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Sports: Salesian Bowl Preview


by Lucas Garrison, Sports Editor, and Timothy Levine

This is not just your typical Bosco football game, as the Braves will be taking on their brother school of Don Bosco Prep from Ramsey, NJ. The Braves will look to continue their season on a hot streak by opening 2-0 against national competition.

Many questions surround tonight’s Salesian Bowl match up. This game will not just be exciting with the east coast-west coast Bosco rivalry, but it will serve to answer two key questions surrounding this season of Bosco football.

Question 1: Will the Braves be able to start the game strong on offense, as opposed to last week’s slow start against DeMatha (MD)? Question 2: When will we see Bosco’s star running back Nathaniel Jones?

Regarding Bosco knocking off the rust in last week’s game, fully expect to see the Braves working as a well-oiled machine in week 2. Quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei had a strong finish last game with 17 completions in 37 attempts for 322 yards and 2 touchdowns. Look to see the offensive line make a statement tonight after star quarterback Uiagalelei felt the heat from the DeMatha line early in last week’s game. The offensive line was solid in the game overall, no doubt, but the Braves will look for success early, and that’s what the Braves will need as they will face tougher opponents as the season goes on.

Bosco bolstered many positives in last week’s game, which included stand out transfer, wide receiver Logan Loya, who will look to back up a huge performance in last week’s game that featured nine receptions for 162 yards. He will also look to improve upon his field goal percentage, as he missed both of his attempts in week 1. Nonetheless, Loya was nothing short of outstanding last week and provides an excellent 1-2 punch in the Braves wide receiver arsenal, which already includes Oregon commit is Kris Hutson. As the season goes on, teams will have to deal with covering one of these receivers more than the other, thus leaving the other in single coverage to pick on hopeless defensive backs.

The big story tonight, though: Bosco vs. Bosco. The Don Bosco Prep (NJ) Ironmen have yet to play a game this season and the Braves will look to send yet another east coast team home packing 0-1 .

Bosco will be able to do this with ease, as the problems of the first game have been reviewed and addressed in practice this week, allowing for a truly dominant victory from horn to horn. Expect Bosco’s offense to come out hot and stay hot, and expect second-string players to see time in the fourth quarter.

FINAL SCORE: Bosco Braves 49 – Don Bosco Ironmen 14

Life of a Brave: Incoming Freshman Look to Blaze Their Own Trail

by Elias Gomez

Being a freshman at Bosco is a great responsibility. It is a privilege. In the classroom as well as in the community, where students may don anything carrying the cherished “Bosco” name, they are expected and held to a standard of representing the “Bosco Brotherhood.”


These incoming freshmen Braves began the year with a positive mindset and a fresh start with new student orientation. Like many Braves, one freshman, Diego Marquez, says that he is looking forward to Bosco’s Pathway Programs.

“The Engineering Pathway is something I am excited for because it teaches me how to be a good leader and to problem solve,” said Diego Marquez.

Diego’s intellect and willingness to learn will help him, and all freshman, in his progression through respective Pathway Programs, or just balance the classroom with extracurriculars.

Also like many incoming Braves, Diego is also looking forward to baseball tryouts and working hard to make the freshman team.

Matthew Thomas, another incoming freshman also said he was excited to meet new friends and play on the freshman baseball team.

Matthew Thomas, like many generations of Braves, has an older brother, Anthony Thomas, at Bosco who can help him with trying to get the rhythm of high school..

Obviously, this freshman class has varying goals and ambitions, but it is the responsibility of upperclassmen to set an example and offer guidance.

“Being a freshman at Bosco was a learning experience and had many failures. But I had to keep going and keep trying at the things I loved,” said junior Josiah Briscoe.

Most freshmen are intimidated when it comes to dances, football games and trying to change classes. This is when the big brothers come into play and help the freshman and support them. Being supported or feeling comfort as a freshman is the best thing upperclassmen can provide.

Many freshmen want to succeed in getting good grades, making a sports team and making new friends. The only way to do these things is to stay positive and worry about developing positive work habits. All in all, the incoming freshmen should have fun and just embrace all that Bosco provides with class, politeness, and diplomacy.

