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Sports: CIF-SS Semifinal Preview, The Braves One Step Closer to Vengeance and Potential National Title

by Hunter Richardson, Assistant Sports Editor

The Braves find themselves one game away from a potential rematch with the “Team in Ted.” Tonight they face off against the explosive Corona Centennial Huskies in the Semifinals of the Division I CIF-SS playoffs. 


Bosco football rolled through their opening round opponent, Calabasas High School, winning 63-7, and this week they will have to keep their momentum flowing against the highly skilled Huskies squad. The Huskies, coming into this game at 9-2, ran through their league going undefeated with none of those games being close. Same goes for their opening round matchup versus JSerra where they rocked the Lions 56-0. Both the Braves and the Huskies are riding heavy momentum into tonight’s game, which should be an explosive offensive night for both sides.

The Huskies are a loaded squad with a high octane offense that can put up points against any defense in the country. Corona Centennial is averaging a mindblowing 54 points a game, so tonight is going to be a very tall task for Coach Negro’s defense. The Husky offense is also balanced averaging over 225 rushing and passing yards per game, respectively. Tonight might have to be a game where the offense wins in a shootout.

The Huskies, after winning a coin flip, also have home field advantage, which poses another challenge for the Braves playing away from Panish Family Stadium after a long road trip. Despite the trek for Brave Nation, the faithful will certainly show out to support their team in the biggest game of the year so far.

The Braves and the Huskies have faced each other quite a few times in the last few years in the CIF playoffs. It is nothing new to see these two teams reach the semifinals, and the last time they faced each other in 2017 the Braves won easily by a score of 62-34, again in the CIF semifinals.

The Braves are one win away from potentially getting their chance at revenge against the “Team in Red,” who beat the Braves in Trinity League play at Panish Stadium and last year in a  heartbreak ending to the season in the CIF-SS final. This season has only been about one thing for the Braves, and that is win a national championship or bust. With a win tonight they are one step closer to realizing that goal, but that goal can just as easily be put to rest by the Huskies tonight. With Brave Nation behind them though, and not to mention some of the best talent in the country on both sides of the ball, the Braves are poised for another trip to the CIF-SS finals.

The game begins at 7:30 pm. If you can’t make it out to the game, it will be televised on Fox Sports West.

News/Op-Ed: Mayor Pete Shines, Biden Stumbles

by Tim Levine, Executive Editor

This past Wednesday ten of the remaining Democratic presidential candidates filled the stage for the fifth debate of the primary season, a rather lackluster night that saw moderate candidates come out strong. 


Held in Atlanta, the debate stage was vacant this time around of former-congressman Beto O’Rourke, who dropped out of the race, and Former Housing Secretary Julian Castro, who did not meet the polling and donor requirements to qualify for the debate.

With the Iowa Democratic Caucus fast approaching, many of the lower-polling candidates needed to have a big night. For example, billionaire Tom Steyer needed to pick up momentum in this debate to show he is a force that has a path forward, but he was largely forgettable and did not do much to either increase or decrease his stock.

Remaining stagnant in the polls at around three to four percent, entrepreneur Andrew Yang was also pining to make an impression on the debate stage. However, with the lack of speaking time he was provided and a rather uneventful line of questioning, Yang suffered by not necessarily performing poorly, but not really performing at all.

Another low-polling candidate, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, also had to make her voice heard and suffered from heavy criticism from Senator Kamala Harris over her anti-party sentiments and her past record. Tulsi continued this anti-party sentiment throughout the debate, claiming the Democrats are “not the party that is of, by and for the people.” By arguing against the party, she could polarize their base of support, a base that will be necessary for a Gabbard nomination run, which looks slim to none, and certainly to beat President Donald Trump in a general election.

Although the above candidates could all be considered in their own rights “fringe” candidates, the night belonged to the more moderate candidates, with Senator Cory Booker, Senator Kamala Harris, Senator Amy Klobuchar and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg all having great nights.

Senator Cory Booker used his time well to attack the front-runner, former Vice President Joe Biden on his opposition to the legalization of marijuana, an important issue for the Democratic party. In one of the viral moments from Wednesday, Senator Booker attacked the former Obama V.P.’s recent support of criminalized marijuana on the campaign trail saying he “thought [Biden] was high” when he spoke to the issue.

