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Bosco: “Ragtime” Play Review

by John Gallegos

The St. John Bosco theater program entered 2019 with the task of tackling the play Ragtime: The Musical. A play with a social message that resonated with the audience as the material, although taking place in the early 20th century, parallels similar struggles we face today.1_Ragtime_Poster_(1)

Like many great works of art, there are a plethora of layers to be depicted throughout “Ragtime”. Yet these layers are glaring as they deal with the continuing problems in American society with topics like social justice movements, race relations, immigration, as well as privileges stemming from affluence.

Although these may take place in at the turn of the century, over a hundred years ago the relevance is enhanced in this tumultuous time period we are in. 

Malcolm X once said  “You can’t drive a knife into a man’s back nine inches, pull it out six inches and call it progress. The progress is healing the wound the blow made.” 

Many of these issues have been addressed, yet no true healing has ever occurred as social problems have been drawn out through the last century and carried over into today’s society. 

The issues surrounding immigration are not just a topic that just we as Americans are familiar about. The play followed the journey of Tateh, a Jewish immigrant played by Victor Curiel, and the struggles he faced throughout his search and hopes for the so-called American Dream. Although coming from different places and for different reasons, immigrating at this time was still a hot topic and a pressing issue.

 The issue of privilege deriving from affluence and authority is another issue touched upon throughout the play in several different ways. Actor Joshua Dreyer played the Father in the play. Father was a character who was extremely wealthy yet received no true repercussions for his actions.

A topic all too familiar at this time as the recent college admissions scandals have been publicized and the means in which certain public figures would get around the college admissions process. The saying goes “access is power”, which happens to resonate with today perfectly, as the access to virtually anything is possible to those with the means to achieve it. 

“Ragtime” may brush through several issues that surround us today but none is more glaring than the issue of race and race relations, especially in regards to the African-American community. Taking place during the Harlem Renaissance, black empowerment began to surge and spread like wildfire as people were questioning what does justice mean, and if it has a color.

Newer movements like Black Lives Matter and other self-empowering movements are still asking the same questions. “Ragtime” was able to capture a snippet of what it was like to be a black man at this time. Although we have come a long way from the early 1900’s, we still see residual effects that people have to deal with.

The audience was able to peer into the life of a troubled African-American in Coalhouse Walker Jr. through the portrayal of actor Ryan Jones. He played the position with extraordinary passion as well as a demeanor that captured the attention of the audience with a charismatic charm. Smooth piano playing Coalhouse was willing to put his life on the line, after everything was taken, for what he believed and never lost hope in the Promised Land. Jones took the play over with his extraordinary vocals throughout, even with the extremely challenging task in playing as Coalhouse.

Director Martin Lang said, “[Ryan] is a unique individual who has great strengths and has done a great job with the broad emotions and was able to do it all.”

Mr. Lang also did a stupendous job, especially while challenging the theater program with such a deep and difficult musical. He created a stunning atmosphere through the scenes, as the set was remarkable in achieving its goal. His set didn’t do too much but did the perfect amount to spark creativity throughout the play, allowing the actors and actresses to take the reigns.

“They did an amazing job, as they were given truly tough material that they rose up to produce, but most important of all… they told the story well,” said Mr. Lang

Ultimately, the play “Ragtime” was another success out of the SJB/SJHS theater programs as they gave the audience a memorable performance each and every night.

Sports: Lakers Miss The Playoffs For Sixth Straight Year

by Nnamdi Chugbo

The Los Angeles Lakers are going to miss the playoffs for a franchise low sixth year in a row with a lowly 32-41 record.


The team has already opted to shut down young players Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram, along with limiting the playing time of LeBron James. Magic Johnson, the president of basketball operations for the Lakers, and the rest of the Lakers front office are looking towards the future of the team and the development of their young core.

LeBron is the key factor to the Lakers’ success. Going into the 2018-19 season, fans had high hopes and expectations for what James’ talent and leadership could bring to the team. However, things have turned for the worst.

The Lakers are currently in a major slump that has fully taken them out of playoff contention and into tank mode. This is comes as a shock to many NBA fans across the league, especially with having a player who made the Finals for nine straight years in LeBron. LeBron James is set to miss the playoffs for the first time since 2005.

