Sports: Game Time Decision To Postpone Steelers VS Ravens Leads To Major Conflict About Favoritism Which Brings Us To Remembering It Occurs In All Sports

by Aeden Alexander

Sports are not just for entertainment but also a business needing to bring in money in which fans sometimes forget that and only believe they are for viewing purposes only.

Gail Burton/Associated Press

After fans complained about the favoritism in the NFL about how the Ravens vs Steelers game was able to be postponed because of COVID cases while the league decided to force the Broncos to play Sunday with ZERO quarterbacks available.This led many fans to understand that the NFL and all sports leagues in general is overall just a business.

This decision was very controversial because people believe the decision was unfair and only a “money move” for the NFL as the Ravens and Steelers game was the most important and attention grabber to people. While the Broncos Vs Saints game was not nearly as important and wouldn’t bring in as much revenue. 

These occurrences haven’t only happened in the NFL but in all the professional sports around us. The term “favoritism” is a word that is tossed around a lot in all professional sports because there are many occurrences of certain teams getting more opportunities or chances because they are more popular or the matchup between teams are more important which bring in more attention and money. 

Many are diehard fans of certain teams and to them everything is about winning or losing. But when the leagues start getting into changing schedules it makes people think if possibly these professional sports leagues somewhat know what’s going to be the outcome after a season and if sports are rigged which have been a conspiracy theory since the beginning of it all.

Many examples have risen in all leagues, some times that these questions have come up are many of the World Series and super bowls because of how crazy the outcomes are. They end up being so crazy that it doesn’t even feel real sometimes. 

Writers and talk show hosts have come out and spoken their opinions but there’s been no evidence of the professional leagues tampering with any of their games. The only specific evidence has been made by fans which is not always the best source because it can sometimes be biased and not real evidence because they are not the ones competing but the ones watching. 

Major league Baseball has had a few occurrences in its past of changing rules for teams and giving other teams the better odds to win, but what makes people doubt that this is the owners doing is that you never see the players come out and complain about any of it.MLB executive David Samson came out on a talk show and gave his thoughts about tampering and what really goes on…

“How many teams are in the NBA?” he said on Thursday’s episode. “Thirty? Thirty-two in the NFL, 30 in MLB. Guess what? That is 92 teams. Every single one of them tampers. Everyone. We tampered, and we got tampered with.”

Tampering can mean many things and can happen with teams and sports leagues. It can be from talking to players on other teams or even cheating to help give you an advantage in games. David Samson brings up that all the teams do it but doesn’t go into certain teams specifically. He just breaks down that every team does it and even though some of it might not be important it still leaves the fans with the question that is, “Do the owners decide who is going to win this year or is it actually fair and competitive?”.

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