Sports: New Sailing Team Hopes to Show They’re Worth Their Salt

By Isaac Mays, Sports Editor

St. John Bosco High School Athletics hoisted the sails this Summer, introducing a new seafaring team, adding to the already impressive range of sports to join.

Photo by Jacksnowwwwww via Instagram

Bosco Sailing plans to embark on a fulfilling and competitive journey, with hopes of gifting a passion for a world of seafaring to many students. This program is largely student-led, with co-captains Jack Snow and Samuel Mohinani helping to direct the team. The prospect of students being partially at the helm makes the environment more approachable and friendly for the Braves who are just getting into sailing.

The team currently sails in the Los Alamitos Bay in Long Beach at the Alamitos Bay Yacht Club (ABYC). Their season has just started, although any students interested still have time to join. The team already plans to participate in a few sailing competitions, known as regattas, throughout the season, and the program is ramping up to be an exciting new opportunity for the Bosco community.

While the team is still in their preparation phase, they are nonetheless excited to unveil their talents and skills at the approaching regattas. Skippers sophomore Jack Snow and junior Samuel Mohinani both have prior sailing experience and are able to help aid in the learning process for new sailors.

Jack Snow grew up near the Los Alamitos Bay in Long Beach and has been sailing there since the age of four, where he has experience on many boats including rare hydrofoiling boats, which are boats that have wing-like “foils” that extends out under the boat to allow for less drag and greater speed.

Samuel Mohinani grew up in Hong Kong, where he was able to begin his sailing career. He favors lasers – small, single sailed, single-manned boats.

“It’s a really fun club where you can meet other sailors – sailing is a really good sport that can teach you lessons for throughout your life,” said Mohinani.

The team has access to a high quality boat called Club Flying Juniors, or CFJs, which they typically sail. They train with other teams and five man crews at their home facility in an effort to prepare for upcoming competitions. This club offers a unique and welcoming opportunity to foster new passions as well as friendships for Braves looking to engage.

“We need a lot more people to join, the more the better,” said Snow. “So just spreading the word helps a lot.”

Interested students can join the Sailing Team by contacting Julie Snow via email at For a fee of $1400 students can join for this season, which runs year round, with practices on Mondays and Wednesdays. Make sure to join before they set sail.


  • Thank you so much for publishing this article! We are very excited about building and developing our team. Your help in spreading the word is so beneficial.
    Thank you Isaac Mays for your great article!
    GO BRAVES! 💙💛🤍


  • Great article highlighting the efforts of two Braves, fabulous behind the scenes super-parent Julie Snow, and the SJB community to get a new programme off the ground. So proud! 😊


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