As the Lakers look forward to next season, they are hoping to land a star in the likes of a Kawhi Leonard or a Klay Thompson. However, they may not be only searching for players this off-season.  Many analysts are currently speculating that Luke Walton, the current head coach of the Lakers, will be fired when the season comes to an end. Jason Kidd is a someone to keep an eye on as he is the top choice for the Lakers according to many reports.

Though, not all the blame should be put be on Walton. The veterans that the front office brought for him to work with may not be an optimal fit for the team, and it can be seen in his rotations.  Also, Walton is a young coach and was set to lead a locker room that was clouded with the many trade rumors that come with having LeBron James on a team.

Another factor to the underwhelming season is the injuries that just plagued this team the whole season. Dating back to Christmas Day, James suffered a groin injury in the Lakers’ highly-anticipated duel with the Golden State Warriors leaving him out for 17 games. The Lakers went just 6-11 in his absence. 

Lonzo Ball’s season-ending ankle injury on January 19th stripped the Lakers of their second most vital player. Ball offered leadership to the team and set the tone defensively that got this team wanting to ball on that side of court. Along with Ball, Brandon Ingram was recently shut down for the rest of the season due to blood clotting in his shoulder. Ingram is expected to be cleared to play again in about four months, so he will miss the first part of the 2019 off-season.

LeBron James’ first season on the Los Angeles Lakers was nothing short of underwhelming. We will see how the Lakers will attempt to bounce back in this upcoming off-season. As the years goes by, LeBron is getting older and is unable to carry the load like he once used to. The Lakers will have to figure something out if they are going to make a championship run during the Lebron-in-LA era.


Sports: Bosco Volleyball Mid-Season Review

by Jake Bailey and Jacob Jornadal

The young and hungry St. John Bosco volleyball team is ready to attack the fast approaching 2019 Trinity League season, looking to build on their previous productive season under new head volleyball coach Shane Beatty.


Photo Credit – Anthony Mejia

“We’re looking to bounce back from a down year, placing fifth in league. We want to improve that position significantly, and we have a good group of guys that are getting after it every day,” said the newly appointed Beatty.

The Braves finished in the bottom half of the Trinity League last year but showed spurts of phenomenal play, which Coach Beatty intends to capitalize on, and make the precedent for this year.

“The guys have been in the gym almost every morning before school, working and pushing to try to improve and perfect the little things,” explained Beatty.

Coach Beatty comes from a long history of volleyball, from previously coaching at Hope High School, to still currently coaching with Rockstar volleyball club, one of the premier clubs for high school volleyball in the Los Angeles area.

The players seem to have completely bought in and invested in their newfound coach. With high energy and a strong mindset, they are prepared to put in the work it takes to hopefully achieve their dreams of becoming Trinity League champs and having a successful season.

“He’s really energetic and focused on improving [us] players from the ground up,” said junior player Elijah McCray.

The young team looks to follow in the footsteps of senior leaders Samuel Rodriguez and Parker Gray, who have been around the program for multiple years and are eager to finish their senior seasons on a high note.

“Sam and I have been in this program for some time now, and we are excited to finish our high school careers with our Bosco brothers on the highest note possible,” said senior Parker Gray.

A consistent spark for the braves has been junior Alex Rotter, who currently leads the team in kills and is playing at a very high level.

Currently, the Braves sit at 12-13 with some very credible wins over great competition, and the team is confident they will head into league with a good head of steam.

Trinity League begins tomorrow, March 15th as the Braves take on the JSerra Lions. The players feel confident and are prepared for the upcoming battle.

Don’t miss out on the start of what is to hopefully be a fantastic season for the 2019 St. John Bosco volleyball team.


Sports: Is Draymond Green Holding Back The Warriors?

by Christian James

The Golden State Warriors seem to be on their way to an easy three-peat, but will their chances of making history be thrown away by a single player?


Some people wonder if Draymond Green is more of a blessing or a cancer to the Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors are the popular pick for winning the 2019 NBA Championship, considering they signed another All-Star, Demarcus Cousins, to their already loaded team.

Before Cousins, the team already consisted of four All-Stars, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green – and two former MVPs – Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant. Currently, the Warriors are the number one team in the Western Conference with a record of 45-21.

Although the team has been playing well, there have been many arguments and problems between players and coaches that have occured recently. Consistently, Draymond Green seems to be always a center of these troubles.

The incident that sparked this debate was between Green and Kevin Durant during a close game against the Los Angeles Clippers. In the final seconds, Green had the ball and would not pass it to Durant, which really angered him. During the timeout, Durant made it clear to Green that he should have passed him the ball allowing him to score in the final seconds.

