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Life of a Brave: Unsung Hero, Longtime Golf Coach and Faculty Member, Mr. Jack Hastert

By Aydn Morris

Mr. Hastert continues to make his mark in the Bosco community, even after first stepping foot on campus 56 years ago.

Mr. Hastert has been all over the Brave community. Whether it was as a student, teacher, coach or counselor, he has done it all.

Mr. Hastert taught 37 years at Bosco, focusing mainly on the religious aspect of teaching, as that is what he wanted to give back to the students. He taught sophomore Morality, Social Justice and Relationships, as well as freshmen Old Testament and New Testament. He also taught Christian Service, which was a senior class that took place off-campus. The class was for seniors to serve their community any way that they can, whether it was tutoring, helping out at handicapped kids, among many other noble causes, with the goal to follow God’s will to serve others.

“I never really had much of a career plan. My goal was always to have this vague idea to help others, but I never really knew how I would go at it,” said Mr. Hastert. 

About a year after graduating, Mr. Hastert applied to a Jesuit volunteer group, called Jesuit Volunteer Corp, in which he ended up spending two years in Seattle teaching physical education. At the time, it was one of the biggest Catholic grammar schools on the west coast. In 1978, he got a job as a youth minister at St. Dominic Savio, which is also where he met his wife of 42 years. 

Mr. Hastert was in need of another job with his kids being on the way, but luckily, Bosco asked him to run the bookstore for year. After the year, St. John Bosco asked him if he would like to teach, but Mr. Hastert was hesitant about taking a teaching job. At first, he declined, but Bosco was able to convince him to take the job, and he made sure he was great at his job every single day. 

Mr. Hastert spent two years teaching, and then was asked to become Campus Minister, which led him to quitting the job that he still had at St. Dominic Savio, even though he continued to run the bookstore. He held one and a half jobs for about six years so that his wife could stay with the kids while they were still little. 

In addition, Mr. Hastert was the Religion Department’s chairperson and the Athletic Director, which he said no to at first because he thought he would be too busy for it, with his kids just getting ready to go to high school. However, he ended up serving that role for ten years. This was special to him, as for all his time at Bosco, there were only three other athletic directors: Marty Duissere, Ed Riley and Monty McDermott.

Not only was he a teacher, Athletic Director and Campus Minister, but he was also known as coach for Bosco football and golf. Coaching was one of the jobs Bosco did not ask Coach Hastert to do, but athletics was something he wanted to be a part of. He coached football for 26 years, serving as freshman head coach and varsity special teams coordinator. He then moved his coaching career into golf, which Mr. McDermott suggested because he knew he loved the game of golf. 

Lastly being a guidance counselor was the only job Mr. Hastert ever asked for. He held this job from 2002 to 2011 and it was one of his favorite jobs at Bosco because of the psychological love for dealing with the students, their families and their feelings. 

“One thing I would’ve done differently in life would have been change my major to Psychology, because at the time I didn’t know what that was but now that I do, I would have done that,” said Mr. Hastert.

He also enjoyed it because the people, even those that retired in the department, which he is still very close friends with, made it feel like it wasn’t work at all.

“Bosco has always been this place where you don’t feel like you are going to work with people you hate, but going to work with people you consider friends and family,” said Mr. Hastert

Mr. Hastert has taught and coached many Bosco alumni, which just makes his job so much easier. 

Mr. Hastert has always been a family person, as many of his decisions have been made for his family. He was the oldest of his three brothers and three sisters, and they all bonded very closely as they did everything together growing up. His youngest sibling was born when he was 14 years old, and crazy enough, Mr. Hastert taught his youngest brother at Bosco twice. 

He also has three kids: two daughters and one son. Both of his daughters went to St. Joseph High School and his son also went to Bosco. His oldest daughter, Julianne, is a nurse with two children, his other daughter, Rachael, also has two kids and works for many companies’ websites, and his son Jacob sells medical equipment to hospitals, and he has a son and daughter as well. 

Mr. Hastert loved sports as a kid, and he is a fan of the Rams, Dodger, Lakers and USC. 

“I know a lot about sports. I should have been a sports announcer,” said Mr. Hastert.

His love for sports is the reason he started coaching, as he also played many sports growing up, including baseball, basketball, soccer, football, cross country and golf.

As much as Coach Hastert loves sports and golf, he announced his retirement from coaching, with this season being his last.

“I wanted to have more free time to spend with my wife, to go traveling, visiting our family and not missing out on family events. It certainly wasn’t that I didn’t like it anymore, although I did get frustrated at players not listening or responding to emails, text or not showing up to matches. The main reason was to spend time with my wife and my family,” said Mr. Hastert.

