News/Op-Ed: The Start Of A New Year Could Bring Many Students Back To School In LA County

by Joaquin Medrano, Managing Editor

During the last few weeks, several talks on the matter of a future reopening for schools across Los Angeles County has left many in shock due to the high number of cases in the area. So, what would the reopening of schools be like with such a high number of cases?

Opinion | After the Coronavirus, Reopen Schools, Not Bars - The New York  Times

According to weekly reports, the cases in LA County have been on the rise, with ICU availability close to zero in many areas, worrying citizens day and night.

Stay at home orders have been in place for weeks, but with such a high number of cases, many wonder whether those restrictions are being respected and treated seriously by the people.

Schools were still allowed to be open over the last few weeks, as long as small cohorts were created. The cohorts resulted to be effective as people were getting a closer experience to a normal school year.

Cases in Los Angeles have increased from last week’s 84.4 new cases per 100 thousand, to 63.9 new cases per 100 thousand, positivity rate is at a whopping 11.4 %, compared to 8.4% from last week, and ICU availability is currently at 2%, compared to 13.3% from last week, an all-time high rate of cases since the start of the second wave. 

As new reports of vaccines being rushed to those in need increase, the approval from the FDA of the Moderna vaccine, and how it will work along with the Pfizer vaccine, with several doses delivered to LAX, many questions remain unanswered.

How will the new vaccine allow for more doses to be administered? Is there going to be a penalization for those who deny to take the vaccine? And, can life really return to normal after the vaccine starts to immunize the general population?

Even as many of those answers can only be determined by time, many stipulate that the vaccines could never bring life back to normal as the virus created several challenges, not to mention the lives that were lost in the process, and how the general public regarded governments responsible for the containment or general economic support of the virus.

For school, the centers of learning for many, the spaces where concentration can only work, hope to continue campaigns that will allow for small cohorts to be present under safety guidelines stipulated by each state.

Many students and parents will hope to take advantage of the opportunity, after seeing a significant drop in the performance of students in the classroom, and the support system that became difficult for teachers and school officials to really take into consideration.

The virus changed how people view every little aspect of life. Many saying that the virus ruined the start of a new decade, others that the virus was an aid for progress as no vaccine has ever been released so quickly and been approved by so many authorities in the world.

2020 came to change humanity forever, perhaps becoming a turning point in human history, proving how fragile humans really are, and how a small virus can take down so many citizens at once.

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