“[I’ve] been making plays for years,” Draymond said after, according to Charles Curtis of ForTheWin. “He reminded Durant the Warriors were winning before Durant showed up.”

The Warriors ended up losing this game to the Clippers in overtime, 121-116.

The most recent altercation between the Warriors was between no other than Draymond Green and head coach Steve Kerr. During a tough game against the the worst team in the Western Conference – the Phoenix Suns – Kerr expressed his frustration with Green.

Throughout the game, Kerr would show this frustration through his facial expressions and verbal actions. Caught on video, Kerr can be seen mouthing the words “I’m so f****** tired of Draymond’s s***!”

In the end, the Warriors would lose an extremely disappointing game to the lowly Suns, 115-111.

With Draymond Green being a free agent after this season, many wonder if the Warriors will sign him back to the team. To many, it seems like Green is messing his chances up at getting a better contract in an offseason he expected to earn big money.


TV Series Review: “You”

by Samuel Rodriguez

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

The popular show “You,” premiered on Netflix on December 26th and, since then, has quickly caught the attention of many viewers.

The show was originally premiered in September on Lifetime but had almost no viewersmarket until it started showing on Netflix. The popularity of this American thriller is no surprise.

Last week, Netflix declared “You” had drawn the sort of audience to make it a ‘huge hit.’ The streaming service said that “You” was on track to be watched by 40 million households within its first four weeks on the service,” stated The New York Times.

The show has received a 93 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.9/10 on IMDB. The sudden outburst of attention has built up a much bigger fanbase that are begging for the second season to come sooner.

The show focuses on the relationship between Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), a brilliant manager of a simple bookstore, and Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail), an aspiring writer whose limitations are set by the people she surrounds herself with. Joe immediately falls in love with Beck and becomes obsessed with her life and eliminates the obstacles that are keeping her from blossoming into a better writer. The justification for Joe’s actions is based throughout the season from the constant question, ‘What would you do for love?’

To Joe, he would do anything for love, even if that means killing to make his partners life prosper. Upon meeting Beck, Joe becomes her silent stalker as he watches her and follows her around town. He analyzes her life and sees the truth of it that Beck fails to see: that she surrounds herself with people she hopes to be but all they do is hold her back.

Joe takes it upon himself to eliminate those people for the betterment of Becks life. He fakes the deaths of the people he has killed for Beck by using their phones to access their social media to make it seem as if they disappeared.

Beck and Joe begin a relationship, only for it to end in a couple of months. During this off period, Joe dates another girl in which he repeatedly reminds himself that “she’s good for me,” but in his heart he knows he isn’t satisfied without Beck.

He stalks Beck on social media during this period and states that he’s only happy as long as he knows that she is too. Beck and Joe dramatically get back together and everything is as good as it has even been, until it isn’t. 

And you’ll have to watch the show to see what happens…


Life of a Brave: Depression In Youth At An All-Time High

by Joshua Lucero

Depression and anxiety are common issues that have infected the youth, especially in recent history.


Many believe that depression is simply a choice and young teens overreact to their problems. Depression is a disease that can be caused from a variety of problems. Young teens have transformed from a group of children to mature young adults in this day and age.

Studies show that mature teens care and worry about adult problems such as financial issues, helping siblings, future careers, with this often leading to depression. A popular coping method of depression includes the taking of drugs and alcohol.

Through the misguidance of substance abuse, many young teens are trapped in their minds and use a system of holding in their pain, which leads to at-risk teens for suicide.

Depression will affect 15-20 percent of teens before adulthood, according to Erika’s Lighthouse. This illness has been around for the longest time. It has been recorded throughout history and is known as one of the oldest and most effective illnesses that has plagued everyday people’s lives since the beginning of time. This sickness is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The numbers of at-risk teens have increased dramatically within these years of progressive technology and the high standards of society. According to, suicides show heartbreaking statistics of the troubled youth. Every hour and a half a teen takes their own, unique life.

Suicide is the third-leading death of the youth from the ages of 15 to 24 and between 10-15 percent of people will have symptoms of depression at any given time. Depression is not just a youth infected problem, but about 20 percent of the youth will have experienced the coldness of depression before adulthood and may take it with them to adulthood.

