Sports: Lakeshow Is Back To Normal Operations

by Aeden Alexander

The defending NBA Champions Los Angeles Lakers are finally opening up the Staples Center to fans for the first time in 386 days.

Over a year later the 2020 NBA Champions Los Angeles Lakers have finally opened up the Staples Center to fan. There will be some new rules implemented and the Lakers are one of the last teams to let their fans into their home stadium. The reopening has been possible thanks to the fact there are new vaccines and lower cases in Southern California.

In their first game back with fans in the home crowd the Lakers host the Boston Celtics and plan to soon unveil their 2020 championship banner. The Lakers are expected to hold around two thousand fans at the Staples Center with a few restrictions to comply with the due to the limited capacity.

To begin with the fans have two options to get into the stadium. The first one is to either get vaccinated with both doses of either maderna, or pfizer and have sufficient proof of your shots with your vaccination card. The second option is to have a negative COVID test three days prior to your arrival. 

Many Laker fans have been looking forward to this return as they come off a red hot championship year. The team has also gotten a new and improved look as they made multiple key moves this past offseason.

The arena will look to have thirty-five percent capacity for the remaining home games and if they did not have two previously mentioned arena restrictions they would have been forced to comply with only a ten-percent capacity.

Once you have your ticket you will have it electronically on your device and are required to bring that device in order to have access into the game. When you get in the Staples Center there will be face masks required for ages two and up and must be worn at all times with no exceptions whatsoever.

No bags are allowed inside of the arena and everything must be able to fit in your pockets. All of the fans transactions will be either credit or debit with cash not being allowed at this time as an acceptable form of payment. Any food or drinks you wish to buy must be purchased after scanning a QR code.

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