Although he is stepping down as the head coach, he will still be a part of the team to help out if needed, which shows true love and dedication to Bosco.

“There are many things about Bosco that I really like, but the diversity of the place is one thing I love. It’s not just ethnic diversity, it’s financial diversity. There is academic diversity. We have people from all over the world at the school. If you point one direction there are people coming from there and from the other direction there are people coming from there, you can point any direction and there are people coming from there,” said Mr. Hastert

He doesn’t believe that the students realize how much of an advantage that is to their lives because the diversity allows one to hear from multiple people’s perspectives, and that has even opened his eyes up about everyone’s unique challenges that they have to overcome to be successful, helping him grow as a person.

“What has made Bosco such a special place to me is the family spirit. The Salesians really fostered the concept of Don Bosco and are all about being family, which is really important. With less Salesians, I am concerned we will lose that family spirit. They used to really push us on how important family was, but if Bosco loses the concept of family, it might not be as good as it was,” said Mr. Hastert

Although Mr. Hastert may be leaving his Bosco occupation, he definitely values family in his life, and will always be a part of the Bosco family.

Sports: Spring Football is Back as Preparations for Next Season Begin

by Ian Cook

After a great 2021 season, the St. John Bosco football team has opened up their 2022 season with Spring football, college showcases and barbeques.

This is the first normal Spring football season for the Braves in over two years. Spring football workouts started in February giving the Braves a very short off-season. Now in May, the team is in full swing, getting new playbooks, watching films from previous seasons and practicing without pads. 

“Once the season ended we pretty much started working out right away. There really is no offseason for us, we might get a couple days to rest here and there but with 7v7 tournaments and showcases, it’s pretty much year-round,” said junior quarterback Pierce Clarkson. 

With Spring football picking up, so has the college recruitment for the Braves as well. On May 11, the Braves hosted their annual Spring Football College Showcase and Barbeque. 

Head Coach Jason Negro brought in many well-known collegiate programs. Georgia, Clemson, USC, Oregon, Ohio State University, UCLA, Arizona and LSU were some of the programs that came out to watch and recruit. 

“Being able to play in front of these coaches is just a blessing, being able to receive scholarships and play with the best, in front of the best, and against the best is why you come here,” said sophomore Cornerback Marcelles Williams. 

Just this weekend, the Braves competed in the Millikan High School 7v7 Passing Tournament. The tournament had many good teams including Mater Dei High School, Servite High School, Santa Margarita High School and Corona Centennial High School to name a few. 

The Braves ended up winning the tournament beating the Servite Friars 40-8 in the finals without their starting quarterback, Pierce Clarkson, who was at the Nike Elite Camp. 

“Some big performers for us were Marcelles Williams, Jahlil McClain, Caleb Sanchez and Tyler Hennessy,” said Offensive Coordinator Steven Lo. 

Although the first game of the season is still nearly 3 months away, the Braves have made the California High School Football watchlist as well as some of their league rivals, the Santa Margarita Eagles and The Team In Red. 

With a nationally ranked program, comes a national schedule and Head Coach Jason Negro has not shied away from any challenge. 

“We have another National Schedule this year, we play a very good Allen High School Team in Texas, then Central Catholic of Oregon and then the best team from the Islands, Kahuku High School,” said Head Coach Jason Negro. 

The Braves have played the nation’s best teams thus far putting California as the best for High School Football. 

“This is what it means to be national champions, we can’t just play local teams out here and hope to win a national championship, we have to go find the best teams in the country and show them why we are the best,” said Head Offensive Coordinator Steven Lo. 

The Braves are once again a step ahead of their competition and are looking forward to finishing up their Spring period and are ready for the Dog Days of Summer. 

Life of a Brave: Q&A with St. John Bosco’s Class of 2022

By Ethan Gibbs

As graduation approaches, many seniors are reflecting on their past years here at Bosco.

Kai Storch

Q. What is your favorite memory at Bosco?

A. The junior ring ceremony where I got to speak at the event and get our rings was my favorite moment.

Q. What advice would you give to incoming freshmen or shadows?

A. Get involved. Make sure you come to Bosco and do something. Don’t come here and do nothing because you will be bored. Come here and try to get involved in something, as everyone here has open arms.

Q. Where do you imagine yourself ten years from now?

A. Hopefully I’m successful and doing what I’m passionate about, which is public health. I’m majoring in public health, and that’s what I like to do, so hopefully I’ll be able to be stable and happy.