Sure, our new freshman will face their failures, but as long as they keep their heads up and keep getting better then they will survive high school, become a better person, and ultimately be able to call themselves a “Bosco Man.”

A+E: Music is Film’s Unsung Hero

by Aharon Colon, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Movies would not be anything without music. There would be no box office hits, no social media buzz, and definitely no hits to where you can lie down on your bed late at night having nostalgic feelings about your favorite scenes from your favorite films.

We’ve all been there. However, I do not believe that the music in these iconic movies get the amount of recognition that they deserve.

When I think of an entire album that had a profound effect on a movie, I think of Black Panther (2018) by Kendrick Lamar, featuring a swath of artists like SZA, Schoolboy Q, 2 Chainz, Khalid, Swae Lee, Vince Staples, Anderson .Paak, Travis Scott and many more. This album has defined modern day soundtracks and set a new bar for movies to come.

Not only has it set trends in the film industry, it was widely popular as well, adding to the cultural pervasiveness of the Marvel film’s brand last year. With Black Panther already being acclaimed for casting an almost entirely African American cast, the album did not disappoint as the ensemble for a tremendous cast.

In terms of one-off songs that made their waves in pop culture film classics, Simple Minds’ “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” from The Breakfast Club is arguably the most iconic song ever in movies.

The image of John Bender pumping his fist as the movie closes out is still fresh in the minds of film buffs, who will never forget what that moment meant to them. The very thought of that movie is synonymous with the song, and the people working on the movie chose a perfect tune to capture the moment. The teen-angst of the film mixed with the pop culture at the time, made the song feel nostalgic and give the vibe that nothing will ever be the same.

For soundtracks and background music, there are a plethora of great examples for all kinds of music and movie lovers. Star Wars, Jurassic Park, GoodFellas, The Shining, 8 Mile, JAWS, Pulp Fiction and more, all are still continuing to capture the imaginations of viewers everywhere. The purpose of the music in these films was not just about creating drama or intensity, but creating a multitude of different emotions for the watchers at home that could last a lifetime.

I remember sitting at home watching Star Wars for the first time, hearing the Empire’s theme song “The Imperial March” and having the fear of God struck in me. From then on, I began to pay more and more attention to the background music and the different songs playing as characters came and went. This attention has made my experience as a movie-goer exponentially better.

There is nothing like hearing a song play behind such an important scene in a movie and thinking, “Hey, what is the name of that song?”, then finding it and listening to it all day.

I feel like this feeling is not celebrated nor recognized enough. Movie-goers nowadays, unless they are presented with a pop album like Black Panther, tend to look over the soundtrack and build their opinions solely around the actors or the quality of the cinematography.

Without music, many aspects of a movie are not the same. It seems to me plain wrong to have recognizable scenes like the one from the Breakfast Club not have music backing it, or to not have the dashingly intense background music from Jaws underlying a chase scene. And it is, in fact, the music in these scenes that make them recognizable cultural mainstays in the first place.

A+E: ‘Giving Without Expecting” and the Legacy of Nipsey Hussle

by R.J. Johnson and Kourt Williams

Over the last two weeks, fans of Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom celebrated the anniversary of the deceased rapper’s birthday, which was on August 15th, continuing the trend of the rapper’s premature demise having a more positive than negative impact on the L.A. area. 


Initially, the murder of Nipsey, which was thought to be a gang hit, brought speculation of another “40 Days, 40 Nights,” which is a 40-day span of gang members commiting murder and terrorizing their communities, as well as neighboring ones, in retaliation for gang violence.

This didn’t pan out and after a couple of days of grieving over Nipsey’s passing, his gang “Neighborhood 40 Crip” and the rest of the L.A. area realized that Nipsey’s death was, in fact, internal, as he was slain by fellow “Neighborhood 40 Crip” member Eric Holder.

After the negativity ran its course, all of Los Angeles began making strives to better their communities. A young woman Tiarra Bogard, 17, from the LA area seeked inspiration from Nipsey herself.

“He was personally a role model for me,” Tiarra said. “He was an inspiration for kids growing up in this area that you can actually be somebody one day.”

Nipsey wasn’t a passive leader in his community. With the businesses he owned, he provided jobs to those around him.

“My uncle worked at the [clothing] store he was killed at. It was crazy because my uncle told me since Nipsey got shot, his clothing line’s profit has doubled,” said Tiarra.