Depression is a widely spread epidemic that has integrated into society but others are more prone to this feeling than others. According to and adolescent suicides, female teens are at risk to depression twice as much as men. Abused and neglected teens who have experienced trauma or disruptions at home or in their lifetime are especially at risk. This rate of depression has had a 20 to 50 percent rate on teens.

“Depression is the single largest risk factor to suicide, with 90-98 percent of all people who die from suicide having a diagnosable mental illness, the most common being depression,” states Erika’s Lighthouse.

Depression has more than one cause, and there are no preventions, but rather acceptance. Depression can not be regulated and can not be minimized and seduced by pills. Depression is a feeling that lurks over a human being for an immeasurable amount of time. It can not be solved by any type of antidepressant.

“The FDA reported that an extensive analysis of clinical trials showed that antidepressants may cause or worsen suicidal thinking or behavior in a small number of children and teen,” says the Mayo Clinic.

Teens who use alcohol and antidepressants have a greater risk of falling into this void, which can than lead to suicide. When taking these antidepressants, there are some benefits but there will always be pros and cons according to the Mayo Clinic.

How can you help those who have this life-threatening feeling? First, you must understand what this weight of despair feels like. Depression can be spotted through mood swings, underachievement, and social problems according to Erika’s Lighthouse, and countless other behavior changes.

Depression is a wave of uncertainty that can cause a chain reaction of emotions to shut off and make a person only have a focal point on sadness and despair. This feeling is not just sadness but an amplified emotion that seems unbearable to contain or move past.

Many teens experience more than what has been described by statistics and percentages.  Teenagers all around have stories that are untold and kept in.

“I have nowhere to turn too. I try to contain myself and be happy for my peers but deep down I am not feeling well. I feel more than depressed and helpless, but also mad,” explained Bosco junior Justin Valiente. 

Valiente continues to describe it as a feeling that triggers more than just sadness, he feels this rage and with this he feels his inner demons feel feed.

“It could be the fact that I was in a new environment with new people and also am going through a lot of growth in my teenage years,” explained Valiente with his depression starting around freshman year.

He continues to explain that the roots of his problems were made from actions that he allowed himself to make during this state. He looks back at it as learning point. He is able to get help from his parents and teachers. These relationships are a major key for him to move past this illness and move on. Rather than being forced to be taken to the doctors or pressured to speak on this issue, he was able to establish connections that he feels that are a welcoming environment.

An anonymous student at Bosco who suffers from depression explained that depression is, “A mental illness that causes a person to think or do things that no human should ever do because God gave us life and he saved us. When you are depressed you feel lost, not just sad, but a combination of anger, sadness, and a feeling of not being yourself.”

Like others, this young man has experienced this reaction of oneself when looking into the mirror and not seeing the image of yourself but a lost soul. An image of someone that the human psyche makes you believe is worthless, pointless, and who is a disappointment to themselves.

“After I was told I was a disappointment in life, I felt I was not loved,” explained this student.

This set off a reaction in his mind that would make him feel anxious, and he believed he was a disappointment. In response to these harsh words he began to cut himself. Depression is more than a psychological imbalance in the brain, as it causes problems that seem hopeless.

Once a person, like this youth, reaches this point there is a need to get rid of this feeling no matter what, which lead him to cutting. The pain takes over the dark feeling that your mind is subdue in and for a moment you don’t feel anything but the pain. Even though he was buried in this dark time he was able to surpass this with the help of his friends.

Depression has and always been a problem in the youth and continues to stay with teens in their adulthood. There is no simple cure to this illness but rather acceptance.

“An illness that eats you from the inside and you can try to avoid it but it will always come back and keep you in a dark stage,” explains another anonymous Bosco student.

It takes time for someone to conclude that they are ‘okay’ from this stage. There is no easy way for someone to be move past depression, but with time there are ways and possibilities for an individual to surpass this state.

At-risk teens are not different, as they should not be bashed for a feeling that is life threatening but rather given a helping hand from peers and adults who have a chance to change their lives.

“Since such a large number of people experience mental illness, why does it have unnecessary stigma surrounding mental health and the treatments associated with it?” questioned the anonymous student.


Sports: MLB Spring Training Kicks Off For Dodgers and Angels

by Kyle Moats

After disappointing finishes from both teams, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Angels started off 2019 MLB Spring Training with high hopes of a fresh start for the new season with a new team.


The Dodgers went into this spring training looking to bounce back from yet another World Series loss with some good trades and pickups during the offseason. Although many players from last years’ 40-man roster are returning, key additions were needed to make a 2019 World Series appearance a possibility.