Q. Who is your favorite teacher at Bosco and why?

A. My favorite teacher at Bosco would have to be Mr. Perez. I had him sophomore year for Algebra 2, and he is funny and always made me laugh.

Q. What is different about the school from your freshman year?

A. The dress code. Freshman year, the dress code was so strict and now, senior year, you can have long hair, earrings, facial hair. Everything is so more lenient, and I think it’s better for our community because we’re finally modernizing.

Q. Describe your senior year in three words?

A. Happy, healthy, strong.

Nova Goldsby

Q. What is your favorite memory at Bosco?

A. I liked hanging out with my friends at the lunch tables and sometimes food fights that would happen. The bus rides to and from school were fun, as the bus drivers were always really dope and chill.

Q. Who’s your favorite teacher and why?

A. Mr. Vigil because he always asks me how I’m doing, and it makes me feel better.

John-Paul Lim

Q. What advice would you give to incoming freshmen or shadows?

A. Get involved in anything you can, get more inclusive in the school.

Q. Where do you imagine yourself ten years from now?

A. Hopefully with a decent job, hopefully in biology or business.

Q. What career are you looking to go into?

A. I want to become a doctor or do something in marketing.

Q. How has Bosco helped you grow as a person?

A. Bosco has helped me grow as a person by introducing me to new people from around the area that I otherwise would not know.

Q. Who is your favorite teacher at Bosco and why?

A. Mr. Requerme because he understands not to give too much work, but also to not be too easy so he has a good balance of work and free time in his classes.

Q. What subject was your favorite and why?

A. Probably AP Biology senior year.

Jack Earley

Q. What is your favorite memory at Bosco?

A. It was definitely online learning.

Q. What advice would you give to incoming freshmen or shadows?

A. You might not have the best time here compared to your friends outside of school, but you’re going to have a lot of opportunities here, so try your hardest because at the end of it, you’ll appreciate it.

Q. What career are you looking to go into?

A. I’m looking to go into the arts and entertainment industry such as movies, acting and stunt men.

Q. Who is your favorite teacher at Bosco and why?

A. My coach, Mr. Beatty, because he has helped me become a better student and helped me grow as a student and as a Bosco Brave.

Q. What subject was your favorite and why?

A. Entrepreneurship because we got to go to UCLA and present a project there for free, and it helped me see what a college campus is like.

New/Op-Ed: With No End in Sight, the War in Ukraine Continues

by Dominic Ramirez

It’s been two months since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and amid widespread sanctions and disapproval, Russian forces are continuing to focus their attacks on the east side of the country, with progress being slow due to the resistance efforts of the Ukrainian military.

Despite having superior air power, Russia still struggles to gain control of air supremacy. Russia has one of the largest air forces in the world and extensive experience in conducting air raids, but so far, Ukrainian pilots continue to resist the Russian attack.

After ten weeks, invading Russian troops still haven’t taken control of any major cities. They have control over areas of Kharkiv and continue air raids in cities like Mariupol, Mariupol, and Odesa.

Another important part of land Russia has gained control of is the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. On February 24, Russian forces seized control of the power plant. Because of an explosion there in 1986, the power plant still leaks out radiation to the surrounding area. 

The Russian troops who took control of the facility failed to take proper safety precautions to prevent the spread of radiation. Places in the facility where Russian troops were staying were later tested for radiation, and scientists found that the troops were exposed to dangerous amounts. This is due to Russian forces traveling through a radioactive forest on their way to gain control of the power plant. The dirt and debris that was tracked in on their shoes was full of nuclear waste, that was spread throughout the facility.

This isn’t the only part of the war where Russia’s military ethics are brought into question. Near Ukraine’s capital, in the town of Bucha, the bodies of 20 men were found lined in the street. Some of the men were tied and gagged, suggesting that this was an intentional execution of civilians.

United States President Joe Biden is responding to the conflict in Ukraine by putting harsh new sanctions on Russia. 

Joe Biden has also publicly called out Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, during a speech he gave in Warsaw

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” said President Biden.

This message sparked outrage from the Russian government, as it is the first time a White House official has publicly stated that they believe Russia needs a new leader. 

Dmitry Peskov, a Russian spokesperson for Vladimir Putin responded to Biden’s speech.

“This is not to be decided by Mr. Biden. It should only be a choice of the people of the Russian Federation,” said Peskov.

To send help to Ukraine, organizations like Revived Soldiers Ukraine, The Ukraine red cross and Project HOPE are all non-profit organizations that are directly aiding the Ukrainian people.

