St. John Bosco @ Mater Dei Postponed

by Ethan Piechota


The Santa Ana Bowl showered with rain, thunder and lightning just minutes before kickoff.

The St. John Bosco Braves will take on the Mater Dei Monarchs tonight at Santa Ana Stadium after last night’s scheduled game was canceled due to lightning and thunder in the area.

How long has it been since California even got that much thunder and lightning? How long has it been since that much rain poured down?

It feels almost wrong that a game so highly-anticipated has to be pushed back and waited for another day. But the game will happen.DpW4BcoU4AE7nRc.jpg

The Tribe and student section on Bosco’s side was 100 percent ready last night, with energy through the storm that was contagious amongst the Bosco side of the stadium. The Tribe needs to bring back that same energy tonight on Saturday night.

All fans tickets will be honored for tonight’s game, as long as the ticket from yesterday is presented at the front gate. Tonight at 7 PM, the Braves will take on Mater Dei in the game of the year, again at the Santa Ana Bowl.

Cancel your previous plans. Come out and support. It’s Saturday night, and this game between high-profile college recruits will have the feel of a real college football game.

There’s a long time before tonight’s game, so in the meantime, go ahead and read our preview of the Super Bowl of High School Football that will happen tonight.

Bring your jackets and umbrellas just incase. Go Braves.

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