News: Hurricane Florence Update

by Joshua Blake


Photo by Wall Street Journal

Hurricane Florence wreaked havoc in both North and South Carolina this past weekend, causing mass amounts of rainfall and flash flooding with some places receiving over 20 inches of rain.

According to CNN, more than 1 million people were under a mandatory evacuation as the hurricane approached the shore, and every county in North Carolina experienced some sort of National Weather Service alert. South Carolina has its own problems as their death toll rises and the rainfall continues.

Hurricane Florence has so far caused the death of 32 people, and about 740,000 homes and businesses are still without power, according to CBS News. Although there has been success restoring some of the power in the recover effort, this hurricane caused significant damage to North and South Carolina in only a couple of days.

Hurricane Florence certainly remains a problem this week for both civilians and rescue workers in the Carolinas. Many incidents of flash floods have put a lot of people in danger of drowning. These flash floods resulted from the constant rainfall Florence produced, causing rivers to overflow and mass amounts of damage due to the sheer force of the water being able to move cars and topple houses. The constant threat of flash flooding puts the rescue workers on alert at all times waiting for the next call for help.

“[Hurricane Florence has] never been more dangerous than right now,” Gov. Roy Cooper said at a news conference.

The storm continues to rage on destroying everything in its path. In places like Wilmington, NC rescuers have spent the past two days plucking more than 450 people from floodwaters, according to the New York Times. The heavy rain and flooding is not predicted to slow down until late this week.


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