“The Marathon Clothing,” Nipsey’s small-business, provided the community jobs with the goal of building generational wealth among locals.

One of Nipsey Hussle’s main goals was to provide inspiration and give a chance to those who weren’t given much opportunity. Tiarra experienced Nipsey being up close and personal with the community herself.

“What I loved the most about Nipsey was that he never forgot where he came from,” said Tiarra. “I remember when I was eleven years old, he came to my block and bought my cousins, friends, and I ice cream. He also gave us some advice and encouragement on the aspects of life.”

Little things like this is what helps keep these historically gang-torn communities as tight knit as possible.

A Bosco senior from the Los Angeles area, senior Aneicko Milligan, felt the impact immediately after Nipsey’s death and saw all the changes that came with it.

“I’ve seen a lot more people watching who they interact with but also lifting each other up,” Aneicko said. “That’s what it’s all about: being there for one another.”

Despite that sentiment, due to him personally enjoying Nipsey’s music prior to the rapper’s death, Aneicko feels that the amount of recent support that’s been given to Nipsey isn’t truly genuine.

“I feel like not many people were out here really listening to his music. Kendrick and YG mainly dominated areas like Compton, South Central, and the rest of L.A. Where was all this support for Hussle when he was trying to make our community better? Nowhere to be found. Everyone was still just gang banging and fighting over pointless things,” said Aneicko

Nipsey didn’t receive the same amount of recognition that his peers did in the music industry, and a lot of his good deeds went unnoticed. Positivity tends to go unnoticed within communities because of how much more of an impact negativity tends to have.

Negativity, such as gang violence, shootings, or any kind of crime committed, headline the news a good majority of the time, leaving less room for the good things being done to breathe.

Whether it’s a cause receiving a donation, youth centers being built, or schools attempting to improve on their curriculum for their students, these kinds of events tend not to receive the same amount of recognition as death and despair in our culture.

“A lot of influencers want the clout behind their good deeds,” said Aneicko. “Nip stayed humble and I respect him for that. He gave the community hope to make it a better place.”

For all ages, Nipsey Hussle’s life and death left a legacy behind that is being honored, with many still living hoping to replicate some of the things that he did for his community for their own.

Giving without expecting anything in return, that is what makes a neighborhood hero.

Bosco: “Neon Lights” and “Student Life Kick Off” Welcome Back Bosco Students

by Johnathan Gonzalez and Kris Leal

To kick off the new 2019 school year, last Friday the ASB teams from St. John Bosco High School and St. Joseph’s hosted a welcome dance, “Neon Lights.” Along with the anticipation for the fun of the dance, the Bosco community also exclusively came together to have a “Student Life Kick Off” to remind students at the start of the year of the tenants of our Salesianity. 


This year’s welcome dance gave the chance for people outside of the Bosco/St. Joseph’s community to see just how close the community is, while the “Student Kick Off” gave the chance for new Bosco brothers to gather and get a clearer sense of what Bosco is all about. The kick-off, held in the Thunderdome, was marked by a panel discussion that brought people within the community together to share their experiences being supported and enriched by our home, school, church and playground.

This year’s new welcome dance, “Neon Lights,” brought some students from outside the Bosco/St. Joseph’s communities to share in the community-building.

“The dance was sick. I didn’t expect any of this. I thought it would be whack,” said public school junior Makhi Hall.

However, as Mr. Avila said, “Mostly a lot of freshmen attend the welcome dance, since it is their first high school dance.”

The welcome back mostly allows the new incoming freshmen and new students from St. Joseph’s and Bosco to be able to mingle and meet more people. Some things students should take not of for the future are the rigid student policies and regulations that St. Joseph’s explains on their website. There is an entire subject about school dances on the St. Joseph’s website. There are eleven subjects that are enforced at dances.

The dance was held at the Flynn Center on the campus of St. Joseph’s. There was a DJ placed toward the far wall of the gym, where there were four large boxes set up that would have neon colors that glow in the dark that people were allowed to stand on.

The DJ was very interactive with the students asking if they were having a good time and also using special effects, such as fog machines, during different parts of a song that cooled down the students. The DJ was not set on just playing rap music, but he played a large variety of music.

