Sports: NFL Week 5 Update

by Lucas Garrison, Sports Editor

Week Five has come to a close, and there seems to be a lot more questions than answers. The fact that the Cowboys cannot seem to defeat a quality opponent, are the Steelers down to their third-string QB, and what are we supposed to make of the Colts?

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers

The Cowboys this season are now sitting at 3-2. The sad fact of the matter is those three wins came against the Redskins, Giants, and Dolphins. The two loses, however, came against the Saints and Packers, both of which are the only quality opponents the Cowboys have faced this year. The Cowboys this season seem to have forgotten that they have Zeke Elliott and that needs to be the forefront of their offense, especially given that he’s now the highest paid running back in the league after a long offseason hold-out.

If this team is to be more competitive, Jason Garrett and Kellen Moore need to realize that Ezekiel Elliott needs to be the number one option for them, then Dak and Amari, otherwise, this team will be unable to succeed as a viable contender for the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile in the AFC, the Steelers were hit by even more tragedy. The sad thing is that the Steelers may have just lost their back-up quarterback, Mason Rudolph, for several weeks after losing long-time franchise quarterback Ben Roethisberger. Now nothing has been confirmed, but the Steelers QB took a vicious hit from Ravens saftey, Earl Thomas.

It was an insanely scary sight, as Rudolph’s body went limp. Now there hasn’t been a verdict on how much time he will miss, if any at all. Rudolph was limited in practice this week but in pads Thursday, with an injury status listed as “questionable.”

The Steelers cannot afford to lose yet another QB this season. If so, I expect the Steelers will be unable to even go .500 on the season. The Steelers will have to really evaluate all parts of their team from the front office to key players.

Elsewhere in the AFC, the Colts are keeping the league guessing: is this team legit or trash? The Colts lost in week four to the Raiders at home, but then this week they went on the road to Kansas City, in primetime, and took down Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Now the question has to be raised: Is this team able to remain a solid contender?

This team has to continue to keep the strong pressure on the pass rush, as well as, having an offense that is strongly reliant on the power run with Marlon Mack. In the passing game, with T.Y. Hilton, Devin Funchess and Parris Campbell, if they are able to run their offense this way they will be a strong offensive team. When they get back outside linebacker, Darious Leonard, the Colts will be able to round out their defense, so we can get a better look at this team.

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