News: Recent Events May Greatly Affect Midterm Elections

voteby Lucas Agatep

As midterm elections arrive November 6th, last months incidences may have an impact on choices made. From the migrant caravan, the synagogue shooting and the mail bombs sent to Democratic politicians, CNN and other news networks may influence the choices people make for the people that they elect for congress.

With the midterm election only a day away, past incidents can impact the end result due to them being used as examples and support for the two parties respective agendas and beliefs. These could be used for either side: trying to interpret what happened and what’s going to happen for political support from voters.

The 7,000-person, large migrant caravan that is trying to reach the US-Mexico border to seek asylum could have people vote for Republican politicians for Congress, on terms that the US needs a more enhanced border control and needs to change immigration policies to restrict illegal immigrants from entering. This is the biggest caravan that has happened in recent times and the timing of this one is viewed suspiciously from the Republican Party, who claim that Democrats are going to try to use this as an opportunity to support to their agenda, accusing them of funding and encouraging this current caravan.

The Pittsburgh synagogue shooting that happened on October 27th claimed 11 lives. This shooting plays into and favors the agenda of Democrats, who are trying to enforce and gun laws to prevent another more mass shootings. When Robert Bowers (the synagogue shooter) was arrested, the police confiscated one rifle and three pistols from him. With this recent shooting, Democrats could only use this as support and evidence to their view that there should be stricter gun laws and reforms or else things like this will happen again.

For the pipe bombs that were mailed to Democratic politicians recently, the potential tragedy could be advantageous to Democrats. Many have expressed concern of the aggression that Trump uses against his opponents. From this, they could use it as evidence that Trump’s words, actions and his intentions are only causing problems and these bombs may have been sent as a result of his acts. Trump, a Republican Party representative, has expressed and shown differences in viewpoints with the Democratic Party in the past.

From last month, these incidents are still on people’s minds and base what politicians are talking about for the upcoming election. Each side has there own way of explaining and focusing on what they want and what to use for support from their voters and independent voters nationwide. Now, it’s up to you and the rest of America to decide the results of these upcoming elections.

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