Bosco junior Antonio Negrete, however, didn’t quite appreciate all the variety.

“The music should have been much better and should have been changed a lot more during the dance because one of the most important parts of the dances is the music that is played,” said Antonio. “I don’t know why they were playing 90’s music.”

The majority that went to the dance were freshman, and hardly any seniors attended. One bad part about the dance is you were not allowed to take water into the gym and the water sold out fairly quickly, as students subsequently struggled being in the dance when it was so hot.

Despite these minor hiccups, Mr. Avila, an alum of Bosco, said their has been a lot of general improvement in the dances.

“Since I came to Bosco to now, the dances have gotten much better in the sense that the attendance levels have gone up alot more,” Mr. Avila said.

The kick off built a different type of community, as the community time brought us together as “Bosco brothers” and also gave us the chance to hear a stories told from Bosco faculty members Mrs. Judith Day and Mr. Bobby Linares.

As said by Giancarlo Garcia “The kick off was pretty cool. That we got to hear the stories from people I didn’t really know and now I see them differently with more respect now for even stepping up and publicizing what has been going on in their life,” said junior Giancarlo Garcia.

The highlight of the kick off had to be Mrs. Day’s heart-warming reflection of the loss of her husband and the community support she received in response from various colleagues and students.

The community time gives the students space to escape from school work and make time for themselves and God. When those two are put together, students can better take control of their destinies and live out Don Bosco’s “Oratory Model.”

Sports: Bosco vs. DeMatha Game Recap

by Lucas Garrison, Sports Editor, and Joshua Lucero

Week 1 of the Bosco football season has come to a close. Bosco was able to conquer DeMatha this week by a final score of 35-7. Coach Jason Negro was able to lead his team to a strong finish with 28 straight points even with the team coming out very slow in the first quarter.


The Braves were lead by a strong coaching staff, good play calling, and a great starting quarterback. D.J. started off slow and with the Brave offensive line, there were certain times early on it looked completely broken, however, they were able to bounce back in the second half as Bosco exploded offensively. D.J. was able to take control of the game once he was able to get comfortable in the pocket. Uiagalelei having 17 completions in 37 attempts for 322 yards and two touchdowns. Even though he settled into a big night, D.J. shouldered all the blame for his slow start.

“I think that was solely on me. I was missing a lot of my receivers on their targets. I was missing easy throws that I should have been making. Once I started hitting my receivers they just did what they do best. We were able to work together and the offensive line was able to create holes for the running backs,” said D.J.

At the end of the first quarter the score was 7-0 Bosco. Once halftime had rolled around the score was 21-7. The Braves offense showed at times they could be very dangerous, however, the big talk of the game was the Braves dominant defense.

Bosco was led by Kourt Williams II and Josh Alford against the pass, but the interior line as a whole lead by Kobe Pepe looked strong, to say the least. Even though the Braves gave up a couple big plays on the defensive side of the ball, they were always able to bounce back quickly.

That’s what you need at this elite level of football, and the Braves proved that having a short term memory is key and they showed that when you have that, you will be able to succeed.

“As a defense we knew we had to keep Marshawn Loyd controlled, and we felt for the majority of the game we were able to do that. We kept him under pressure constantly, and made sure to stack the box whenever they attempted to go inside on us,” said outside linebacker and defensive end Jason Gagnon.


On the offensive side of the ball, wide receiver Logan Loya had a big night, with 6 catches for 98 yards and a big catch on 4th down to keep a 97-yard touchdown drive alive in the first half alone.

“We were able to adapt to what Dematha was doing. If they blitzed we were able to get it out fast and if they backed up we ran the ball,” Logan said.

Despite his big night as a receiver, one thing haunted Logan as he headed into the locker room at the end of the night.

“I have to make my field goals,” said Logan. “On offense, we as a whole, have to make more points and defensively we have to hold them to zero,” said Loya.

Bosco will take our Salesian “brother school” Don Bosco Prep of New Jersey next week in another premier national match-up.

A+E: Once Upon a Time in Tarantino

by Ryan Tavera

Quentin Tarantino’s ninth film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood lives up to the standards that one of America’s greatest living directors has set for all of his films. 


