Sports: The Braves Soccer Team Has High Expectations For The Upcoming Season

by: Ryan Tavera

Despite minor setbacks the Brave’s soccer team has set big goals for this year and are training their hardest to make them a reality.

In 2020, the Braves soccer team found much success becoming state and CIF finalists. The team hopes to repeat the success they had last year and go beyond what is expected from the team with the help of Head Coach David Sabet.  

“High expectations for this year, they really developed a lot in soccer and this year our goals are to finish top three in the trinity league,” said Coach Sabet.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions minor setbacks have plagued the team and the late notice of their upcoming season has hindered the team’s abilities. 

“Our expectations are always going to be high; it’s just the reality of where we are at. The thirteen years that I’ve been here we’ve always had a good four or five months to prepare. It’s been difficult, so in reality we can’t really prepare too much, we just have to maintain health,” said Coach Sabet. 

However, despite the setbacks and the fact that training has not been the easiest the soccer team has high expectations for the upcoming season. Every player is preparing themselves for the season both as a team and individually. Senior Andrew Olmos, feels the team has really developed and are ready for the new season. 

“Goal for the season was to work together as a team, we had trouble getting the team together, we were always just scared, this year we really matured and we just got to work together and push through those hard days and play for each other,” said Olmos.

The team still feels very confident about what they’re capable of. The team believes they have really tied everything together and are prepared for what lies ahead. Senior Mikel Villarreal, for instance, has noticed the team’s maturity and feels the team is ready to go. 

 “We’ve really matured last year and it was a big stepping stone for us and we are really putting the pieces together and I feel like we’re ready to roll,” said Villareal. 

The setbacks have only reinforced the team’s bond between each player not only as teammates but as friends. The team’s brotherhood is what will really take this team to the next level, every player pushing each other to be the best they can. Senior Joel Trejo that the sense of brotherhood among the team is their greatest strength.

“Our greatest strength is our brotherhood, whether it’s the last guy on the team we’re always just playing together and pushing ourselves to the best of our ability,” said Trejo. 

With expectations high and goals set to be the best, it is all up to the team to train as hard as they can and stay both physically and mentally strong for the upcoming season. Although the team is off to a rocky start Coach Sabet belvies the team still has what it takes to go above and beyond their expectations and repeat the success from last year. 

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