Sports: Bosco Cross-Country Preview

by Jalen Manson and Michael Beltran

Two seasons ago, the St. John Bosco High School cross-country program was at an all-time low, finishing last in the Trinity League.

For 25 years prior to this dreadful season, the team was virtually unstoppable, winning 25 straight league championships and earning a reputation for their “streak” of league titles. However, last season the team made a statement and regained dominance in the Trinity League by taking first place and restarting the notion of “the streak” around Bosco.

This year, with a great coaching staff and competitive returning seniors such as team captain Zeke Delgado and junior Kevin Aguilar, the team will look to continue to move forward and dominate.

“The team has worked very hard this summer and they are ready to compete for the league championship and be a force in CIF and state,” said Head Coach Tim McIntosh.

With the team coming off a league title win last year, coach McIntosh is looking to bring home another one to start up a new streak the cross country program is so well known for at Bosco. With the program’s long-lasting capability to produce great runners in the program, this looks very possible to restart for the foreseeable future.

The team is on the younger side this year, with only 4 seniors suiting up. There is a great future in this program for years to come. With not a lot of upperclassmen on the squad, it is going to be crucial for the seniors to pull their own weight. Team captain Zeke Delgado’s mindset this year is just looking out for his teammates and holding them accountable.

“As team captain, there are a lot of responsibilities and expectations, but I enjoy being in this position. All I ask of my teammates is that they are committed. In a cross-country race, the whole team has to trust each other and the work that they have done in the months prior,” said Delgado.

With the pressure of being team captain, Delgado knows trust is a big thing for the team, and if every single runner is committed, only good is to come in the near future. With new runners and talent, the team will progressively develop trust in each other over the course of the season. The sooner they do just that, the more they’ll ultimately succeed.

The team’s first official meet will take place on September 1st of this year. No matter what the result of the match, the team would greatly appreciate their fellow Braves going out and supporting them in their season long journey.


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