Senator Harris was able to push past her poor debate performances and fire back at Congresswoman Gabbard, who had heavily criticized her earlier. Senator Klobuchar, meanwhile, withheld any big shots to highlight her strong electability and her wins in red and purple parts of the Midwest.

Mayor Buttigieg had the strongest performance of the night, remaining composed in the face of several attacks and largely being on defense most of the night. Having the lead in Iowa for the past several weeks, it is clear that candidates had to attack Buttigieg, but none proved effective, as Buttigieg pushed back against attacks throughout the night.

Gabbard questioned his judgment with Buttigieg’s notion that the military can assist in border operations, however, Buttigieg fired back with criticizing her meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is recognized throughout the international community as a war criminal known for regularly gassing his own citizens.

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders did little to change their stock. Both had clear answers and were able to appeal to their base, but did little to set them apart and show they are clear front runners.

Former Vice President Biden had a very poor performance from the beginning that did not improve, as he stumbled and looked completely unprepared for a debate. In another viral moment, Biden boasted his endorsement from the “only” Black female senator. He, of course, meant the “first,” as he stood on the stage with a confused Harris, wondering if she had been forgotten or if Biden simply misspoke.

The next Democratic debate in December features much stricter polling and donor requirements with currently only six candidates qualified. Yang, Steyer and Gabbard are on the fringe, but with less than a month remaining, the debate stage will definitely become smaller. Candidates now are going to look for a big push going into this debate, as the Iowa Caucus is only three months away.

Sports: Tua’s Hip Injury Sidelines QB Rest of Season and Potentially ‘Bama’s Playoff Hopes

by Kourt Williams

This past Saturday, the University of Alabama played against Mississippi State. Late in the first half, Tua Tagovailoa, Alabama’s starting quarterback was tacked by two Mississippi players and resulting in a drastic injury; a dislocated hip. Sources declare he will undergo surgery and be out for the remainder of the season. 


Courtesy of Getty Images

Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban speaks on the impact an injury like this has on the team, “…we lost a great leader, a great player, we’re all hurting.” Saban goes on to say, “I feel bad and I’m hurting for him. I called him to cheer him up, and he then cheers me up.”

An injury of this magnitude is detrimental to the football program just because of the major role Tagovailoa plays for the team. He has been the starting quarterback for two years, therefore the team has become accustomed to his style of play and methods of leadership. Now with him gone, and with a new, less experienced quarterback to fill his shoes, it will be interesting to see how to team does or doesn’t recover from this detrimental change for the remainder of the season.

Tagovailoa suffered a dislocated hip, which ironically is the same injury, NFL player, Bo Jackson suffered in the prime of his career in 1991. There has been speculation around this injury because this injury cost Jackson’s entire career, despite him being well in his prime. There has been concerns for Tagovailoa as to whether or not he will be able to fully recover and even be able to step on the football field as the Alabama starting QB again.

Alabama team orthopedic surgeon Dr. Lyle Cain provided an early prognosis stating, “Tua Tagovailoa sustained a right hip dislocation that was immediately reduced at the stadium. He is undergoing further testing to determine the best course of treatment. He is expected to make a full recovery but will miss the remainder of the season.”

Despite this early prognosis, there is a level of uncertainty from other doctors because they do not know the extent of the injury.

Dr. Louis Levitt further says, “This was the case where, when you dislocate the hip, that you have a limited period of time to get the hip back into the socket again because you compromise the blood flow to the ball of the ball and socket joint.”

Tagovailoa will potentially miss the 2020 season as well. Depending on how well the bone heals and the effectiveness of his rehabilitation, there are questions if he will ever be able to step on a football field again; the Bo Jackson Story. If the blood flow is compromised and can’t flow to the socket, the ball inside the socket can possibly die, and if that occurs, his football playing days will be over.

Tagovailoa was released two days ago in with a prognosis of ‘excellent’ by the doctors, a great sign. He will now let the injury heal completely and undergo rehabilitation. Hopefully, for his sake and the future of Alabama Football, everything will heal smoothly, and we will see this once magnificent quarterback on the gridiron make his return.

Sports: Basketball Opens Season with Open Division Title Hopes

by Lucas Garrison, Sports Editor

The Braves basketball season kicked off yesterday with hopes to return to championship glory. Head coach Matt Dunn will have a multitude of players this season who were on the team a season ago, when the team qualified for the CIF-SS Open Division Playoffs, most notably senior guard Josh Camper, junior guard Lamaj Lewis and recent commits Isaiah Holm (Chico State) and Wynton Brown (Northern Arizona). 

