News: The El Chapo Conviction Trial

by Matthew Ruiz

El Chapo – otherwise known as “Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera” – is a Mexican drug lord who is the world’s most notorious drug lord since Pablo Escobar’s empire was run down.


El Chapo was born on April 4th, 1957 and is currently 61 years of age. He has thirteen children and has been married to Emma Coronel Aispuro since 2007.

Chapo – as of right now – “has been captured three times.” His second escape from federal watch was back on January 19th, 2001.

“With help from bribed guards – one identified as Francisco Cambrios Riviera – they opened El Chapo’s door,” according to The New York Times.

His last escape, which went viral on social media – as even rap artist 2 Chainz made a song titled “El Chapo Jr” about it – is easily his most famous.

“On July 11th, 2015, Chapo escaped through tunnels under Mexico’s top security prison with help from his wife –  Emma Coronel Aispuro,” stated Mexico News Daily.

Chapo went into trial for transporting drugs to the US. He has been in trial for the past three months in New York, being exposed for his inner sprawl cartel. This trial has ended the rain of the kingpin known as El Chapo.

“As Judge Brian M. Cogan read the jury’s charge sheet in open court, ten straight guilty verdicts on all ten counts of the indictment. Mr. Guzmán sat listening to a translator, looking stunned,” reported The NY Times.

The jury’s decision took a week to come up with the official verdict. Chapo is now facing life in prison at his sentence hearing scheduled for June 25th, were he will be sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole.

Authorities are now getting El Chapo’s sons involved as well.

“A week after the conclusion of the three-month trial of ‘El Chapo,’ two of his sons were indicted yesterday on drug conspiracy charges by the United States Justice Department,” stated CNN.

Joaquín Guzmán López, 34, and Ovidio Guzmán López, 28, are being accused for importing cocaine, methamphetamine, and weed to the United States. Chapo’s sons have been found guilty and are said to have been importing these drugs since 2008.

El Chapo’s lawyers are now fighting for a retrial, stating that there was alleged jury misconduct.

“Attorney Eduardo Balarezo, in a letter Friday, informed US District Judge Brian Cogan of the defense team’s intention to file a motion for a new trial. He cited a Vice News report this week that quoted an unnamed juror who said several panel members followed media accounts despite the judge’s instructions to ‘stay away’ from media coverage,” stated CNN. 

Ultimately, the evidence is against Chapo and is clear, so it is extremely unlikely he will be freed of his rich and alarming past actions.


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