Going into this film, this reviewer expected a classic Tarantino affair, with blood-filled scenes and clever dialogue. However, this film is breaking away from trademark aesthetics such as his nonlinear storytelling and speech heavy scenes. Instead, he focuses more on traditional storytelling, making a smooth watching experience and entertaining piece of film.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood takes place in 1969 and pays homage to an era otherwise known as the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Tarantino makes you feel as if it’s a cool summer night, and you’re swerving in and out of streets through the hills of Hollywood. The imagery of classic cars and music really bring to life the 60s atmosphere, with the inclusion of locations such as drive-in movies, poshy theaters, and bright lights throughout the streets.

Disregarding the fun and laid back atmosphere Tarantino creates in his films, the movie revolves around a much more sinister story. As the title of this movie suggests, this film is a fairytale settled in reality.

If you know anything about 60s Hollywood or cults in general, you might have heard about Charles Manson, a prominent cultist leader who referred to his group as his “family”, as well as Sharon Tate, a famous actress of the period associated with Manson. On August 19th, 1969, Tate, who was pregnant at the time, was staying at her house located in the Hollywood hills with a group of friends when cult leader Charles Manson and his group brutally murdered her and her friends.

Tarantino takes this tragic story and twists the ending of the brutal killings. In Tarantino’s tale, he changes the outcome significantly. Instead of the Manson family being punished, Tarantino’s trademark features kick in towards the end, and his signature over the top violence makes this story his own.  Even though the movie eventually all builds up towards Sharon Tate and the Manson family’s big ending, don’t think of this film solely as that.

Instead, the movie focuses on Tate’s neighbor, Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) who is grasping on to his fame and his stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt). Both are struggling to find their place in an ever-changing Hollywood.

Rick Dalton, once a figure of prominence of Hollywood, starred in a popular western television show “Bounty Law.” However, when the show ended, so did Rick’s place in the spotlight.

As a character, he is uneasy and dramatic, either drinking his pain away or smoking a cigar while on the verge of tears. Cliff, his stunt double, is found frequently comforting Rick, running errands for him and driving Rick around in his 1966 Cadillac.

Cliff Booth, on the other hand, is a war veteran who lives in a trailer with his pitbull named Brandy and is a sharp man who is bold but wary. He seems to always have every situation under his control.

It is also rumored that he murdered his wife, which Tarantino briefly shines a light on, but it is never revealed if he did or didn’t, leaving the audience to have their own speculations.

The stand out in this film, however: DiCaprio and Pitts’ staggering performances.

Every time they’re on the big screen, they’re the center of attention. DiCaprio has delivered again with his phenomenal acting that every cinema lover has come to know over decades of excellence. He brings Rick Dalton to life, and his expressions make his character seem always on edge and agitated.

But Pitt really steals the show. It seems as if the role was written specifically for him, as he plays a likable protagonist who is a straightforward yet a rugged man, always the predominant force in the room.

Each segment of the film is made almost like a short story, where the scenes can range from 10-50 minutes long, and in between each short story are usually visually stunning shots of L.A., with vibrant lights everywhere and music in the background to really create an aesthetic environment.

In particular, my personal favorite scene was when Cliff Booth visits an old ranch where he once shot westerns, but didn’t know it was being used as the hideout of Charles Manson’s cult.

Your eyes are simply glued to Brad Pitt’s character as he walks on the seemingly deserted ranch. As the music begins to play in the background, he slowly approaches the house sitting on the hill, people seemingly pop out of nowhere in between abandoned trucks and run downed buildings, which makes for an extremely suspenseful bit of film. The eerie and mysterious vibe of the scene makes you want Cliff to turn back and get out of there, but at the same time, you really want to figure out what’s going on in the house.

At its center Once Upon a Time in Hollywood isn’t about suspense, nor is it about the tragedies that happened in 1969. It is a buddy-buddy film featuring DiCaprio and Pitt whos acting converges excellently. When they appear on screen together, it makes for an easy-going and entertaining scene.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a slow-burning stick of dynamite. The fuse is the first two hours of the film, filled with nods to 60s L.A and great character development, while the explosion is the last 40 minutes, and trust me the ending is certainly worth the wait.

