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A+E: NBA 2K20 Opens to Mixed Reviews

by Isaiah Holm

The video game NBA 2K20, released early last month to much critical acclaim, still faces its fair share of criticism. The gameplay this year is amazing. With the addition of 40 new badges, every player plays in their own unique way. While the game itself is beautiful, the fact that the game was unfinished and full of bugs left many of the game’s die-hard fans upset and wanting more.

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The staple of every 2K, Play Now, was left relatively unchanged. The mode itself is still the same, 5 v. 5 against a friend or the computer. The pregame show still has the familiar faces in Shaq, Kenny, and Ernie, however, the final member of the TNT crew Charles Barkley, is still noticeably absent. The commentators have new lines, although if someone plays the game a lot, they will still notice repeated lines and stories by them.

One of the new additions this year are the All-Decade teams. Players can now play against their friends using the best players of their chosen decade and settle arguments over when basketball was really “the best.” Another addition is the ability to choose the color of the accessories worn by the players during the game.

The most popular mode, MyCareer, has all sorts of new additions this year. The story mode is a completely unique experience this year. It features many high-level actors, such as Idris Elba and Rosario Dawson. While most NBA 2K20 MyCareer stories just have the basic story of a talented player working his way up into the league, this year’s story gives the player the ability to make choices that change the experience and also has a side story that has a greater meaning to it rather than just playing basketball, for example, when the main character sits out a playoff game to protest his teammate losing his scholarship due to an injury.

The online extension of MyCareer is the Neighborhood. Inside the Neighborhood, the player can go shopping for new clothes, play games in a neighborhood park setting, or play in the more competitive pro-am. However, since the Neighborhood last year received many negative reviews, many players wanted a new Neighborhood to play in.

Sadly, it is the same as last year which brought major critical backlash towards the developers and led many people to say that they would not buy the game just for that reason. However, once the game was released, the players realized that although the framework for the neighborhood was the same, there were many events throughout the week that changed how the neighborhood looked which resolved their complaints. The only new game mode that was added this year was 3-on-3 pro-am, which allows players to have a private matchup against their friends or hold a tournament, which was not possible in previous years.

Although the gameplay is amazing this year, the plethora of bugs has led to many gamers being upset that the game is unfinished. There have already been 5 patches and the game has only been out for less than a month. These patches have combined for over one hundred gigabytes which for people that have slow or metered internet, make it hard to even play the game. Although hasn’t received as much backlash when compared to the scandal in NBA 2K18, when gamer’s player files were being deleted, there are still a lot of bugs such as not being able to join a friend, getting disconnected from online play, and private matchmaking not working. The outrage has even gotten to the point where players are putting together a class-action lawsuit against Take-Two Interactive for false advertising.

Around Bosco: Spanish Honors Society Hosts Annual Dia De Los Muertos Celebration

by Emilio Ceja and Matthew Ruiz

Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a Hispanic Holiday that is celebrated from October 31st through November 2nd. Every year this event is celebrated throughout Mexico, some parts of Central America and some parts of the United States, including our own community at St. John Bosco High School, which celebrated the event last Wednesday in the quad. 


The Mexican Culture believes the Dia De Los Muertos to be a time of remembrance and honor to their loved ones who have passed. They also believe the spirits of those who have passed return to be with their families. The way families remember their loved ones is by making a shrine or altar that contains pictures of who has passed, with their favorite foods, flowers, candles and other mementos that represents the deceased.

There are many ways cities celebrate Dia De Los Muertos from concerts, festivals, parades and food trucks. In Mexico, there are a lot of cities that have big celebrations or fiestas to celebrate the holiday. In the United States, some well-known cities that celebrate this holiday are Los Angeles, San Diego, El Paso and New York City. These cities host large parades to highlight celebrations.

At Bosco, the Spanish Honors Society hosts our annual Dia De Los Muertos Fiesta, which offers many different activities for the students, their friends and families. The event had food, music, altars and snacks and desserts being sold by clubs from around Bosco.

A major part of the fiesta were the altar displays that were put together by the Bosco community. These altars displayed loved ones who had passed away and, in Mexican tradition, featured the deceased favorite foods, candles and skulls to show reverence and respect.

The Spanish classes at Bosco each put together an altar with each student bringing in at least one picture of a loved one that passed away. Not only did the Spanish classes make altars, but the Latino Heritage Club (i.e. the “Compa” Club) and the Spanish Honors Society each made an altar of their own.

