Life of a Brave (EXCLUSIVE): The “Team in Red” Will Have Their Hands Full On and Off the Field

by Aharon Colon, A+E Editor

Not only will there be a battle on the field, but there will also be a battle in the stands. 


St. John Bosco’s student section, “The Tribe”, has had a great year so far planning new themes and showing out at every home game. Here is everything you need to know about them, and what you should expect from tonight’s game.

With the emergence of a big social media presence spreading across Twitter and Instagram, The Tribe’s stock has risen tremendously over the past 2 years in the eyes of the public.

Starting with our first viral video, ironically at last year’s regular season game, the Tribe was seen jumping up and down singing the tune to “Seven Nation Army” in the rain. This was in response to rumors that the game was going to be cancelled, and a high school football fanpage got a hold of the video and posted it. Since then The Tribe has never looked back.

With their recent hype video even reaching 4,698 views, you could say this rivalry game will be unique, even in the tradition of Bosco playing the “team in red.”

During the week, you can tell that the student body has been anxious for the first whistle to blow. They’re ready to support in the stands and not sit by any means necessary.

“I expect us to be really loud and crazy. Hopefully get in some of the other player’s heads and make them uncomfortable,” Matthew Felix, Tribe Leader, said.

Tribe leaders and administration expect their to be upwards of 500 students at the game.

With the turnout hopefully at a maximum, the football team themselves are very excited to see what’s to come. Beaux Collins, four-star wide receiver, will be looking forward to seeing the Tribe show out tonight.

“Pretty crazy just to look up in the stands after scoring and seeing them going crazy throwing powder and stuff like that,” Beaux said. “It gives us a lot of confidence, and it basically helps us going against the other team giving us momentum at any time in the game,” Collins said.

This week is going to be crucial all the way around from the field to the stands. Expect from our Tribe nothing but craziness and madness all in good faith to support our boys. We are all behind them, and it’s time to show not only California, but the whole nation that the best football team has the best student section.

It’s a great day to be a Brave, Bosco Brothers. Let’s seize this day and make it one we will never forget.

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