Bosco: The Emergence of Artificial Energy In Teens

by Sele Pemasa

Creatine is a substance mostly found in muscle cells and is constantly taken as a supplement. Its primary role is to store phosphocreatine which is stored in the muscles and is used for heavy lifting and intense exercise.

Creatine also helps gain muscles by improving cell signaling which aids muscle repair cp-creatine_br50_image_largeand new muscle growth, lower myostatin levels, and increase cell hydration. The substance gains muscle growth and can apply to untrained individuals and elite athletes.

Before a workout, many athletes love to drink Bang as a pre-workout because it gives you that extra burst of energy when you’re feeling tired and need something to wake you up. It gives you that push when you’re about to give out on that last rep.


However, there are some extreme downsides to using and taking creatine and drinking bang’s, especially for high school athletes.

“Most of the time, the things it says on it aren’t exactly true. Most of the supplements have steroids in it which weakens the ligaments,” said head athletic trainer Ms. Melody Mohebbi.

The use of Creatine has recently become more popular than ever before. With the high school sports scene at an extremely competitive state, athletes continue to try and get a leg up on one another.

“A lot more people are using Creatine now compared to back in the day,” said Ms. Mohebbi.

Ms. Mohebbi made it clear to me that she was against the use of Creatine.

“I prefer that athletes stick to the natural way of gaining muscle rather than taking Creatine supplements,” said assistant trainer Ms. Alexis.

Creatine is popular nowadays, but isn’t the safest supplement to use and treat our bodies with. 

Bang is an energy drink that is labeled on the market as a fat loss aid and energy stimulator for users who want to get a bit of energy to increase their workout intensity and to also lower their body fat percentage.

Bang also contains caffeine, it originally had 357 mg of caffeine per can but then later on was reduced to 300 mg.

Athletes from many different sports including football, baseball, and basketball love to drink a bang – even before a game.

“I drink it before every game I pitch, it keeps me awake and helps keep high intensity,” said varsity baseball player David Hays.

Hays also mentioned that it works very well and has great taste as well.

“When I workout I just never get tired, it pumps me up,” said Hays.

The use of Creatine supplements and the emergence of the Bang are dangerous yet effective for athletes trying to improve their craft.  

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