The atmosphere of the Dia de Los Muertos was one of happiness and cheer. With music being played in the background, many got up to dance. The event hosted a mariachi who played songs from the Disney movie Coco along with junior Travien Sears playing “Recuerdame” another famous song from the Disney movie on the saxophone.

Students enjoyed the event and most stayed throughout the entire evening to enjoy all the festivities.

For both Bosco and St. Joseph’s students, such as junior Mariana Covarrubias, who attended with her family, Dia De Los Muertos allowed for a combined experience of culture and togetherness.

“I enjoyed the altars with all of the pictures on them, and the Mariachi got my entire family up to dance,” said Mariana.

Isaac Rutz, a senior at ,attended the event to support his friends and had some of his family members that had passed away displayed at the altars that were set up.

“I felt that the Dia De Los Muertos festival was a beautiful time in which the Bosco and Joseph’s community could come together to remember those we lost. The altars, food and dance were all amazing,” said Rutz.

The fiesta had a large turnout, with many enjoying the tacos and burritos that were for sale well into the night. Along with the sale of tacos and burritos, multiple clubs including the Spanish Honors Society, The French Club, and the “Compa” Club sold other deserts, like nutella croissants, snacks, like Nachos, and drinks, like aguas frescas. The inclusion of a face painting station also allowed for kids to enjoy the fiesta along with their parents.

A chance to enjoy the company of family and friends and the ability to share culture with others is what the annual Dia de Los Muertos Fiesta is about at St. John Bosco High School.

Sports: “Next Time, Just Watch,” Bosco Falls to the “Team in Red”

by Travien Sears, Assistant A+E Editor

The Super Bowl of High School Football ended in a 38-24 loss for the Bosco Braves. The “Team in Red” defeated the undefeated Bosco football team to move on to 9-0, 4-0 in the Trinity League, while putting the Braves at 8-1 on the season, 3-1 in the Trinity League, and Brave Nation in a minor depression right before the Homecoming week. 


Despite leaving Panish Family Stadium with a loss, quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei throwing for two of the Bosco’s three touchdowns and passing 283 yards and rushing 39 yards.

Senior wide receiver Logan Loya received for 109 yards, with Junior Jode McDuffie not far behind him with 99 yards.

The game started off fairly slow for the Braves. Starting with the ball to open the game, the Braves punted after a three and out, as the “Team in Red” immediately came back with a touchdown. There was energy in the crowd, however, on the field, the Braves seemed a step off, a vibe that was seemingly present for the entirety of the first half.

However, the second half saw a different mindset for the Braves. They played more as a team and as a team that was ranked as No. 2 in the nation. The Braves had a few opportunities in the fourth quarter where they could’ve come back and tied the game to go into OT, but an interception late in the game iced the victory for the “Team in Red” in this year’s most anticipated high school game to date, that is until these two teams meet up again in the CIF-SS playoffs.

“Yeah we lost, but watch, we’re going to get them back next time, just watch,” junior offensive lineman Edward Riley said.

The Bosco Football team, despite an unfortunate loss, are looking forward to coming back during CIF to defeat the “Team in Red” in revenge for this heart-ripping loss to show the rest of the nation, as well as themselves, that they deserve the number one spot. Even though this was not Brave Nation’s desired result, they can still hold out hope for a National Championship if these two teams face off again and the Braves come out on top.

The Braves look to improve their record in next week’s game against Santa Margarita High School for their final game of the regular season and Trinity League play. It’s also our Homecoming game, so alumni come out and support your alma mater!

Predicted Score:

Braves 35, The “Team in Red” 31

Final Score:

Braves 24, The “Team in Red” 38

Sports: Bosco vs. The “Team in Red,” The Super Bowl of High School Football

by Hunter Richardson, Assistant Sports Editor

Tonight is number one versus number two: the game of the year in a rivalry that goes deeper than just the history of these two schools. This, even more than years past, is the true Super Bowl of High School Football.


The game everyone has been waiting for is finally upon us, as the Braves take on the number one ranked “team in red” in a game that has had Brave Nation buzzing ever since last year’s crushing defeat in the CIF-SS Championship game. Tonight’s game will be the largest crowd ever to attend a game at the new Panish Family Stadium, with it being the first time the “team in red” graces the field at the beautiful new stadium. This game is high school football at its finest with the top two teams in the country doing battle in the most high profile rivalry in California and the whole country.