Camper, the presumed leader of the team, will be looking to continue his dominance around the three-point line after a junior campaign where he average double figures. Camper, however, will not be a one-man wrecking crew. He will be accompanied by big men Holm and Brown, whose versatility and skill offensively will create matchup problems for a lot of teams this season, as well as by the slashing, play-making ability of Lewis.

Expect these names to carry the offensive load for the Braves, while their core of big men, which also includes sophomores Jeremiah Nyarko and Christian Estrada, who is expected to return in December after breaking his leg in the middle of last season. .

But the Braves never have an easy path to the CIF-SS Open Division, despite two straight visits to the coveted post-season tournament, as they will have to go through the fiery Labrinth known as the Trinity League. The usual suspect will be at the gates attempting to tumble the Braves, and that team is the “Team in Red,” who return a strong core of double-digit scorers.

Tuesday night the Braves were able to take down Burbank High School in their season opener by a final score of 79-51. The leading scorer of the game was Lewis who posted 18 points, 6 of which came from beyond the arc.

Close behind him was Camper who put up 16 points and also had two buckets from three. Braves big man Isaiah Holm sat out the game due to nose surgery last Friday. He will be back Saturday, however, as the Braves take on the Dons from Santa Barbara.

This Saturday is the first big test of the Braves season and it comes early in the season. The Dons, according to sources, are an experienced group built around well-coached juniors and seniors.

The Dons will consistently look for their senior big man down low, and when that fails they’ll rely on their outside shooting. If the Braves are to have success against the Dons, they will have the tough task of limiting the touches on the low block as well as making sure they prevent jumpers along the perimeter.

Expect this game to be tight, however, the Braves will be getting their big man back and will look to rely on the perimeter threats of Camper and Lewis. Remember to come out and support your Braves Saturday night. They’ll tip off at 6 pm at the St. John Bosco Thunderdome.

A+E: Disney+ Launches to Widespread Anticipation

by Alex Rotter

The release of Disney+ last week quickly became a wildly successful launch for Disney. On the first day of the launch, about 10 million people became a subscriber to the app. This far exceeded Disney’s initial projections for the first day.


Disney+ is a subscription-based service that only costs 6.99 dollars a month or if you want to pay a whole year, it would cost you 69.99 dollars a year. If you pay 12.99 a month, you are given access to Disney, Hulu and ESPN+. This is a very good deal because you are given access to two really good streaming platforms and you are able to watch sports for a cheap price.

If you want to check out the app without paying the fee, they give you the ability to get a 7-day free trial to see if you will enjoy the app. This is a very good deal if you enjoy Disney movies and it has a large number of movies from the Disney catalog that you can watch.

What’s really amazing about the Disney+ app is that you are able to watch on all devices. You are able to watch on Apple, Android, PlayStation, and Xbox. This is really good for the app because you can use Disney+ and watch your favorite shows anywhere you go.

On the Disney+ app, there are a lot of movies to pick from the likes of Disney and all of their properties such as Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and short films. There are many movies to pick from so there will always be a movie that you will be interested in. Disney+ also has all of the old Disney shows that kids watched back then. Disney+ has a category called “Hit Movies” and this section displays all of the movies that were really successful for Disney. What makes this app very unique is that they have shows from each decade. Disney+ has shows dating back from the 1920s-1930s and this can bring in older subscribers that used to watch those shows when they were younger.

Disney+ is not just for kids, it provides a variety of films that can be viewed by all. The movie series that can bring in all ages are the Marvel movies. The Disney+ app has most of the Marvel movies that were shown in theaters. They also have lots of animated Marvel shows like Spiderman, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man.

Pixar Animation Studios also provides many short films for Disney+ dating back to 1989 with a short film named Knick Knack all the way to short films made in 2019, overall consisting of over 50 short films.

Disney+ consists of a recollection of old memories of most people’s childhood that can be relieved through one app and can be accessed through multiple different platforms. At a price of 6.99 a month or 69.99 a year, it provides a lot of value and entertainment that everyone can enjoy.

Around Bosco: Homecoming Proves to be Annual Success

by Ryan Tavera  and Johnathan Gonzalez

Homecoming week is a memory filled period in the school year. The week is filled with activities, food and music that all build up to the big event, where friends come together for an unforgettable night: the Homecoming Dance.


