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Sports: Bosco Baseball Season Review

by Caleb Wiley

After two straight good seasons, the St. John Bosco baseball team never reached their full potential as they took a step down with a 4-12 record and a last place spot in the Trinity League.


The Bosco baseball team had incredibly high hopes going into this season. They were second in league the year before and felt like they had even better talent this year, especially with the return of senior star David Hays and the addition of freshman pitchers Louis Rodriguez and Julian Orozco.

However, the team never seemed able to piece everything together as a whole. As a result, the losses came in fast.

“We had the talent this year, we truly did. We had talent on both sides but we just didn’t come together as a team,” said senior Sebastian Orduno.

The team’s biggest problem this year came on the offensive side of the ball. They just could not find a way to drive in runners when they were on base.

“Driving in runs was something we really struggled with. We would get runners on but we would change our approach or mindset. Instead of just going out and having a good at-bat, we put so much pressure on ourselves,” said Head Coach Don Barbara.

The team could showed spurts of what they can do and they were about but were never consistent with it. They never had games where the whole team would be hitting well as a collective group.

“Players would show up on offense sporadically and that showed up in our team batting average – which was terrible. We never hit well together,” said coach Barbara.

While the team was having major problems offensively, one player that remained consistently good was David Hays. Hays seemed to do everything well on a game-to-game basis. He was even one of their top pitchers as well.

“There was one guy who had a real good offensive year and that was David Hays. He did everything for us offensively from getting on base to driving in runs. He was the MVP of our team,” said coach Barbara.

Despite being bad on the offensive side, the team’s defense showed out every game. They had to, or else every game would not even be close.

“The best part of our team has to be our defense and pitching. They had to carry the slack that our offense left for them. Without them, every game would’ve been a blowout,” said senior Stephen Chavez.

As a result, most of the games ended up coming down straight down to the wire. However, the team had that struggle of coming up with runs so most of the close games unfortunately ended in losses.

The season for the St. John Bosco baseball team did not go as planned, but they have a bright future as a lot of the young players look promising.

Sports: Bosco Baseball Mid-Season Review

by Samuel Rodriguez

Our very own Bosco Baseball team has very high hopes set for the future of their season. Despite the future looking brighter as each player works harder and harder, the Braves had a rough beginning to their 2019 season.


Photo – @BoscoBaseball on Twitter

As of right now, the team is 1-5 in Trinity League with a lone, crucial victory over Jserra, The team is 7-11 overall.

“With these past few losses, coach has been pushing us a lot harder. He expects a lot more out of us and I know that we can do so much better than we are playing,” said senior shortstop and captain Derek Delgado.

The team is striving to become more competitive and hope to earn more wins in future games.

Our Bosco Braves are starting over and beginning anew with a step toward the right direction as they put in more work to become a better unit as a whole.

The team’s chemistry as a whole has been an area of concern all season, and something that could be holding the team back.

“I think that the players on the team aren’t the issue, it’s really just the fact that for some reason we can’t seem to function together very well.” stated senior Stephen Chavez. 

Though chemistry has been an area of concern thus far, Chavez and others don’t see it as a lasting issue.

“Although our previous games haven’t gone how we expected, I think we’re going to step it up and start winning,” continued Chavez.

The instrumental change occurring within the team is going to be a better work ethic. The future looks to be bright as the Braves are improving their chemistry and playing harder for each other to get wins.

Head Baseball coach Don Barbara has high hopes for the future of his team. He referenced that many important players, such as senior Kyle Moats and junior DJ Uiagalelei, are coming back from injuries and are going to be able to ‘jump start’ the team.

Coach Barbara has also developed new practice routines to help strengthen the teams weaker aspects of the game.

“We are putting more emphasis on our hitting and our hitting approach and things that will help us in games in hopes that in the last 11 games we can pick it up,” stated Barbara.

The Bosco Baseball team, despite their previous record, has high hopes for the road that lies ahead. With the return of vital players and a work ethic specified to strengthen the teams weaknesses, it is still very likely that they will make playoffs and perform better as a unit going forward.


Bosco Signing Day (2018)

by Julian Boyd

On February 7, 2018, seven athletes from St. John Bosco high school were able to celebrate signing their National Letters of Intent to play sports collegiately. Kevin Coblentz (University of Nevada, Reno), Sal Spina (Stanford University), Cole Aubrey (Montana), Demetrious Flowers (Arizona State University), Kedron Williams (Washington State University), Stephan Blaylock (University of California Los Angeles), and Eli Deroon (Air Force Academy) are among those 7 athletes.

Six out of those 7 athletes listed trusted the process the whole way through, staying at Bosco through every circumstance. A lot of these players didn’t earn much playing time at all until their sophomore and junior years. 

Senior linebacker Kedron Williams expressed gratitude to Bosco for helping prepare him for the next level. 

“I was able to look up to a lot of older [Division 1] guys at my position as a younger guy and I was able to learn from their game and put pieces into mine. Also, the nationally staged games helped me preform on a high level and get looked at,” Williams said.

Williams has not only done a lot for the Bosco football team, but the entire Bosco Community. He recently received the Brave of the Year award at the annual football banquet, expressing his true value of citizenship as a Bosco Brave. 

Demetrious Flowers is a senior running back who has been on the Varsity Team for 4 years. Although he did not get his first start until his senior year, he trusted the process and knew that his coaches and his hard work with every opportunity given would earn him college offers.

“Bosco really helped me with my strength. I think Coach Johnson really helped me physically and mentally and put me ahead of a lot of guys going into college. I’m excited to meet new people, live on my own, and just get the overall college experience.” Flowers said.

Stephan Blaylock – who will be attending UCLA – is also a 4 year Bosco football player. He excels in the classroom and on the field. This explains why Blaylock will be attending one of the most prestigious academic schools in the country. 

Blaylock explained how excited he is for his future while also expressing gratitude towards St. John Bosco, particularly the football coaching staff.

“I think I’ll do fine academically [at UCLA] because there is a lot of Bosco alum at UCLA doing very well. I can’t really say only one person helped me. I was helped by every coach at Bosco, from the Offensive Coordinator to the Defensive Line Coach. I am very thankful for every coach and teammate.” Blaylock said. 

These special athletes have been at Bosco and enjoyed all 4 years of being a Brave. They are all very blessed to leave campus as collegiate student athletes. They will continue their college careers and their entire futures as Brave Men.