News: The Downfall Of R. Kelly

by Christian James

Famous singer R. Kelly is under FBI investigation for flying a minor across state lines, one of many accusations in his controversial career. 


Robert Sylvester Kelly, famously known as R. Kelly, has already had many accusations of sexual assault with minors throughout his career. Although there is multiple counts of evidence against him, he has never been found guilty. 

R. Kelly went from a beloved American R&B singer to a social outcast in many societies. He started his career in the year 1990, where he signed his first contract with Jive Records. The next year, Kelly released his first album, “Born in the 90s,” with Public Announcement. This album began to give R.Kelly some recognition in the music industry.

In 1993, he decided to go solo and make albums on his own. Throughout the years, he would be known for his hit songs, “I Believe I Can Fly,” “Ignition” and “Bump N Grind.” R.Kelly would also become sort of an intimate icon in the music industry. While he was rising in success, so were the many accusations against him.

At age 27 in 1994, Kelly would marry another Jive Record singer, Aaliyah Haugton, which caused a good deal of controversy.

“Aailyah’s age is listed as 18 on the falsified marriage certificated, she is underage when she secretly married the R&B singer at a Sheraton Gateway Suites in Chicago,” accused The Cut.

Her real age would eventually be revealed to the public when she sadly died in a plane crash on August 25th, 2001. Aaliyah’s birth certificate determines she was 22 when she died, thus making her 15 when she married R. Kelly in 1994. While she was still alive, Kelly and her both denied ever being married to each other even though many sources had a copy of their marriage certificate from the annulled marriage. R. Kelly would not be charged with anything, but even more accusations against him would come to light.

More accusations of Kelly being with minors and having his own intimate club would begin to form, but he would still continue to be found not guilty. These accusations are now starting to catch up to the infamous R&B singer.

In 2017, a movement labeled #MeToo would emerge, causing many women to share their darkest secrets with the world. During this movement, many women would accuse R. Kelly of being intimate with them while they were minors.

Since then, multiple investigations have been in progress to determine the fate of Kelly. A groundbreaking documentary titled “Surviving R. Kelly” is not helping his case. In this documentary, there are even more women sharing their stories and experiences with the famous singer.

His once famous life of freedom has come to an end and now every move he makes is being monitored closely by the public.

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