With the signing of Joe Kelly, Boston Red Sox former ace reliever, and Jaime Schultz, who they acquired from the Tampa Bay Rays, they are hoping for more depth from the pitching staff.

Veteran outfielder AJ Pollock from the Arizona Diamondbacks has started off strong in spring and could be the team’s leadoff hitter this season. He hit his first home run against the Royals on March 8th. Pollock was picked up by the Dodgers after they traded away Yasiel Puig to the Cincinnati Reds. Puig’s loss will be felt this season, as he was not just a great ballplayer, but a franchise player for the club and fan-favorite.

The Dodgers also signed Tom Koehler from the Toronto Blue Jays, Dylan Baker from the Cleveland Indians, and Scott Alexander from the Kansas City Royals to add even more depth to their bullpen and starting rotation. In doing this, they ended up trading Trevor Oaks to Kansas City and Luis Avilan to Chicago.

The solidity of their management staff with Dave Roberts remaining at the helm after signing a four-year contract extension this offseason is yet another positive for the team. At this point in spring training, the Dodgers are now 8-6 but have promising results from returning and new players. They are looking good enough to make a World Series run for the third straight year.

The Los Angeles Angels are approaching this season with many unknowns but looking to get themselves back in the running for a championship. General manager Bill Eppler had hoped to sign players to multi-year contracts but has, instead, settled for several one-year deals for the 2019 season.

At least five new players will be with the team for 2019. Pitching additions include starters Matt Harvey and Trevor Cahill and closer Cody Allen. Reinforcing their defense, catcher Jonathon Lucroy should help. Eppler has stated that although it may not seem ideal, shorter-term deals can be positive in that “they keep you flexible, and they keep you open to doing things both during the season and during succeeding seasons.”

While the Angels hope to be much more competitive in 2019, they continue to talk about long term growth potential and what they are trying to accomplish in their minor league system. They have been plagued by injuries in recent years and team health will impact competitiveness.

If successful, a playoff appearance this season would be their first postseason appearance since 2014. Despite having Mike Trout, arguably one of the best players in the majors consistently leading the team, the Angels have failed to reach the postseason all but once in his eight years in Los Angeles.

Concern has been expressed that this season’s team performance will either help, or hinder, Angels ownership goals in keeping Trout beyond the expiration of his contract in 2021.

The Dodgers regular opener is on Thursday, March 28th, against the Arizona Diamondbacks at 1:10 PM.

The Angels will not open at home until April 4th, 7:10 PM against the Texas Rangers, after road trips to take on both the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners.


News/Op-Ed: Tornado In Alabama The Deadliest In Recent US History

by Enrique Gutierrez

Recently, Lee County, Alabama suffered one of the deadliest tornadoes the United States has seen since 2013.


On March 3rd, Lee County, Alabama was hit with their first major tornado of the year. The people of Lee County had no idea that they were going to be affected by a tornado. The community had a five-minute warning and were caught by surprise when two tornadoes destroyed their homes. The tornadoes lasted at least an hour, destroying homes and ruining the lives of many.

According to NBC News, the tornadoes killed at least 23 people and dozens of people were injured. The town’s nearby hospital, East Alabama Medical Center in Opelika, was said to be treating about 40 patients and sending many others affected by the tornadoes to nearby hospitals. The Lee County storm had winds of 170 miles per hour, stretching 20 miles long. With that speed, nothing and no one will make it past a tornado.

This has been the deadliest US tornado since 2013, and the deadliest tornado in Alabama since 2011.

Many Americans around the country have already started collected funds to donate towards the victims who were affected by the tornadoes. One organization in particular called, “The Poarch Band of Creek Indians of Poarch, Alabama” donated a total of $184,000 to the families who are in need of shelter, food, and money to cover the funerals of those lost in the tragedy.

President Donald Trump shared his remarks and delivered a message to those who were affected by the tornadoes in Alabama.

President Trump described the tragedy as a historic devastation. President Trump spoke to the governor of Alabama and he directed FEMA to provide assistance to those of Lee County and those affected by the tornadoes.

The people of Alabama were left with great tragedy and despair. Many families lost their loved ones and their homes to the tornadoes of Lee County. America mourns the lives lost in Alabama due to unfortunate natural disasters.


