Life of a Brave (EXCLUSIVE): Get Hype for Tonight’s Epic Battle with 4-Star Strong Safety Kourt Williams

by Kourt Williams

It is difficult to put into words what a game like this truly means. Some are calling this the high school football game of the decade, even the century. From a players point of view, I can tell you this is nothing short of the opportunity of a lifetime. 


This is the first time Bosco will play the team in red game at Panish Family Stadium. It’s number one and number two. No, not in the state of California, but in the whole United States. I thank God that I can be a part of it.

For the first time in a long time, we are considered the underdogs coming into a football game. We have been waiting for the opportunity to play these guys ever since last Winter, when we lost to them in the CIF-SS Championship game.

You best believe me and my teammates will be coming into the game with a big chip on our shoulders. We know Brave Nation has something to prove.

This will be the closest thing to a college football game you will ever see under Friday night lights: the atmosphere, media and, chiefly, the competition on the field. Between your Braves and the “team in red,” the competition will host close to 50 players with division one scholarship offers.

With all the implications, it’s honestly been hard to focus on anything else except the game. When those lights come on Friday night, the rush is like no other. It feels like going into a boxing match. That feeling of straight adrenaline feels like lightning in my bones, like I can run through a wall. It doesn’t get better than that.

However this game is much more than just winning and losing. Games like this is all about pride. Your manhood is on the line, and it will be tested. I personally know most of the players on the opposing team. Our reputation is up for grabs, and it can be taken in an instant. My 2020 class has only beaten the “team in red” once out of the four times we have played them. With this game possibly being our last opportunity ever to go head to head, our plan is to prevent history from repeating itself.

From a football perspective, the game plan is set and ready. Offensively and defensively we will be ready to battle. If proof from previous years of these teams matching up means anything, there will be surprises that both teams will present to each other. Whether it be particular offensive plays, or defensive schemes. Both teams have tricks in their back pockets that they have been saving for this game, which will be exciting to watch.

The crazy thing about a game like this is that we basically playing ourselves. Both team’s quarterbacks have NFL type playing styles already, both offenses have talent all over the place with some of the best raw athletes in the country, and it is the exact same thing on the defensive side of the ball.

Games like this are won by the team that makes the least amount of mistakes while playing the hardest for the longest. Let me be the first the first to tell you: this game will be physical, nerve wracking and one to remember. I just hope you’ll be in a seat somewhere to watch it unfold.

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