Sports: Bosco vs. DeMatha (MD) Preview

by Lucas Garrison, Sports Editor

Let’s start off by calling tonight’s matchup between the defending Trinity League Champion Bosco Braves and DeMatha (Hyattsville, MD) on ESPN 2 exactly what it is: a high school football game headlining week 0 of the college football season. 

DeMatha has made the cross country trip, as the Braves look to spoil the Stags’ California dreams from the opening snap. Not to mention, with the national TV presence, the home crowd for this game is expected to be absolutely bonkers from the second Bosco walks out of the tunnel to their new Nike sponsored hype video to the last whistle signaling a Brave victory.


DeMatha, the number 8 team nationally in MaxPreps’ Freeman Rankings, is prime to play physical and execute, giving Brave Nation an early season preview of what to expect out of the highly touted, number 2 ranked squad loaded with division one talent on both sides of the ball.

With the specter of a national football audience setting its sights on Bellflower, CA, Bosco has more than enough offensive power to get passed the pre-game jitters early.

Last season’s California Gatorade Player of the Year, senior quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei will be the clear cut leader on the offensive side of the ball. Expect to see this quarterback take the Braves attack to new heights, as the Clemson commit has everything around his to have a monster year to end his high school career.

Returners, such as senior offensive linemen Drake Metcalf and Logan Bednar, provide the star quarterback a foundation he can rely upon. The two make up not only the most vicious linemen duo in high school football but perhaps the smartest, with Metcalf committed to Stanford and Bednar to Harvard. Add the support at the skills positions with speedy Oregon commit, wideout Kris Hutson, and the return of the future UCLA Bruin, running back Nathanial Jones, from a knee injury that sidelined him last season, and it’s clear to see that the Braves are an offense unlike any other in the country.

The Braves have no doubt set high expectations for themselves, as they look for a return to CIF Southern Section, State, and National Championship glory.  But they can’t overlook DeMatha who will be looking to pull off a huge upset at Panish Family Stadium Saturday night.

Despite the early season test, Bosco will walk out of this game victorious on their home field. It won’t be easy early against a large DeMatha front, and it will be exciting to see how the Braves fair against their first nationally ranked opponent of the season. But with head coach Jason Negro and Uiagalelei leading the charge, fully expect to see the Braves storm out of Panish with an impressive win against a highly ranked national opponent on their pre-Trinity League resume.

FINAL SCORE: Bosco 42 – DeMatha 28

Lampoon: DNA Anomaly or Reincarnation? Coach McIntosh’s DNA linked to St. John Bosco

by Isaiah Holm and Timothy Levine

Once thought to have no biological descendants, results from a DNA test prove that there may be another Don Bosco out there.MACBosco, one of the largest genealogy companies in the world, has recently found a direct link between St. John Bosco High School’s very own Coach McIntosh and the founder of the Salesian order, St. John Bosco.

This is surprising news as Bosco was a priest that was known to have no children or direct descendants. One could surmise that the DNA comes from one of his siblings. However, there are no other links in DNA from previous generations prior to Coach McIntosh, making this connection improbable and what makes it seem nearly impossible is the fact that the DNA is 100 percent identical.

Margo Georgiadis, CEO of, believes this to be some sort of DNA anomaly.

“We here at Ancestry have never before seen such an anomaly in DNA,” said Georgiadis. “To have a direct link in DNA over a century after the passing of St. John Bosco could not be possible without having descendants in between the two. It would have to be some sort of anomaly in which the DNA just happened to be similar. Since the DNA is exactly identical, this would seem to be impossible. However, there is a theoretical possibility, but it would be more than a 1 in 70 trillion chance.”

Other people seem to have a different explanation. The Salesian Order of Don Bosco believes that he is a reincarnate of the Saint himself. Father Ángel Fernández Artime, Head of Salesians, is one of the believers of this theory.

“Myself, and the rest of the Salesian Order believe that Tim McIntosh is the true reincarnate of our founder Don Bosco. We do not know how this happened but the Salesian Order truly believes it is a gift from God Himself,” Father Artime said. “God has made his will known to us: the world is need of another Bosco to continue his legacy and message. That is why I will be stepping down from my position as the Head of the Salesians, allowing for Tim McIntosh to take my place.”