Sports: Bosco Wrestling Caps Off Promising Season

by Jalen Manson

The St. John Bosco Wrestling team had many young studs, winning many individual championships. However, the team took 5th place in there California state wrestling meet this past weekend in Bakersfield at Rabobank Arena.


State champions Sonny Santiago and Nathan Haas went on to win their state finals match in a very close battle. With Santiago going into overtime to win and Haas closing the deal with seconds left on the clock to bring home the championship, the players went all out right down to the wire.

The Bosco Wrestling team got 2nd at the 2019 C.I.F Duals. Through league, C.I.F, Masters and State the wrestling team finished 2nd place at all qualifying tournaments as a team. Also, with eight state qualifiers and four state placers which breaks the record from the previous year with four state placers at the state tournaments out of the eight who competed this weekend. Placers Antonio Lorenzo 4th, Cael Valencia 2nd, Sonny Santiago 1st, Louis Rojas 6th, and Nathan Haas 1st. 

“I know we could have done better as a team, but we left it all on the mat and gave it all we got. Now we need our younger classmen to step up next year so we can bring home a state championship,” said Team Captain Sonny Santiago.

This year there will be 6 seniors who will be graduating, with two of them already committed to colleges. Antonio Lorenzo will be pursuing his Athletic career at Cal poly, and Cleveland Belton will be attending Arizona State University.

“I am excited to test my skills at the higher level, it’s going to be a great experience these next 4 years of life,” said Lorenzo.

“I am blessed to be given this opportunity to show what I have to offer I want to thank my coach’s for getting me this far in my life,” said Belton.

The wrestling team was looking to recapture a Trinity League Title, as well as a CIF and Master Championship. However, due to injuries the team was not able to make a smooth run through the final stretch of the season. They still competed hard and to the best of  their ability even with some obstacles. 

Head coach Jeff Anderson said, “I am proud of my boys. They gave it their everything and that’s all I can ask for when they step on that mat.  It’s going to be a tough loss losing the seniors we have this year but they will do great things in college and in life. I know they will.”

During C.I.F Duals finals against our top rivals in the state Servite, Bosco lost by a thread 33-34 in an intense match.

Overall the season of the St. John Bosco Wrestling team had a great year with two state champion w Next year let’s hope the braves finish with more state champions. 


Bosco: The Emergence of Artificial Energy In Teens

by Sele Pemasa

Creatine is a substance mostly found in muscle cells and is constantly taken as a supplement. Its primary role is to store phosphocreatine which is stored in the muscles and is used for heavy lifting and intense exercise.

Creatine also helps gain muscles by improving cell signaling which aids muscle repair cp-creatine_br50_image_largeand new muscle growth, lower myostatin levels, and increase cell hydration. The substance gains muscle growth and can apply to untrained individuals and elite athletes.

Before a workout, many athletes love to drink Bang as a pre-workout because it gives you that extra burst of energy when you’re feeling tired and need something to wake you up. It gives you that push when you’re about to give out on that last rep.


However, there are some extreme downsides to using and taking creatine and drinking bang’s, especially for high school athletes.

“Most of the time, the things it says on it aren’t exactly true. Most of the supplements have steroids in it which weakens the ligaments,” said head athletic trainer Ms. Melody Mohebbi.

The use of Creatine has recently become more popular than ever before. With the high school sports scene at an extremely competitive state, athletes continue to try and get a leg up on one another.

“A lot more people are using Creatine now compared to back in the day,” said Ms. Mohebbi.

Ms. Mohebbi made it clear to me that she was against the use of Creatine.

“I prefer that athletes stick to the natural way of gaining muscle rather than taking Creatine supplements,” said assistant trainer Ms. Alexis.

Creatine is popular nowadays, but isn’t the safest supplement to use and treat our bodies with. 

Bang is an energy drink that is labeled on the market as a fat loss aid and energy stimulator for users who want to get a bit of energy to increase their workout intensity and to also lower their body fat percentage.

Bang also contains caffeine, it originally had 357 mg of caffeine per can but then later on was reduced to 300 mg.

Athletes from many different sports including football, baseball, and basketball love to drink a bang – even before a game.

“I drink it before every game I pitch, it keeps me awake and helps keep high intensity,” said varsity baseball player David Hays.

Hays also mentioned that it works very well and has great taste as well.

“When I workout I just never get tired, it pumps me up,” said Hays.

The use of Creatine supplements and the emergence of the Bang are dangerous yet effective for athletes trying to improve their craft.  

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