Sports: Did MLB’s Decision To Open Stadium’s To Fans Ruin The “Bubble” Atmosphere After Justin Turner’s Positive Covid Test?

by Aeden Alexander

After Justin Turner’s COVID-19 fiasco during Game 6 of the World Series, many are beginning to speculate whether the MLB’s “bubble” atmosphere was even a safe “bubble” to begin with.

On October 27th, the Los Angeles Dodgers won their first World Series in thirty-two years, and was it a wild one. After a negative COVID-19 test, Dodgers Third Baseman Justin Turner was pulled out of the game just an inning before the Dodgers won due to a positive test. 

The whole situation had many different opinions on whether it was the MLB’s fault, Turner’s, or just an unforeseen situation. Turner was a major part of the Dodgers World Series, as he had a red hot bat and was making stellar defensive plays at third. Despite being pulled from the game, he was still able to make it out to the field to celebrate with his teammates.

But as seen in many pictures, Turner was spotted not wearing a mask when interacting with teammates. MLB and its commissioner were feeling no remorse for Turner, as they quickly sent out a statement about a potential fine and an investigation into the situation which can lead to a suspension next season.  

For the playoffs, Major League Baseball created a “bubble” type atmosphere limiting all the games to the West Coast and allowing zero fans. That was until the NLCS, where they allowed their first set of fans into stadiums in almost a year. 

Before that the last positive test was during the season, but that was with travel. Sources have stated that the reason for the positive Covid-19 test could have been because fans were allowed to enter the stadiums. Many say that Justin Turner’s actions were “selfish” because he went onto the field without a mask and a positive test.

But others question the fact that they pulled him towards the end of the game, saying that he has been in the dugout with everyone for seven innings already. However, Commissioner Rob Manfred shut these questions down, making both teams continue to test and keep distance from others. 

As of how the MLB didn’t get a positive test back until the end of the game is unknown. That Monday before the final game, Turner’s test came back inconclusive which wasn’t uncommon, but did raise concerns. 

As of right now, Turner is feeling well and is one of the Dodgers top priorities this offseason, as he is a free agent heading into the new season. No statements from Justin Turner have been released as of right now but it seems that he, as well as the rest of the Los Angeles Dodgers, are concerned that they are World Series Champions and nobody can take that from them.

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