Life of a Brave: Unsung Hero, Dean Of Enrollment Mrs. Becky Ellison

by Ed Crowe

Anyone who has walked into Mrs. Becky Ellison’s office has been the beneficiary of her kindness, compassion and selfless attention. 

Mrs. Ellison is a treasure to the Bosco community. As the dean of enrollment, she has helped many students of St. John Bosco High School in their admissions process. She works with many eighth graders with their incoming freshmen interviews, along with giving tours of the St. John Bosco campus. However, her biggest work comes with the responsibility of planning and organizing Open House. 

As part of the admissions department, Admissions Coordinator Mrs. Patty Lazcano works alongside Mrs. Ellison and has developed a strong friendship with her.

“I think there is no better person than Mrs. Ellison. She has a strong faith that is lived out everyday. She is always serving others and being a role model to our Bosco community. Her laughter is contagious and her heart is huge. I feel very honored and blessed to be working alongside her,” Mrs. Lazcano said.

“Smart, funny, committed, honest, Godly woman. A wonderful Mother and hard working.”

Even though they have only been working together for the past two years, they still relish each other’s company, especially when working together on admissions events. The admissions department teams up to give many stellar presentations about the four pillars of St. John Bosco to schools and families throughout Southern California. 

Anything in the realm of admissions, from applications to interviews and class presentations to high school fairs, Mrs. Ellison is essential behind the scenes. 

Another coworker that thinks highly of Mrs. Ellison is Mr. Michael Crawford who has been part of the Bosco community since 2015. While he started as a Bosco Football coach, he was brought on in 2020 to work on admissions with Mrs. Ellison.

“She is the most selfless person I know. There is not a kinder human being than Mrs. Ellison,” said Mr. Crawford. 

Mr. Crawford is not the only person that looks up to Mrs. Ellison. Her son, sophomore Andrew Ellison, believes that she is fantastic at her jobs of being Dean of Enrollment and also a great mom. 

“I think that she’s a very caring person and that she treats everyone equally with the same amount of love and respect,” said Andrew. 

Much like Mrs. Lazcano, Andrew also believes that his mom is a huge help in the admissions process for students.

“She’s helped get a lot of people into the school, and she’s helped a lot of kids working with ambassadors,” Andrew said. 

In the perspective of mother-to-son, Mrs. Ellison is kind and caring to her family as well as the students she has helped out in her time at Bosco. Not only is she helpful around her own family, but she is also helpful around the Bosco family, and because of her sons – Andrew as well as Jake Ellison who graduated last year – she has been involved in the Bosco community for years and hopefully will be for years to come.

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