, the Senior Board approves class privileges based on the behavior of the overall class. Through spirit wear on finals week, college sweatshirts and extended access to the Oratory, the class of 2023 reflects on their final months at Bosco.

With graduation in sight for the class of 2023, the much anticipated senior privileges have just been implemented. The privileges are conditional, as they represent the leadership and maturity of the school. Throughout their time at Bosco, the seniors had the opportunity to move up the ranks and learn how to lead by example. In turn, the decision to initiate the requested privileges was granted.

“By being role models in the first semester, the administration determines our worthiness of deserving senior privileges and how many,” said Associated Student Body Co-President Ryan Gutierrez.

In collaboration with the administration, the senior class board was able to come to terms with what would be appropriate class privileges.

The first privilege is to have the opportunity to wear college sweatshirts everyday. By April, a vast majority of the senior Braves will have all of their heard back about their college application. With many students already being accepted through early decision, early action and outright athletic scholarships, the past few weeks have already featured college sweatshirts from across the country.

“I think it’s a great privilege to wear our college gear,” said senior Sam Hentges, who will attend the Air Force Academy next year on a baseball scholarship. “All of us have worked really hard, and I am excited to see seniors representing top schools from across the country.”

In regards to uniform, during finals week, seniors are allowed to wear Bosco affiliated shorts, sweats, sweatshirts and t-shirts rather than a typical Bosco uniform. This promotes a relaxing environment during the final week of testing for the class of 2023. Many Braves are now able to represent the various sports teams, extracurriculars and other Bosco related affiliations they maintain that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to wear at school.

“It’s sad our time is coming to an end at Bosco, however, being able to wear spirit gear lets us worry about one less thing during finals week,” said senior Evan Chavez.

Lastly, the seniors are now able to have lunch in The Oratory. The Oratory is a lounge with food and games open to the student body before and after school. This concept of having hospitality on campus was inspired by St. John Bosco himself. 

On select days, the class of 2023 will have access to the room during lunchtime. The first time the Oratory became open was this past Friday. The senior board sold pizza, students played games and rested on the couches.

“I enjoyed hanging out in the oratory. My friends and I played pool and ping pong,” said senior Matthew Casas. “I hope the senior board makes this a more regular thing.”

These privileges represent a culmination of the hard work completed by the senior class. Being four months from ringing the Victory Bell for the last time, many seniors grow reminiscent of their time at Bosco.

“These privileges reflect all of our hard work as class. At the same time, it is bittersweet as it serves as a reminder of our little time left at Bosco,” said Associated Student Body Co-President Tyler Baligad.

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  • Milan and Milagros Djokic

    Congratulations to Brett and Tyler Baligad it’s good to read what is happening in Saint John Bosco and how great young men are going to be coming out of this program thank you so much


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