Sports: Soccer Looks to Keep Momentum going and Win a Trinity League Title Over Mater Dei

By Johnathan Gonzalez

St. John Bosco’s varsity soccer led by Coach Dave Sabet has been on a tear this season with an outstanding record of 14-2-2, and a league record of 2-0-1. The Braves are coming in with fire to prove to their rivals within the state and the very tough Trinity League that they are very here to win it all and become a team that can challenge for a State title.


While not having the greatest season last year, the Braves have proved that it was a fluke and are coming off a big win in the Trinity league against JSerra Catholic (San Juan Capistrano) in winning a close 3-2 game. They have returned to the top and will continue to fight until they bring home the Trinity League title.

This year’s team is playing with a higher level of confidence than previous years and junior Gabriel Torres believes it is a key to their success.

Junior Gabriel Torres said, “Coming into this year I did expect to have run that we are having. I believe with all the talent we have on the team this year we all play with major confidence in one another,” said Gabriel Torres.

St. John Bosco’s soccer team has been embracing the Bosco brother-hood. They act as if they are brothers, not just friends and classmates or teammates they play as brothers on the field and in the class having each other’s back no matter what. Junior Christian Briseno really likes how the team is playing but understands they must stay consistent if they want to win titles.

“Coming into this new soccer year I had high expectations with the guys we had and with our coaching staff we had I knew we were going to have something special but our goal going into the end of the season we need to stay consistent to be able to win trinity and make a run for CIF,” said Christian Briseno.

The team seems to have a new sense of clarity following their down season from last year and looks to be out to prove who they really are, a team not to be looked down upon following defeats of Top tier teams like JSerra, Servite even Hamilton a school from Arizona.

There were still some doubts heading into this season with David Veloz unsure if there was enough good players for the team to succeed well into the post-season run.

“Coming into the new season I didn’t know what to expect. My expectations were for us to win Trinity but heading into the pre-season it was going to be a struggle and I thought we were going to need help as previous years in our teams only had 1-2 really good players,” said Senior Captain David Veloz.

However, these doubts were gone quickly into the season with Veloz’s confidence in the team going way up.

“Our goal as a team is to have each other’s backs and do what’s best for the team to be able to win trinity and move onto CIF we have a very good team this year and I’m hyped coming to the final stretch of this season thus being my last season,” said Veloz.

St. John Bosco has a very deep and talented team not to be messed with, especially with the streak they have coming off two very big interleague games. With the confidence they have with each other to win trinity and make a run for CIF, they will do anything to make it come true.

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