Currently, the Cardinal for all over the globe are gathering in the Vatican to discuss the possibility of Sainthood with the Pope, due to the extraneous circumstances of the situation. It is unknown whether Coach McIntosh will be given the title of saint, although inside sources believe it is highly probable and will most likely take place within the coming weeks.

People all over the world have high expectations for Coach McIntosh to assume this role in the Catholic Church and the Salesian Order. However, Coach McIntosh has different ideas.

“I am flattered by the offer and the attention this has brought me, but I am not a saint, nor do I have any intention to become one. I will be continuing my work as both a teacher and coach as that is what I love to do,” Coach McIntosh said.

Could this be a strange anomaly or could it be the reincarnation of a saint? Either way, McIntosh has let us know that he plans on continuing his life as usual and moving on.

Sports: Hard Knocks Episode Three Review

by Hunter Richardson

Episode three of this season’s Hard Knocks featuring the Oakland Raiders offered an inside look into the wild drama that is Antonio Brown’s feet and helmet sagas, as head coach Jon Gruden continues to be the hilarious highlight of the show.

Despite being the most entertaining coach on the show by far since head coach Bill O’Brien of the Houston Texans, coach Gruden shared the spotlight in episode three with impressionist Frank Caliendo, who impersonated the coach in a team meeting.

But it is Antonio Brown who continues to find headlines in the news with his frostbitten feet and his ongoing helmet grievance with the NFL, whose new helmet rules outlaw the headgear he’s worn since his entrance into the league in 2010. The episode mostly shared behind the scenes highlights with the star wideout, whose past week delivered hope for Raider fans and, most notably, coach Gruden.

It seems that the helmet issue has finally reached a resolution, as Brown rejoined the team but sat out their most recent preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Brown dressed in full pads and was shown working with Derek Carr pregame before their second preseason game in Glendale, AZ. Showcasing Brown’s return to the team should give Raider fans a sense of relief, as he is shown to be all in and ready to go to produce some big numbers and give quarterback Derek Carr his best target so far in his career.

The helmet issue was a main focus in this episode, however, since there has been no clear resolution. This issue should not be a concern for Raider fans as the interactions about this situation seem to be more of a joke than a serious problem for the organization. However, at the end of the episode Mike Mayock tells reporters he wants Antonio Brown “All in or all out,” leaving fans anxious to how this saga will end and giving them a reason to look forward to next week’s episode.

Even with all of the Antonio Brown drama, the most entertaining part of this season of Hard Knocks has been the notorious quirky persona of coach Gruden. Caliendo’s rendition of this persona was the funniest part of the show thus far. The segment will leave fans in hysterical laughter, as Caliendo’s impersonation nails everything we’ve grown to love and hate about Gruden of his polarizing career.


Impressionist Frank Caliendo posing with Raiders head coach Jon Gruden (Twitter/@FrankCaliendo)

In addition to looking at superstars Brown and Gruden, this season of Hard Knocks has introduced many players that we should lookout for this season who will hope to help the Raiders bounce back from two straight abysmal seasons.

Fan favorite, rookie safety Jonathan Abram has won over Raider fans with his intense and physical style of play, as well as his off the field character. Abram has proven to be a tone setter as this physical play transferred to the rest of the team in its second preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals as the first team defense ran through the Cardinals offensive line and shut down the number one overall pick, former Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray. Episode three gives fans a better look at the improvements this team has made as it has plenty of talent on both sides of the ball.

A main question has been who will back up Derek Carr? The battle between the infamous Nathan Peterman, who once threw five interceptions in the first half of a game when playing for the Buffalo Bills, and veteran Mike Glennon, known for his lanky 6’6’’ frame, is an intriguing storyline. Both quarterbacks had a rough week in practice, but the game proved to make this competition for backup quarterback even closer as both Peterman and Glennon showed out this week. This will be predictably be a main topic of the show in the final two episodes as the preseason comes to a close.

Other featured players included tight ends Darren Waller and veteran Luke Willson. Waller was a tight end for the Baltimore Ravens who has battled and conquered drug addiction, and has proven to be a hidden gem for a team looking to replace their leading receiver last season, tight end Jared Cook. Episode three raised the level of the first two episodes, and fans should be excited for what is to come in episode four.