Sports: Braves Swim Looks To Upperclassmen To Carry Load

by Joshua Lucero

Head coach Jeff Powers expects the best out of all his players on the 2020 Braves swim team in order to qualify for CIF. 


In order to achieve the team’s goals they are at a disadvantage, they have been faced with a dilemma with a pool that has been shut down for two weeks. The pump that heats up the pool has broken, the new piece should be available on February 12, 2020, and they will be able to have a full practice by February 13, 2020. With this set back they have been doing dry practices, which are running, lifting, jumps, isometrics, and anything else relating to swimming. This can be a setback with their first swim meet in two weeks. Nevertheless, Coach Powers is optimistic.

“We will do well because of the quick swimmers we have and dominate in non-league. In the league, we have a shot to place in the top three but the top two will be a challenge,” said Coach Powers. 

The only real challenge is to get the swimmers back into shape, once the hard work pays off the team will be able to compete to their best ability.  This year Coach Powers will be depending on all of his top swimmers to compete in butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, and freestyle. He then believes his team will excel in butterfly, backstroke, and backstroke. 

This new team consists of a handful of seniors, Ryan Mowl, Jack Peirce, Gabriel Garcia, and Luke Garrison, and a majority of younger classmen. The major difference from last year’s team and currently this 2020 year is experience. 

“The seniors who have graduated left big shoes to fill,” said Coach Powers. 

He is very confident in his new players, with the right coaching and dedication from his players this new team may be young but will have a fighting chance with the help of the seniors. 

Bosco swim has a small number of 23 participants on their team, compared to other schools such as Santa Margarita who have more than 80 swimmers and Mater Dei who have around 40.  Coach Powers knows that this disadvantage of numbers comes with a price, but is confident that his top players can compete. One player can not do it all and as Coach Powers looks to his 2nd and 3rd place swimmers.

 “Ours is a little bit behind compared to the other teams but they do have the potential to work hard and win meets,” said Coach Powers.

Players like Ryan Mowl, Joshua Joson, Jack Pearce and anyone else who is willing to put in the work will have a major role in leading the team throughout the season.  

Expectations are high for all the seniors, as they have been on the team for four years and know what meets they are going to qualify for. For Gabrial Garcia, he is a four-year veteran with the swim team and his favorite events are the 200 meter IM, 100m freestyle, and any of the relays. 

One of the younger players who have been working hard and staying in shape is Joshua Joson, a sophomore. Coach Powers believes his hard work and dedication can be a strength that the team will be able to feed off of. 

“We expect to place top three as long as we keep our head straight and work hard,” said senior Jack Pearce. Who swims in the 200 freestyle, 100 fly, 4 by 400 free relay, 2 by 50 IM relay. Jack is one of the seniors that coach Powers will be relying on in order to have a good season. 

This year Coach Powers is placed with the difficulty to create champions out of a young team but with hard work and dedication on both sides, this underdog team will have a shot to place in the top three in arguably the toughest high school league in the nation. 

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