Life Of A Brave: The Braves Go International As Students Head For A Once In A Lifetime Dominican Republic Trip

by Carter Daley

In June, St. John Bosco students have the opportunity to take a South American trip with fellow classmates. With eyes initially set on Peru, students are now signed up to experience the Land of the Inca.

Due to certain circumstances in the Peruvian government, trip moderator and computer science instructor Mr. Nathan Corkhill has moved the trip farther down south to the Dominican Republic. The trip will begin on June 5th and take place over the course of eight days. 

Students will be given the opportunity to experience all sorts of fun activities, as they enjoy the rich history and culture the Dominican Republic has to offer. Activities include snorkeling, zip lining, white water rafting and sight seeing on hikes.

“Something I will be doing for the first time in my life is white water rafting. I am so excited to experience that thrill of going down rivers at high speeds with my classmates,” said senior Aidan Gallagher.

Dominican food will also be enjoyed by St. John Bosco students, as the group will spend a day in Jarabacoa trying all sorts of famous Dominican barbecue from local restaurants. The students will then head on a beautiful hike and get to end their day by seeing the Jarabacoa waterfalls.

Many days will also be spent exploring some of the most beautiful beaches South America has to offer. This includes the blue and calm waters of the Boca Chica, where students will have the opportunity to learn how to surf. 

“I have got really into surfing as of recently, so I am super excited to experience the different beaches and hopefully get an opportunity to surf them,” said sophomore Connor Gallagher, younger brother of senior Aidan. 

During day five of the eight-day trip in the Dominican Republic, students will also be given the opportunity to learn Jiu Jitzu and the self-defense aspects that comes along with this form of martial arts.

With the trip soon arriving, sign-ups are still available until February 22nd. Twenty-five St. John Bosco students have already signed up along with four teachers and chaperones. With the trip being at a discount price, Mr. Corkhill is hoping for some new sign-ups this coming week. 

“This trip has the potential to be one of the best foreign trips I have been a part of during my time at Bosco. If you have any friends or family that are free during this time, I would strongly advise them to sign up,” said Trip Director Mr. Corkhill. 

As a reminder, signups for the 2023 “Discover the Dominican Republic” trip close next Wednesday, February 22nd. If students or parents have any questions or concerns regarding the trip, they should contact Mr. Nathan Corkhill via email at

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