News: The Venezuelan Crisis

by Joaquin Medrano

“Ni Jesucristo resucitado podrá conmigo,” (Not even Jesus Christ resurrected can beat me) said Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.


Since 1999, Venezuela has been in a humanitarian crisis as a socialist regime took over government under ex-president Hugo Chavez. Hugo Chavez set up the grounds for an economic inflation in Venezuela, making prices for necessary things, like toilet paper or even water, unobtainable for citizens.  

Hugo Chavez died in 2013, from cancer complications, but before dying, he set up one of the worst governments ever seen in world history, leaving a new dictatorship under Nicolas Maduro’s rule.

Maduro has claimed to be the greatest leader Venezuela has ever seen, he has confronted against so-called “imperial governments” such as the USA, and verbally attack its leaders, such as ex-president Barack Obama and current president, Donald Trump.

Maduro has stuck the Venezuelan government in a reign of terror, Maduro is not only corrupted, but he and his government are keeping the economic inflation and violation to freedom of speech in Venezuela, things that started with Hugo Chavez.

“Multiple countries from around have seen the need that the people have in Venezuela, they have heard a cry from help, they are informed about the corruption that one person can cause, and they are here to help those in need,” stated BBC News.

The situation really took a pivotal turn this year, as opposing forces lead by Juan Guaido are supported by many governments, some even recognizing Guaido as the legitimate president of Venezuela, instead of Maduro.

Nicolas Maduro really doesn’t like the idea of countries supporting Guaido, and this was seen on Saturday, February 23rd.

Back in the Colombia/Venezuela border, there were trucks filled with humanitarian aid for Venezuelans that were stopped by military forces sent there by Maduro. This angered the people and countries like the United States who sent that help specifically for Venezuelan citizens.

Maduro decided to burn that aid, many resources helpful for those in need were burned just for his own satisfaction and people were not happy. Unfortunately, the protests became quickly violent, and as of March 1st, there’s been 285 people were injured and 37 hospitalized on the Colombian side of the border, according to Colombia’s foreign minister, and an unverified number of deaths.

Countries like the United States, Colombia, Canada, and Brazil were involved in the aid. This not only angered the government, but it also called for an act to stop Maduro.

These countries’ support for Guaido continues to increase and ask for his recognition to take place as soon as possible.

This act from Maduro is not only putting political and economic alliances in danger, but also many lives and many resources, if there’s anything we could do.

“[There is] a need to keep praying for the Venezuelan people and support all efforts that help save the population from further suffering,” Pope Francis asks for, according to Vatican News.

There are also many organizations like Alimenta Venezuela, Comparte Por Una Vida, and SunRisas that bring help to those in need.



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