Sports: Bosco Wrestling Coach Juan Archuleta Faces A Strong Challenger In Sergio Pettis For His First Bellator Bantamweight Title Defense

by Andrew Fierro

Archuleta, who has been a coach and mentor to St. John Bosco’s wrestling team, has his first title defense coming up. He has had a huge impact on the St. John Bosco team, who have been wrestling fantastically for many years and are having a great start to the 2021 season which was condensed due to COVID-19. 

In a fight taking place on Friday, May 6th in Uncasville, Connecticut for Bellator 258, Archuleta, who has just recently acquired the Bantamweight crown, looks to successfully complete his first defense against Sergio Pettis.

Sergio Pettis, who is the brother of well known former UFC fighter Anthony Pettis, has looked very well in his first two bouts as part of the Bellator organization and looks to carry forward his performances against Archuleta in the biggest fight of his career. 

However, standing in his way is the extremely capable Juan Archuleta, who is 20-1 since 2015 as well as 25-2 overall and is coming off one of his strongest showings of his career in his title victory over Patchy Mix via decision. He showed off even more of his fast pacing and strength in every aspect of mixed martial arts with his wrestling and his boxing being great strengths of his.

Though Juan Archuleta may be the favorite going into this fight, Sergio Pettis is no slouch, having been a former UFC fighter fighting amongst the best in the world and having an incredible transition into the Bellator organization. 

In this fight against Sergio Pettis, Juan Archuleta is facing a fighter with an amazing all around fight style that allows him to look for finishes in all areas of the fight. Whether it is through submission or knockout, Sergio Pettis has a chance to end the fight at any given moment. Paired up against the incredible pacing Juan Archuleta brings to the fight, the fight will most likely be an extremely active and fun fight to watch for fans. 

In this fight, the future of MMA will be showcased, according to Juan Archuleta. With both of these fighters having high caliber skills in every aspect of mixed martial arts, the age of being skilled in only one strand of MMA is fading. Now, to be able to compete at the highest level, one must be able to use every aspect of MMA to their advantage or will not be able to keep up with the highest competitors of the sport.

In this fight, both the fighters are able to do so, which is why the fight will be extremely interesting to watch and is the start to a new age of MMA, where both the fighters are extremely well versed in every aspect of MMA. 

The mindset of Archuletta going into the fight is not about defending his throne, but gaining something new. He believes that the belt is up for grabs and they both have the same opportunity of receiving it, so rather than him defending it, it’s him acquiring it once again. 

The fight will be a very intriguing fight, and both of these fighters seem well prepared and extremely excited to get into the octagon together. The fight will consist of five, 5-minute rounds and the winner will be the Bellator Bantamweight Champion. With Pettis looking to hold nothing back to take the belt from Archuleta and become the champion, Archuleta is ready for whatever comes his way and excited to defend his throne for the first time in his career. 

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