News: Midterm Elections Results And Analysis

by Kyle Moats

America… Home Of The Free… Because of the Brave. Free to do many things, but especially To Vote…

It says great things about us and, of course, our founders insistence of checks and balances when we face the current outcome of our midterm elections.

This year’s midterm elections were labeled by the modern media as one of the most important midterm elections ever. Maybe so, but what are we really looking at?

Depending on the political party, “important” was either maintaining, losing, or increasing control.

This midterms were a chance for, by their current admission, “an embittered but re-energized” Democratic party to regain control of the House and the Senate. If they were able to, they would be able to stop what they have labeled as “President Trump’s conservative campaign.” 

Interestingly identifying this election as one that is a direct affirmation or rejection of Presidential policies, rather than party politics. This was especially huge for the Democrats, as they now worry that the Supreme Court leans in Trump’s favor with two additional “conservative” appointees being sworn in during the President Trump’s administration.

Despite the fracas, the voting was actually on par with historical voting tendencies in the past. Midterm elections traditionally benefit the the party who lost the presidency. In this case, substantial losses for the Republicans in the house.

It is also interesting to note that the same constituency voted in a record number of Senate Republicans. As an observer, one would think the party line would hold. What is apparent for this election is that people are turning out to vote – individually – for those they think will help their current environment.

Blue Wave, Red Wave, for us as young citizens, what does that even mean? For this report, after studying the political maps, nothing is definitive. Our America remains a great melting pot of ideas and opinions. Either side cannot report complete dominance currently.

Many hard-line Republican strongholds have fallen, and yet traditional Democratic areas are now dominated by conservatives. Opinions vary of course… This election was not a rejection of the “right or left.”  

Moreover, it was a rejection of the political status quo. While writing this article, I thought about how it applies to our experience as students here at St. John Bosco High School. Although all of our parents, teachers, and administrators made every effort to teach and counsel, without pushing their personal feelings this November, it has been “the vote,” rather than the “elephant” in the room. We still were fortunate enough to get up the day after and continue life as we know it.

People are angry, policies will change, and we will either reap the benefits as a country or endure the consequences depending on which “side” we are on.

St. John Bosco Families Cross Party Lines Every Day To Make Us Great

The midterm elections once again represent, whether your party won or lost, what makes America great. For many of the class of 2019, this was our first year to vote. If you did, you were able to experience the process firsthand. If you were not satisfied with the results, you now have the opportunity to make a difference.


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