Life Of A Brave: Juan Archuletta, a coach to Bosco wrestling, bounces back from a featherweight title fight loss by winning the Bellator bantamweight championship

by: Andrew Fierro

Juan Archuletta, a bantamweight fighter in the Bellator organization, and a role model to Bosco’s varsity wrestling team acquires the bantamweight championship with a win over Patchy Mix on September 12.

Bellator MMA

Almost exactly one year after losing his first title fight against featherweight Patrico Freire, Juan Archuletta challenges for a title once again and this time gets a unanimous decision to take home the championship. His record is now 25-2 and he has only lost one time in the past 5 years. 

Archuletta’s great ground defense became a pivotal role in his win, with him being taken to the ground early in the first round and having to defend off many submission attempts from his opponent Patchy Mix. Though once he was able to get back to his feet it was obvious that he was in control of the fight with his superior boxing. 

Archuletta commented about the difference between wrestling in a regular match and a fight, saying, “it’s different because in a fight you’re getting punched, you can’t just shoot in when you’re tired”. He cited differences in the amount of things to worry about stating “there are a lot more things to worry about when you’re fighting because it’s not only about wrestling”.

Archuletta has helped the Bosco wrestling team in the past after meeting coach Ruben and was offered to come out and help train the boys. He has been helping them ever since. The wrestlers certainly like it and they can feel the difference between wrestling just another wrestler and a professional fighter.

“It’s just a different feel, his pace is hard to keep up with since his conditioning is better than anyone in the rooms,” said Oscar Aranda, a varsity wrestler on the St. John Bosco team.

One thing that Oscar said took him by surprise was how level headed and nice Archuletta was. He commented that he was very approachable and if you had a question he was happy to answer it.

Archuletta said that his experience training with the wrestlers was great for him and it helped him work on some of his fundamentals. 

“Those guys are some of the best in the country and not just random wrestlers” said Archuletta. 

He also commented that both wrestlers and anyone pursuing a career in MMA should “stick to your game plan and do what you think is best for yourself, don’t worry about what all these other guys are doing and focus on yourself”. Archuletta also talked about how wrestling is the base of mma and it is hard to compete at a high level if you don’t have the skillset that wrestlers possess.

Archuletta stated that wrestling helped him build character and that it is a great sport to get into, not just for the wrestling experience and background but because of the life lessons you will get from it. The earlier you get into wrestling the better it will help you throughout life is what Archuletta continues to preach each day.

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