This rivalry has produced some of the best games Southern California has witnessed, and this year’s game might well be between the best two teams that have ever faced each other in a high school football game. Tonight’s game will feature almost 50 players that have either Division 1 offers or have already committed, a showcase of the best talent the nation has to offer.

Among all the talent matchups that are taking place tonight, everybody’s eyes will be on the quarterback matchup between the two top-ranked quarterbacks in the country, the Braves D.J. Uiagalelei and the “team in red’s” Bryce Young. These quarterbacks are also committed to the two best college football programs in the country, with Uiagalelei committed to Clemson and Young committed to Alabama.

Rivalry is basically just a word used to describe a competitive history between two teams that dislike each other, but the rivalry between these teams is about much more than just pride. There is much more on the line tonight as a national championship is on the minds of both teams, and a win in this game puts you on top of the rest of the country heading into the playoffs.

For the players, they are seeking to prove a point individually, showcasing their talents on the biggest stage in high school football. These players are also going against some of their childhood teammates and those they have trained with, and coming out on top in this game means more to these players than anyone can fathom.

Tonight’s game has some of the most high profile matchups of highly touted college recruits. The talent that will be displayed on the field will be a special sight to see, as spectators are pretty much getting a glimpse at players that will be playing for the best college programs in the country for the next few years. This game is a can’t miss, and for those people who are there tonight, cheer on your Braves and be prepared for an absolutely incredible atmosphere for one of the best high school football games ever played.

Tonight the Braves take on the “Team in Red” at 7:30 at Panish Family Stadium. The game can be watched on Fox Sports West. If you can’t make it to the game, then the smartest thing to do will be to tune in on FOX Sports West.

Score Prediction – Braves 35 – “Team in Red” 31



Around Bosco: Trinity League Game, NFL Prices

by Lucas Garrison, Sports Editor, and Isaiah Holm

The time is here for the most anticipated high school football game of the year, as the Bosco Braves take on the “team in red.” However, the height of the competition seems like it won’t be taking place on the gridiron, but online and at the box office. 


Yes, this game not only sold out in less than 24 hours, but it is now facing problems of scalping of tickets, security and space.

Although the game selling out in less than 24 hours could be a story in itself, with so much going on as a result of the fast sell-out, we need to cover it all.

Let us start by taking a look at the scalping of tickets and tailgating spaces. Let me remind you that the tickets were released on Saturday morning, but the following Tuesday morning had someone reselling a ticket for $200. No one has ever heard of this before; this is a straight-up high school game that is having tickets being sold at the same price that several NFL teams sell their tickets. Later that afternoon, when this had been made public, someone posted a ticket pack of 5 tickets for $1500. High school games have never had tickets sell at this high index.

When Brave News insider Isaiah Holm went on the hunt to ask administration and the football coaching staff of what they thought of these high ticket prices, all answers were the same.

“Surprised? No. What do you expect? These are two powerhouse teams on and off the field. People wanna see it; they wanna be apart of it. The pack of five is what $300 dollars per ticket, how much is a Laker ticket? Yeah, this is crazy for us and for them, but I’ve only paid top dollar for only one game in my life and that was a playoff baseball game,” said offensive coordinator Stephen Lo.

In addition to game tickets, the Braves host their own tailgate for parents and faculty. The other tailgate area take place in front of the pool in the parking lot. The big news surrounding the two tailgating spots was that they both sold out in a matter of hours along with game tickets.

“At the tailgate I have in the quad, there are over 500 people expected to show up. Now yes, there is going to be a mix of Mater Dei parents with Bosco parents, which I think is great. It’s awesome how they want to put themselves in our atmosphere, and it’s a great way to kick off the evening before the game. That’s what Bosco is about at the end of the day: the family,” said Ms. Amy Krisch, Director of Alumni Development and Special Events.

That’s what I truly believe will sum up this weekend, FAMILY, whether or not the Braves beat the “team in red,” these two schools have so much respect for one another that they are a family. But like any family, they fight, and both are gonna treat us all to a show that will definitely be worth the price of admission.