St. Joseph’s and Bosco juniors posing at the Homecoming Dance earlier this month at the Colony House in Anaheim.

November 3rd, 2019 will certainly be a night to cherish for many St. John Bosco and Joseph students, with bright lights and lively music fueling the exciting evening.

“The dance was actually a great time. I really enjoyed the whole event,” said Bosco junior Hector Andrade.

When asked about the experience, many students shared this same response, so it’s safe to say the night was a success, according to a majority of students interviewed. From Freshmen to Seniors, all were able to join each other on the dance floor and enjoy the night collectively, listening to their favorite music and conversing with friends.

“It was funny to see freshman at the dance all dressed up with their friends. it brought me back to when I was a freshman and my first dance,” said St. Joseph’s senior Grace Gonzalez.

Homecoming 2019 was the first for multiple students, and it was a great first introduction.

“The night was a lot of fun!” said St. Joseph’s freshman Gaby Salas. “Me and my friends had a great time at the dance. I can’t wait for next year.”

This year for Homecoming, Bosco led up to the big event by allowing students to dress up in order to show school spirit. These themes include Independence Day, a Halloween costume contest and Brave Day.

On Friday Bosco students were lead to the gym and met with cheerleaders from St. Joseph’s. The pep rally included glorifying our fall sports, various games, dances, music, celebrating our Homecoming court and creating hype for the football game.

Once the week ended, it was time for St. John Bosco vs Santa Margarita, where the Braves were coming off a disappointing loss against Mater Dei. The Bosco Braves football team was anything but discouraged, defeating Santa Margarita 35-14.

The weekend following was marked by the Homecoming dance on Sunday night at the Colony House in Anaheim. This Venue was historically known for big events like school dances and weddings primarily, which made it an easy choice.

Homecoming this year surprisingly hosted many underclassmen, which gave them the opportunity to be able to experience a dance that they will hopefully remember not only through their high school experience but through the rest of their lives.

The dance was also a time to appreciate relationships already established and reminisce, especially for our seniors, who had it finally hit them that this will the first of many lasts as they approach graduation in May.

Nevertheless, Homecoming 2019 succeeded in helping the students forget about their responsibilities and drama, while at the same time creating memories that can last a lifetime.

Sports: Bosco Football Destroys Calabasas 63-7 in CIF-SS Quarterfinals

by: Lucas Garrison, Sports Editor, and Travien Sears A and E Editor

The Second-seeded Braves, walked into Panish Family Stadium Friday night with one goal in mind: Destroy. As the Braves are coming off yet another impressive season, tenth year head coach Jason Negro and the Braves will look to make another CIF Championship appearance this season, which hopefully will result in another state, and possibly national, championship.


Friday night the Braves ran out of the tunnel lead by stars, Kobe Pepe, Kourt Williams II, Drake Metcalf and D.J. Uiagalelei. Now, the Braves did, however, start the game off a little bit slow, giving up the first touchdown to the Coyotes. The early touchdown can be credited to some pregame nerves, because after that initial touchdown, the Braves came down with the hammer on the offensive and defensive side of the ball.

The Braves lock down defense started with limiting the Coyotes to no more touchdowns the remainder of the game. However, Calabasas quarterback Jaden Casey did throw another touchdown, but to Bosco’s defensive back Josh Alford for a pick-six. Alford, Williams and Pepe led the defense with a shutdown mentality.

“They had a lot of weapons on their team offensively, and I feel like altogether we played like a team,” Williams said. “I feel like if we do what we did against Calabasas and we do our jobs and play like a team, that we should come out really well against Corona Centennial this week.”

Offensively, the Braves were led by quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei passing for 268 yards and 2 passing touchdowns. While also receiving some major help from RB Nathaniel Jones who rushed 12 times for a total of 145 yards and 2 touchdowns and WR Kris Hutson who received 6 passes for a total of 119 yards and 1 touchdown. All around, the Braves showed what a team should look when they’re clicking when it counts.

The Braves this Friday will travel to Corona, CA to take on the public school powerhouse of the Inland Empire, the Corona Centennial Huskies. The Braves will attempt to take down the Huskies and make their seventh straight CIF Championship appearance.