Life of a Brave: Studying Tips for Final Exam Success

By Matthew Parsons

As finals week approaches, instead of stressing, here are some tips in order to prepare for all the exams.

Don’t Just Read:

Too often, students just read over their books or notes. Instead, try reading the notes and then create questions or answer questions from the material. Just rereading the material isn’t the optimal way to study for exams.

Practice Tests:

Retrieval tests are extremely beneficial to retaining information and being prepared for your exams. Retrieval tests can be as simple as quizzing a friend over the phone or creating flashcards with a question on the front and the answer on the back. Try to ask questions in the same way that a teacher would ask. Don’t just ask surface-level questions either, try to dig deeper to be prepared for more complex questions.

Use Pictures:

The use of pictures makes it significantly easier to grasp material for some. Try to use images from class materials and if there are none, try to find or make some. Using pictures allows the brain to create more complete models in one’s head.

Space out studying: 

Distributed practice is a strong tool to use as it allows for the digestion of information over a period of time. This allows for a deeper understanding and memory of the concepts, rather than just remembering it for the exam. Distributed practice also helps put off procrastination, which is a habit many unfortunately fall into.


Try to use short and intense study sessions. These sessions should last somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour, and they include active studying strategies. For example, self-testing is an active study strategy that improves the intensity of studying and efficiency of learning


A significant amount of research has shown that multitasking does not have a positive impact on efficiency, but rather hurts your efforts to study effectively. Any distractions in studying can draw attention away from the main task and will have the potential to elongate the process of learning the material. Try to limit any and all distractions, including texting and social media.


Try to switch up the locations of where you study, and study when and where you learn best. Some times of the day will allow for a stronger performance than other times, and some places you may lead to better results than other places. Have a variety of locations for studying, which prevents one from being too comfortable and losing intensity in studying.

Try to Teach: 

Try to talk about the material and teach it as the teacher would. One can do this in a study group, with a partner, or even on one’s own. When saying the material out loud, it will direct the mind to what is confusing. Try to, like a teacher, make connections and use examples to deepen understanding. At first, notes may be necessary to help, but eventually the connections will be made, and the notes will not be needed.

Life of a Brave: A Magical Night at Sofi

by Aeden Alexander

As the 2022 school year comes to an end, St. John Bosco High School held its senior prom at Sofi Stadium. Home of the reigning Super Bowl champions the Los Angeles Rams as well as the Los Angeles Chargers.

The stars were shining bright in Los Angeles as Bosco and St. Joseph’s came together for the 2022 senior prom. The venue was one of, if not, the best venue Bosco has had for their events and it did not disappoint. 

Prom would begin at eight and kids would trickle in as the night went on. The loud DJ and the homemade pretzel bites were great but the announcement of the prom king and queen really took over the show.

The Bosco prom court consisted of Eric Torres, Jake Ellison, Michael Carbone, Gian Noble and David Mayoral. The winner was picked by who had the most votes which were taken on Friday during the senior retreat.

After a few hours of dancing the night away, it was time to announce the winner of prom king. Eric Torres would win and be swarmed by students and picked up after the announcement. 

“It feels great to be nominated and win prom king. To be honest, I did not expect this to happen, so I was very surprised,” said Torres.

The announcement came as a shock to Eric as there were many popular students on the court but in the end, Eric came away with the victory. 

Eric celebrated by dancing with the prom queen from St. Joseph’s while the rest of the two schools stood around in a circle and watched. 

“I was shocked when I received the email saying I was on the prom court. I knew some guys told me that they voted for me, but I didn’t know I’d actually be on there,” said Torres.

For the rest of the night, the DJ continued to blast music as everyone enjoyed their time doing different things. Besides the dance, there were many attractions at the venue. Off to the side, there was a circular platform you and your friends could stand on while a video camera twirls around you shooting a 360-degree video.

Though if the students grew tired, they could take a break from dancing and sit down at the tables while enjoying some of the snacks provided. Besides that, students could take a walk around and see different views of the Sofi stadium football field that had other events on it as well. 

The prom ended at 11 p.m., and the students left satisfied with the magical night. After the event ended, students made their way out either through their own car or party buses.

Sports: After a Hard-Fought Season Bosco Baseball Narrowly Miss CIF Playoffs

by Aydn Morris

After having a winning record and an incredible improvement over last season Bosco baseball was snubbed out of the CIF playoffs.

Photo by Alex Diaz, Photo Editor

The Braves had an outstanding season even with falling short of playoff expectations.

