Sports: Rams And Chargers Both Look Like Super Bowl Contenders

by Jeremiah Davis

With the NFL season already underway, Los Angeles’ two newest teams, the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers, prove to be potential Super Bowl contenders.

The 2021 NFL season has brought along many exciting, challenging and hard to believe moments. From Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs being “figured out” by the league to Lamar Jackson and the Ravens putting on a show seemingly every game, the league has astonished its many fans.

However, the story of the season for many homers starts in the City of Angels. Although the season is still in its early stages, the Rams and Chargers have both shown that they are serious contenders. 

The Rams, are coming off a dominant win against the New York Giants and boast a great record on the season so far at 5-1, currently holding the 2nd place seed in the NFC West behind the Arizona Cardinals. The Chargers, who recently had a disappointing loss to the Ravens and another heartbreaker earlier in the season to the NFC powerhouse Dallas Cowboys, are still in a good place in the standings with a 4-2 record, which is tied with the Las Vegas Raiders for first place, though due to the head to head record, they have the advantage in seeding if the season were to end today.  

With both L.A. teams doing well overall, this has brought about a raise in popularity for the two.  The two teams play in SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California which is thought of as one of the best stadiums in the league. Their games have been a hot spot for celebrity attendance, including sports stars like Lebron James, Magic Johnson, Draymond Green and Carmelo Anthony. 

The attention is warranted, as both teams have a number of players who are expected to make the Pro Bowl this year. Additionally, the quarterbacks for each team have been exciting to watch. For the Chargers, Justin Herbert is having a great start to the season with 14 touchdown passes and a 66% completion rate.

The Rams’ on the other hand have gone with veteran Matthew Stafford who has completely revived his career from an at times disappointing quarterback to a top MVP candidate. This season Stafford has completed 16 touchdown passes on the year while having a 69% completion rate.

With all of the publicity surrounding the two teams, fans have begun to speculate whether or not this high level play will continue come playoff time. Both teams play in a very competitive divisions, which suggests things won’t get an easier from here forward. 

If the Rams continue to play like they have been so thus far, the only real threat in the NFC West that they come to face would be lead MVP candidate, Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals. As for the Chargers, there is high hope that the Las Vegas Raiders stumble upon a losing streak while the Chargers continue their dominance, which would then allow the Chargers to solidify themselves as the number one seed in the AFC West.  

The Rams’ next game is scheduled for Sunday, October 24th when the Detroit Lions come to Los Angeles. Going into the matchup, the Rams are the heavy favorites, but with the way the season has taken place so far, anything could happen. Though with how the Rams have been performing, not to mention the dismal 0-6 Lions, there is little doubt that the Rams will that their way. 

The Chargers’ come into their bye week with their next game scheduled for Sunday, October 31st, as Mac Jones and the New England Patriots will visit SoFi Stadium for a highly anticipated matchup. With the much needed bye week, the Chargers will be able to make the necessary adjustments to correct the mistakes they had against the Ravens and will come into this matchup well-rested and eager to get back to work.

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