Life of a Brave (EXCLUSIVE): The “Team in Red” Will Have Their Hands Full On and Off the Field

by Aharon Colon, A+E Editor

Not only will there be a battle on the field, but there will also be a battle in the stands. 


St. John Bosco’s student section, “The Tribe”, has had a great year so far planning new themes and showing out at every home game. Here is everything you need to know about them, and what you should expect from tonight’s game.

With the emergence of a big social media presence spreading across Twitter and Instagram, The Tribe’s stock has risen tremendously over the past 2 years in the eyes of the public.

Starting with our first viral video, ironically at last year’s regular season game, the Tribe was seen jumping up and down singing the tune to “Seven Nation Army” in the rain. This was in response to rumors that the game was going to be cancelled, and a high school football fanpage got a hold of the video and posted it. Since then The Tribe has never looked back.

With their recent hype video even reaching 4,698 views, you could say this rivalry game will be unique, even in the tradition of Bosco playing the “team in red.”

During the week, you can tell that the student body has been anxious for the first whistle to blow. They’re ready to support in the stands and not sit by any means necessary.

“I expect us to be really loud and crazy. Hopefully get in some of the other player’s heads and make them uncomfortable,” Matthew Felix, Tribe Leader, said.

Tribe leaders and administration expect their to be upwards of 500 students at the game.

With the turnout hopefully at a maximum, the football team themselves are very excited to see what’s to come. Beaux Collins, four-star wide receiver, will be looking forward to seeing the Tribe show out tonight.

“Pretty crazy just to look up in the stands after scoring and seeing them going crazy throwing powder and stuff like that,” Beaux said. “It gives us a lot of confidence, and it basically helps us going against the other team giving us momentum at any time in the game,” Collins said.

This week is going to be crucial all the way around from the field to the stands. Expect from our Tribe nothing but craziness and madness all in good faith to support our boys. We are all behind them, and it’s time to show not only California, but the whole nation that the best football team has the best student section.

It’s a great day to be a Brave, Bosco Brothers. Let’s seize this day and make it one we will never forget.

Life of a Brave (EXCLUSIVE): Get Hype for Tonight’s Epic Battle with 4-Star Strong Safety Kourt Williams

by Kourt Williams

It is difficult to put into words what a game like this truly means. Some are calling this the high school football game of the decade, even the century. From a players point of view, I can tell you this is nothing short of the opportunity of a lifetime. 


This is the first time Bosco will play the team in red game at Panish Family Stadium. It’s number one and number two. No, not in the state of California, but in the whole United States. I thank God that I can be a part of it.

For the first time in a long time, we are considered the underdogs coming into a football game. We have been waiting for the opportunity to play these guys ever since last Winter, when we lost to them in the CIF-SS Championship game.

You best believe me and my teammates will be coming into the game with a big chip on our shoulders. We know Brave Nation has something to prove.

This will be the closest thing to a college football game you will ever see under Friday night lights: the atmosphere, media and, chiefly, the competition on the field. Between your Braves and the “team in red,” the competition will host close to 50 players with division one scholarship offers.

With all the implications, it’s honestly been hard to focus on anything else except the game. When those lights come on Friday night, the rush is like no other. It feels like going into a boxing match. That feeling of straight adrenaline feels like lightning in my bones, like I can run through a wall. It doesn’t get better than that.

However this game is much more than just winning and losing. Games like this is all about pride. Your manhood is on the line, and it will be tested. I personally know most of the players on the opposing team. Our reputation is up for grabs, and it can be taken in an instant. My 2020 class has only beaten the “team in red” once out of the four times we have played them. With this game possibly being our last opportunity ever to go head to head, our plan is to prevent history from repeating itself.

From a football perspective, the game plan is set and ready. Offensively and defensively we will be ready to battle. If proof from previous years of these teams matching up means anything, there will be surprises that both teams will present to each other. Whether it be particular offensive plays, or defensive schemes. Both teams have tricks in their back pockets that they have been saving for this game, which will be exciting to watch.

The crazy thing about a game like this is that we basically playing ourselves. Both team’s quarterbacks have NFL type playing styles already, both offenses have talent all over the place with some of the best raw athletes in the country, and it is the exact same thing on the defensive side of the ball.

Games like this are won by the team that makes the least amount of mistakes while playing the hardest for the longest. Let me be the first the first to tell you: this game will be physical, nerve wracking and one to remember. I just hope you’ll be in a seat somewhere to watch it unfold.