The Braves baseball team, led by coach Don Barbra, finished with an overall record of 16-12 and a Trinity League record of 6-9 which was good enough for fifth in the Trinity League.

The Trinity League is regarded as one of the toughest leagues in high school baseball, similar to its reputation in many other sports. Even with the fifth spot finish for the Braves, they still had a chance of making the CIF playoffs, as the other four teams ahead of them made it to the playoffs. 

If the Braves were to have won one or two more of their Trinity League matches, it would have changed the outcome of their season. As the fourth-seeded team, Santa Margarita won six games in the league as well, and was able to make the playoffs.

Even though the Braves did not make the playoffs, finishing the season with a positive win record is a huge improvement and accomplishment for the Braves. Last season the Braves finished with a 6-21 record and 1-14 league record, which is a massive difference from this year. 

“The program will be strong next year as many of the junior varsity guys will be moving up to varsity, and the same thing as this year. They will have a heavy-sided senior class,” said senior pitcher Julian Orozco. 

This year, the Braves had 21 players from the senior class, and it is looking to be around the same for next season as most of the guys moving up to varsity will be seniors next year. 

“We had a hot start. If we could have been more consistent throughout the season, we could have had a different outcome to the season,” said senior catcher Dylan Taguiam. 

The Braves started the season off 11-1, with their lone loss being to Tesoro High School in Rancho Santa Margarita with a score of 4-3. This loss was not bad, however, as Tesoro finished their season with a 21-8 record and at the time were undefeated. 

This is where the talk about consistency with the Braves comes in. In some games, the bats were on fire, and the Braves won games scoring up to 13 runs. Other games, however, are quite the opposite as they would, time and time again, get shut out in the next game they play.

“The biggest adversity we had to face was when we were 11-1 and we had to play JSerra in a series. That first loss to them, we kind of dealt with it in a weird way,” said Dylan Taguiam. 

The first loss to Junipero Serra Catholic started a huge five-game losing streak for the Braves, as they went into a series against Orange Lutheran High School and got swept with two shutout losses. That stretch was key for the Braves and simply breaking that huge losing streak could have changed their season outcome. 

“In the National Classic Tournament, we were on and off as we went 2-2 in the tournament and just inconsistent, which was really our downfall,” said Dylan Taguiam. 

The inconsistent play of the Braves may have determined their season, but it is something that can be fixed next season and the program is looking to only improve going forward.

Sports: Golfer Matthew Ingram Finishes Second in Trinity League, Best Individual Finish in 16 Years

by Ian Cook

With only 20 days left until summer, the spring sports of St. John Bosco have been able to keep their focus on their athletic season and not be distracted by the excitement of the 2021-2022 school year coming to a close. 

The 2022 St. The John Bosco golf team is an example of one of the many spring sports that has been able to have a strong season thus far. 

Recently, the Braves finished 2nd out of 16 teams in the Ontario Christian Tournament. Senior and Drew University commit, Matthew Ingram, was one of the key performers for the Braves during the tournament as well as in Trinity League play. 

“Matthew Ingram took 2nd place in the Trinity League Individual Tournament, which is the highest finish a Bosco golfer has had in that tournament in 16 years,” said Head Coach Jack Hastert. 

The Braves are 8-5 in dual matches and 7-1 in non-league matches. They have also shot under 200 in seven matches over the course of many years. 

“I feel like our dual match record can be better but our non-league matches have been great so far. We have beaten some pretty good teams outside of the league like Long Beach Poly and Cerritos, so I think we’re in a good spot,” said Matthew Ingram.  

In addition to the contributions Matt has made, junior Manny Huerta has the second best scoring average on the team, followed by junior Jesse Ramirez at 3rd, senior Aydn Morris 4th, and junior Andrew Chao 5th. There have also been contributions from juniors Carter Daley and Christopher Gonzalez.

“Although we’re not at the top of our league standings, we are having a good year, and I’m excited about where this group is headed. Everyone’s putting up good numbers and helping our team win these group and individual matches,” said sophomore Jacob Carrasco. 

A big goal for the Braves this year was to achieve their first league win, which they accomplished by beating a very talented Jserra team 199-196. Another goal for the team was to have an above .500 record in non-league matches, which they were able to achieve by going 8-5. 

Matthew Ingram has already punched his ticket to the CIF individual tournament with his 2nd place finish in the Trinity League tournament. However, with hopes to make the CIF Tournament as a team, the Braves will work to finish near the top of a very tough Trinity League.