SPORTS: Bosco Volleyball Shows Fight and Resilience

by Omar Cerezo

Despite not having the best of starts Bosco, Bosco volleyball is making the most of an unprecedented season.

Being at home during a lockdown isn’t an easy thing to do as you aren’t able to enjoy time with friends, visit places or play any indoor and outdoor sports. The volleyball team has been making great progress in overcoming these challenges and being able to practice with each other while following COVID-19 regulations. This shows what being a Bosco Brave is all about and not only sets a good example for the school but for many teams during these times. 

Head Coach Shane Beatty, also an entrepreneurship and algebra 2 teacher, has been coaching volleyball at Bosco for three years now and explained that there has been setbacks, like getting the team gym time and having to do COVID-19 testing on a weekly basis. 

“You got to have patience and just focus on controlling what you can control,” said Mr. Beatty

He wasn’t even expecting to have a season, but now that they are able to play, there are some restrictions on what they can and cannot do. This taught the team to be patient and always keep their heads up and have a good spirit.

“Our energy for sure our strength. There’s no other group of guys that I want to go to battle with,” said Mr. Beatty 

Beatty describes how there are a lot of kids with high energy no matter what the situation is during these times, and it goes on to show what being a Bosco Brave is all about. 

Junior student Alex Mayo has been playing on the Bosco volleyball team since he was a freshman. He echoed Coach Beatty’s sentiments about the challenges they’ve faced returning after the pandemic layoff.

“You had to learn how to adapt,” Alex said.

Even from all this recent diversity Alex was still able to have that Bosco brotherhood with his teammates on and off the court. 

“Its different, man; you got to just try it out,” said Alex, explaining that volleyball is a sport where you have to experience the sport to understand the fun of it. 

As far as the challenges the volleyball team had to face, it’s been visible that they never gave up and continued to move forward. They have not let this COVID-19 pandemic interrupt their experience at Bosco during their volleyball season.    

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