Around Bosco: Students, Parents and Teachers Catch Up To Schoology Learning Curve

by Jonathan Gonzalez and Tim Levine, Executive Editor

Schoology, an internet-based learning program for grades K-12 where students can communicate with teachers, find the school calendar and, of course, see their grades, was launched this semester to mixed reviews.


A lot of Bosco parents are extremely involved with their son’s academic lives, and most of the Bosco community may be familiar with our school’s old system called Moodle. However, Vice Principal Edgar Salmingo ensured that Schoology was a practical and beneficial shift. Bosco has advanced its technology so their platforms are better equipped for students.

“Schoology is better at syncing with PowerSchool with grades–seeing your class, seeing when your homework is due. And it shows you what you have to do for homework that week,” said Mr. Salmingo.

Students around campus are already noticing the benefits of the change. Junior Ben Hill believes that Schoology will decrease the stress and pressure he previously felt.

“Using Schoology now for personal use just for the students gives us less stress and pressure felt on from out parents since they no longer get notifications of our grades as were the ones who have to be dependable on our grades at our own pace,” said Hill.

Teachers also feel that it is easier to put Powerpoints, Ed puzzles, notes, homework, tests/ quizzes, etc; on Schoology. However, Schoology is also just a learning tool and it will not be able to replace PowerSchool. Mr. Salmingo believes that there is still a place for Powerschool and that it will still be needed going forward.

“PowerSchool is good for information with grades/ GPA or transcript, Schoology is strictly just for learning purposes, schedules, and communication between students and teachers. It’s also great with linking to the students Google accounts,” said Mr. Salmingo.

Some of the students who have been used to the old system of Powerschool and Moodle such as juniors and seniors seem to be finding the transition difficult as it is a completely new system that they are not used to. Senior Andrew Serrano believes that Schoology is more complex, however still finds the transition to be a good idea.

“I dislike Schoology in terms of its complexity and how to use it, but do not hate the idea of switching to a better system,” said Serrano.

Andrew Serrano also thinks that the transition could have been handled better and a formal seminar introducing the platform would have been beneficial.

“We students weren’t given a seminar on how to use Schoology or at least have the teachers explain it to us,” said Serrano.

He also did give some good feedback with Schoology. He likes the fact that we can see “percentages of tests, homework, projects, and classwork.”

While some of the Juniors and Seniors are having difficulty and concerns about Schoology, many freshmen who only know Schoology believe that it is a great platform.

“It is an awesome system with grades, homework, and our school schedules,” said freshman Victor Murillo

Murillo loves all the different functions Schoology serves and appreciates the new calendar system.

“I love that you can also check whether your teacher is coming to class or not on different days and that on the calendar you can see what colleges are coming to our campus to talk to us,” said Murillo.

The new system of Schoology doesn’t yet seem to be a perfect match with all of St. John Bosco but with all of the functions it has to offer and the clean interface, it seems to make the teachers’ jobs much easier.

Mr. Fernando who has been a big face at Bosco, being part of the Dean’s staff and now a full-time English teacher, is also getting adjusted to Schoology and time to get to know what Schoology is all about. He believes that it is the right transition, as it creates an easier and more convenient interface for teachers to work with.

“I don’t think it’s easy to compare PowerSchool and Schoology but I do think Schoology is a lot better than Moodle for its interface and ease of constructing classes for students,” said Mr. Fernando.

Parents of students at St. John Bosco also believe that Schoology can be very beneficial for students as well as for them. Freshman Joshua Gonzalez’s mother Ana Gonzalez likes how informative Schoology is.

“Schoology compared to PowerSchool is a lot more informative on the updates it gives out and also how we can see what’s going on at Bosco and I can see what’s upcoming assignments my son has coming up and anything he has late,” said Mrs. Gonzalez

Mrs.Gonzalez also does not have the Schoology app, as she believes it will give her son more personal responsibility and will not make him feel as stressed.

“I don’t have the app Schoology to be able to give my son the responsibility of being a young adult and having to do his schoolwork without me having to constantly remind him like how I have done with my other son. I can tell it gave my older son a lot more stress and was always worrying about grades,” said Mrs. Gonzales

Mrs. Dolphin, a known figure at St. John Bosco, has some thoughts on Schoology not only as a teacher but as a parent as well, her twin boys class of 2019 Myles and Isaiah dolphin both currently attend Brown University. She believes that Powerschool’s interface is more friendly for checking grades, as a lot of parents are not educated on how to use Schoology.