Life of a Brave: Men of Service During “Season of Giving” and Beyond

by Che Womack, Contributing Writer

With the season of giving nearly approaching, the urge to help others in need comes into full force. However, this desire to assist those who need help is not limited to just the holiday season. It is a way of life that should embody a person’s character all year long. 


This desire to give is represented in full force by the St. John Bosco Christian Service Program at Skid Row in Los Angeles, California, which takes place throughout the school year.

The St. John Bosco High School Service Program is an aspect of the school that pertains to the student body, reaching out to foundations and helping others in need. Students are required to achieve a certain amount of service hours each year in order to graduate.

However, the impulse to help others does not only come from the faculty and staff but from the student body itself. Many students have dedicated countless hours of their personal time as it genuinely lets them enjoy time away from themselves to help the less fortunate.

“Bosco’s service hours have helped me realize a lot about myself,” says St. John Bosco senior Jean Martin. “I’ve gone to many places such as Skid Row and the beach, to help not only people but the earth itself. I’m really glad I came to a school that persuades us to make a change in our community.”

One of the main establishments the school helps is the food service program at Skid Row. Skid Row is an area in Downtown Los Angeles where the homeless population accumulates to approximately 5,000-8,000 people.

Although, the numbers of the homeless may seem high, there are many programs and organizations that assume to help these people with shelter, food, drink — including St. John Bosco.

Many teachers take the venture out to Los Angeles with students and enjoy the day at Skid Row as well. St. John Bosco teachers get the opportunity to feed, speak with and the homeless during their trip.

“You know about homeless people and all of that, but to put a face on it and interact with them, you usually don’t get to have that kind of experience,” said St. John Bosco science teacher Michelle Dolphin. “It’s made a huge difference within our community.”

The connection between St. John Bosco and the Skid Row Program comes from former religion teacher Jack Hastert. Mr. Hastert has been long involved with many programs during this time at the school, but most knowingly: Skid Row. He has enjoyed his time — with the help of his family — helping others in the Los Angeles area.

“I first started taking Bosco students to the Los Angeles Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen on skid row in 1979-80 school year.” Mr. Hastert said. “My contributions include donating money and on occasion going out to feed people.”

Because of this branch, St. John Bosco has been able to be a part of a human-phenomenon that helps the less fortunate, provides a meal and promotes a human-capitalism that values dignity of dollar signs.

While Christmas may be called the “Season of Giving,” the desire to help at Bosco spans much more than a couple months. It is a way of life that stems from the Salesian Brotherhood.

That is love. That is Bosco.

A+E: New AirPods Pro Headphones Live Up to Hype

by Joshua Lucero

Last week, Apple released the next generation of earphones, the AirPods Pro. The next generation of AirPods is available now. The new AirPods Pro are for sale at $249 and are the newest addition to the AirPods family.


New features include “active noise cancellations and superior, immersive sound in an all-new lightweight, in-ear design,” according to Apple. The new design is made to be lightweight, have Bluetooth audio, and an in-ear design that is created for comfort.

Rather than having the normal design of Airpods this new generation has an “expanded mesh microphone port versus the older AirPods,” according to AppleInsider. The new AirPods have a smaller design, each individual earbud is designed with soft silicone ear tips that are made to mold to a person’s ear. This provides both comfort and greater sound quality for the user. Not only have they provided a more comfortable fit to a user’s ear, but now they are both water and sweat resistant. This new generation of AirPods are being molded toward a more active lifestyle but are still able to be used by everyone.

Apple’s new and improved AirPods have adapted to the noisy walks of life. On an average day, someone would walk in a populated area where noise cannot be escaped. The AirPods Pro allows users to be able to listen to music, phone calls, and more from their noise cancellation improvements. They do this by using two microphones that adapt to each ear and fit, one microphone facing out and the other facing inwards which allow for the noise cancelation to work.

Apple added a more pure sound quality by combining it with an Adaptive EQ, “which automatically tunes the low- and mid-frequencies of the music to the shape of an individual’s ear — resulting in a rich, immersive listening experience,” said Apple. The new design upholds itself on a better and clear sound quality.

With a new feature of “Transparency Mode,” Apple has added this so a user can still listen to outside noise. You can activate this by using the Pros directly or in the control center for any Apple device. Comparing this to past AirPods this new feature allows someone to hear their voice naturally, communicate with someone and many other possibilities that involve communication.

