Sports: Bosco Lacrosse with Big Goals for the 2022 Season

by Ian Cook

The  St. John Bosco lacrosse team, led by coaches, Chris Jewett and Tommy Johnson, are excited to kick off their long-awaited 2022 Season with the addition of a few new players.

After a brief, and covid affected season last year with an overall record of 4-6, the Braves are looking forward to finally having a normal 2022 season. After the 2020 Season was canceled, followed by an unexpected 2021 Season, the Braves’ goals have not changed and are still striving for a 2022 Trinity League Championship.  

“I’m really excited going into this season. We have a few new guys and we’re ready to just be able to have a normal season and an even shot to win,” said senior Joel Embray. 

The Braves have welcomed new players such as senior Logan Booher, a former St. John Bosco Football Wide Receiver, and is accompanied by Noah Citek, George Bratton and Evan Stout, three very talented players who transferred from Millikan High School. 

“This season, we are loaded. We are going to shock a lot of people and just put us back on the map, and I’m looking forward to it,” said Bratton.  

Alongside basketball and wrestling, the St. John Bosco lacrosse team looks to turn a lot of heads this season now that they have a full roster. 

“Last year we only had 13 guys on our roster, so it was difficult to have a lot of success with that. This year we have a 27-28 man roster with guys that are fully dedicated to helping us turn our team around and get back on track,” said coach Tommy Johnson.  

With that being said, despite COVID-19 protocols within the last two seasons, the Braves have still been able to produce talented players that are going to make an immediate impact once the season begins.  

“We have the talent, we just need to play as a team. Brenin Melton and Noah Citek are just examples of some guys who are really talented and can go play this sport anywhere in the world,” said coach Johnson. 

The Braves are looking forward to the first game against Downey High School this Friday, they are hoping this game will be the start to a season to remember with a mix of seniors, freshmen, juniors and sophomores all playing key roles in their success. 

“We have freshmen all the way to seniors who play significant minutes that help our team win. I think that’s what makes us so special this year because of the depth this program is going to have for years,” said Noah. 

With the 2022 Season starting in less than 24 hours, the team is ready to take the field in their home opener against the Downey Vikings at 4:00 p.m Friday, and start their run for a CIF and Trinity League Championship. 

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