“As a parent, I liked PowerSchool because checking my sons’ grades was a lot easier than Schoology. A lot of the parents of sophomore class to the senior class don’t know how to use Schoology,” said Mrs. Dolphin.

She also believes that while it can be seen as more complicated, it does help provide students with a more stress-free environment.

“Schoology is a lot more effective. Also, it is a lot more stress-free and indicative then PowerSchool, and it gives students more ownership of their grades,” said Mrs. Dolphin.

Schoology has taken its share of criticism in replacing Moodle. Schoology gives the students less anxiety and allows them to focus on school and not worry so much about their grades being shown to their parents day in and day out.

Life of a Brave: Unsung Hero Ms. Jeanne Pantuso

by Matthew Ruiz

Ms. Jeanne Pantuso is a well-known asset to Athletic Director Monty McDermott, all the sports teams and the staff and faculty members here at St. John Bosco. However, many parents and students don’t know who she is nor do they know all the work that she does to help the school’s athletic department, students and the overall community here at St. John Bosco High School. 


Ms. Pantuso was born into a large family consisting of four brothers and two sisters. Her family has been associated with Bosco for decades, especially because her brothers came to Bosco. One brother, Mr. Jack Hastert, is still an extremely active and involved faculty member for the school, being the head golf coach and a recently retired religion teacher after over 30 years at Bosco. But Coach Hastert is far from the only connection to Bosco for Ms. Pantuso.

“My son Graduated from Bosco in 98’ with a football scholarship, and my daughter graduated from St. Joseph’s in 00’ two years later,” Ms. Pantuso said. She’s had many family members go through Bosco and St. Joseph’s High School whether that be siblings, nieces, nephews and brother and sister in-laws.

Ms. Pantuso herself has been working at Bosco for 26 years, wearing many different hats in her time on faculty. She especially has been involved with sports because she’s the Assistant Athletic Director under Mr. Monty McDermott. However, at different points in her career here at Bosco, she served as the Alumni Development Program, school secretary and attendance dean. The Alumni Development Program consists of organizing events like the SJB Golf Classic and the Alumni Memorial Mass.

Ms. Pantuso, as the Assistant Athletic Director, works closely with Mr. Monty McDermott, who is yet another Bosco connection as a member of the class of ‘86. In addition to being an alumnus, he has served as the Athletic Director here at Bosco since 2002, as well as having coached baseball and football at Bosco for seven years.

Both Mr. McDermott and Ms. Pantuso have a close relationship in and out of the work space.

“She does everything, scheduling, contracts, transportation, returns calls, collection of tickets and money, organizing volunteers, security, input scores and CIF information – on and on.  We have worked together for so long, I have complete trust in her,” Mr. McDermott said.

“I like to keep my office and department very organized so we split up responsibilities.  Ms. Pantuso’s main responsibilities are handling all scheduling, collection of contracts, all school transportation with buses and school vans, department files, meeting minutes, CIF required paperwork and coaching clearance… However, she will also help wherever there is a need. She is a 100% team player.”

“She is very easy to work with and brings a lot to the table. She is able to always maintain a professional demeanor, while keeping things fun in the office with her funny sense of humor,” added McDermott.

McDermott considers Mrs. Pantuso one his he and his wife’s best friends. The three of them even go to concerts together.

Ms. Pantuso is an approachable faculty member who is always excited to get to know all of the students. This says a lot about her personality and how she puts others before her, and for all she gives our community, she always puts the students first.

“The best part about working at Bosco are the students,” Ms. Pantuso said.

Life of a Brave: The Humility, Gratitude and Leadership Of Five-Star Quarterback D.J. Uiagalelei

by Che Womack, Contributing Writer

The persona of a five-star high school quarterback, especially in the eyes of Hollywood, comes attached with arrogance and an unlikeliness to be deferential of teammates and coaches. This is not D.J. Uiagalelei. A true quarterback has to be someone who has the physical talent and mental fortitude to lead ten other individuals on the field to success. A quarterback is a leader, a headman, a commander. This is D.J. Uiagalelei.