Compared to the last generation, the AirPods Pros have added some new features. Mainly the AirPods Pro has a customizable fit to a user’s ear, Active Noise Cancellation, an Adaptive EQ, Sweat and water-resistant capabilities and a $50 dollar increase on sale from $199.00 to $249.00.

Other than these changes these two AirPods have everything else in common, the only con that the AirPods Pro have is a user can listen to four and a half hours when the last generation had five hours of battery life.

Life of a Brave: Unsung Hero Counselor Ms. Alyssa Skipper

by Dominic Sanchez

Ms. Alyssa Skipper, a prominent member of the faculty and staff here at St. John Bosco High School as our Director of Counseling, may not be as well-known to some parents and alumni, but she is a mainstay in the lives of our student body. She plays a dominant role in the community in helping hundreds of students reach their academic potential and goals for the future to come. Photo for Article.jpg

Ms. Skipper’s journey to St. John Bosco has been drawn out and alluring. She was born one of two daughters in Torrance, California and then raised in Lakewood for the majority of her life. Growing up with a very supportive and loving family who supported her through anything, they would go to any limit to help her succeed with her goals throughout her early life.

After middle school, Ms. Skipper decided to attend Mayfair High School participating in cheerleading and several other clubs. Graduating from high school she chose to go to UC Santa Barbara as an undergraduate and got her Masters at Cal State Dominguez Hills College. She then chose to start majoring in sociology, as well as minoring in applied psychology to broaden her opportunities for the counseling career she’s been pursuing.

By the time she was about to leave high school, she knew that being a school counselor was a career path she wanted to be in. Besides working at a few fun jobs on the side during high school in the Summer, like Soak City Water Park, which she definitely did not enjoy.

“It was a terrible first job; I will definitely say that,” said Ms. Skipper.

She also worked many other jobs, but there was no other job she wanted to ever pursue like being a counselor and helping others reach their academic potential.

Ms. Skipper then began focusing on her career in college in her undergraduate, and  went directly into grad school as soon as she graduated from the University of Santa Barbara. Fast forward to two years later, she already started getting into her fieldwork in the counseling career.

Growing up in public school for her whole life, she was looking at a variety of schools to lend her services. Her public school education was a foundation for her experience in applying to these schools. Being in different types of settings and meeting with a variety of students has helped her tremendously, as well as helping her grow as the best counselor she can be.

In 2018, Bosco was looking for a fresh face to help with the counseling department, and Ms. Skipper seized that opportunity, making it the first Catholic school she’s ever worked at. She was hired as the Director of Counseling for students, helping with the college application process, test preparation, class modifications, guiding each and every student to their own path and the social and emotional well being of all.

“I thought it would be really interesting to see what the private world looks like, to see what the Salesian community looks like, and it has been really cool to see how different the education can be here,” said Ms. Skipper.

Being at St. John Bosco for about a year and a half, Ms. Skipper has developed a strong sense of connection and friendship with the majority of Bosco’s staff and faculty. She believes that this is a unique place with great accomplishments and continued potential. Described by her, it is easily one of the best groups of people she’s ever had the privilege to work with. As a welcoming and open personality among the staff, she believes that people are really sold on the idea of being there for their students being present in class, as well as being out and about on campus.

With much of her first year at Bosco spent working with the Counseling Department and the Parent Association, the immense sense of welcoming for her personally, as well as the support of Mr. Delgado and Mr. Totah, solidified her feeling that she was in the right place. After 6 years of being dedicated to counseling, she has also toyed with the idea of being in Administration someday for St. John Bosco, but for now, she is truly happy with her position and will never change her career as an educator in some capacity until she reaches her retirement from the field.

From my personal experience with Ms. Skipper, having her help me with my personal struggles and stress over my college applications, I feel the best word to describe her is compassionate. No matter how busy she is, or how much is on her plate during the day, she will always find a way to take the time to handle the situation a student is having even when it seems like she can’t help.

From assisting in supervising student events, welcoming students, providing college lectures, providing advice for students when they need it most and more, she is a welcoming personality and truly a joy to have around you. Currently, she is juggling the Counseling Department, graduation ceremonies and is working on aiding hundreds of students in their college applications, just to name a few of her many responsibilities.

Her job is quite a handful and is not easy. It is satisfying and rewarding work that takes a lot of effort to pursue. Miss Skipper cannot imagine being at any other high school in the country. The school community and staff cannot imagine Bosco without her and is incredibly thankful for her and her efforts of making Bosco a better place to be.

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