Sports: 2018-19 NBA Regular Season Review

by Kyle Moats

As the NBA Season winds down, it is safe to say that many teams are disappointed in their overall performances. Is this a trend in professional sports as a whole? Can it be that it no longer becomes about the monetary backing teams have to build a dynasty? How does it affect us here at home?


With just two days left in the regular season, here are some – but not all – examples of where some of the outlying teams (out of California) are at today with the field at-large.

The Charlotte Hornets, Detroit Pistons, and Miami Heat all are jostling for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. These last two days will bring one of these three into the playoffs, and two fishing.

So, all across the nation, uncertainty and hopes on the hits and misses of opponents, what is happening (or not) at home?

The Los Angeles Lakers will not be in the playoffs this season, for the fifth straight year.

It is safe to say that the acquisition of LeBron James, at least temporarily, re-invigorated a loyal, but disillusioned, Lakers fan base. James is a dynamic player and a force to be reckoned with on and off the court.

Early indications were positive and, a there was a hope that he had taken a mentoring role for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and other young players on the team.

As an aside, there were several shout-outs to encourage the James family to send their son – Bronny – to St. John Bosco next year (just sayin’).

Obviously, the team, even with James, fell short of expectations. Is it fair to say that the Lakers, rather than depending on the glory of the past, firmly have to embrace a reinvention of the Lakers brand?

Those of us whose parents (mine especially) who lived and breathed Magic Johnson and the Buss family dynasty are having to take a step back and question what the Lakers can, and will do to bring back the magic of this historic franchise’s dynasty.

It will be interesting to see what happens upon the season ending. Will it be front office decisions, and is that really what this team needs? Will Luke Walton be gone? Will LeBron still be a Laker next year? Basically this season has, again, left us with more questions than answers, for Lakers fans especially.

Back to the larger landscape, the playoffs – or teams in it – are essentially set in the Western Conference. The playoff seeding looks like this in both conferences with two days left. We’re shaping up to have another tremendous year of NBA Playoff basketball.

Western Conference

  1. z-Golden State Warriors (56-24)
  2. x-Denver Nuggets (53-27)
  3. x-Houston Rockets (53-28)
  4. x-Portland Trail Blazers (51-29)
  5. x-Utah Jazz (49-31)
  6. x-Oklahoma City Thunder (47-33)
  7. x-San Antonio Spurs (47-34)
  8. x-Los Angeles Clippers (47-34)

Eastern Conference

  1. z-Milwaukee Bucks (60-21)
  2. x-Toronto Raptors (57-24)
  3. x-Philadelphia 76ers (50-30)
  4. x-Boston Celtics (48-33)
  5. x-Indiana Pacers (47-34)
  6. x-Brooklyn Nets (41-40)
  7. x-Orlando Magic (41-40)
  8. Detroit Pistons (39-41)
  9. Charlotte Hornets (38-42)
  10. Miami Heat (38-42)

* z= clinched top seed, x= clinched playoff spot


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