OLu Fball 3

Growing up, D.J.’s world revolved around athletics, family and church. Coming from a religious family, D.J.’s faith was instilled at a young age. His church, Abundant Living Family Church, in Rancho Cucamonga, California, hosts people from all walks of life, as it opens its doors to people of all faiths. Diving deep into his faith, D.J. gave a visual on how his faith drove him to the promised land of virtue and prosperity.

“God has blessed me with a lot, besides being blessed by waking up day-to-day, he has blessed me with an amazing life, an amazing family, and year-by-year, an amazing team,” D.J. said. “He has blessed me by being able to play the game of football, by that blessing: He gives me the opportunity to showcase the talent he has given me.”

D.J.’s faith and family have driven him to the best person that he can be. Involving himself with Pop-Warner games, youth camps and other virtues that involves him helping others, D.J. chooses to be a part of something greater than himself.

Getting a front-row look at a quarterback’s development are the offensive linemen, who experience and see the true character of the signal-caller. From the classroom to the locker-room, on the field and all the way down to the huddle; the offensive linemen are able to recognize and identify the true characteristics of the quarterback.

The relationship between a quarterback and his offensive line is the most important companionship on the football field. D.J. and his linemen share a relationship that involves the utmost respect for a common goal between both positions. D.J. consistently and publicly shows his gratitude towards the gentlemen who protect him. To show gratification to individuals who do not get much praise, is the work of a leader.

“I feel like my offensive line is a huge reason why I am successful,” D.J. said. “Without them, I would not be in the position I am in today. I owe my success to them they block their butt off for me and I truly appreciate that.”

Being an offensive lineman at Bosco is a serious challenge, as they are tasked with protecting one of the nation’s best quarterbacks. The coaching staff sets a standard for this challenge every week for the offensive line.

Olu fball2

“We have the best QB in the country. There’s no doubt about it,” offensive line coach Jim Adams said. “Every statistic and analytic says it. If we cannot protect this guy, we won’t be successful. Period. We won’t achieve our goals; we won’t be champions. … If you want to win, you’ll protect the big fella. Let D.J. do what D.J. does best.”

The need to protect and serve does not only come from the coaches but from the offensive line itself. The protection they strive to provide is not simply for duty, but for the care and respect they have for their quarterback.

“Being D.J.’s blindside tackle is everything I could ever hope for. I take the highest level of caution and care when protecting D.J. in the backfield and I know my fellow lineman can say the same,” senior tackle Drake Metcalf said. “D.J. is the same guy he is on and off the field. He’s humble and always hungry for the next challenge or task at hand. Being linemen, it is our duty to take care of business upfront and let the cannon launch in the backfield. If we do our jobs, we can guarantee D.J. will make his magic happen.”

It is no surprise that those who know D.J. love him. However, it is not because of his fame but rather character. He doesn’t need to be the most popular guy. He doesn’t need to be someone who is always being talked about, or always in the limelight. He’s just an athlete; just another guy who plays football; just another teammate.

“He’s a humble, stand-up guy. He is a natural leader and a supportive friend,” senior guard Logan Bednar said. “Despite his fame, he is the same D.J. as he was when I met him at 14 years old, and he will be the same D.J. when he’s 30.”

Being humble and an individual of humility can be a great way of getting where you want to go. However, in the game of football, this cannot replace the attitude and hunger that has to come in order to win games.


D.J. possesses this competitiveness. Competing for a spot his sophomore year, D.J. was named the starting quarterback during the week of the biggest high school football rivalry game in the country. On October 13th, 2017, D.J. made his first start against the then-ranked No. 1 team in the country. Despite the loss, D.J. tossed two touchdown passes and unleashed a multitude of amazing plays that exhibited his talent and love for his team.

Clemson University made a huge and early impression during D.J.’s recruitment process. “The Clemson Effect” is that Tigers head coach Dabo Swinney preaches family. Being a Clemson football player creates a huge task: The process of winning, of course, while respecting the culture that Clemson maintains. Coach Swinney’s culture at Clemson made lasting impact in D.J.’s decision.

“Football and sports is a big thing,” D.J. stated in a video in which he announced his commitment to Clemson. “But I also want to become a better person, get more connected with God. Just get closer with him. Whatever college could also do that, that’s where I want to be.”

Seconds after that line, D.J. announced his commitment to Clemson. A stand-up guy headed to a stand-up place.

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