News/Op-Ed: California Begins to Re-Open As Cases Significantly Drop

by Andrew Fierro

As California enters the red tier, reopening is staring to occur, beginning with major league baseball teams opening at limited capacity and theme parks also opening at 15% capacity. 

How quickly will L.A. restaurants, gyms, schools reopen? - Los Angeles Times

Beginning on April 1st, state officials will start to allow civilians to attend major league baseball games and theme parks, such as Disneyland, at a limited capacity. Due to the fact that California has entered the red tier, in the coronavirus threat level tier list, theme parks are able to allow 15% capacity to people inside the state. Only people inside the state are going to be allowed to buy tickets to these theme parks. 

Though it isn’t only theme parks and baseball games that are going to allow more people to attend, there are other places in California that are reopening as well including different restaurants, retail stores and malls. 

Now once the red tier has been reached and holds steady for two weeks, gyms will be able to reach 10% capacity and museums will be able to be at 25% capacity. Indoor dining will become an option as well though as seen in San Francisco, they may wait out on the opening of indoor dining  until the orange tier is reached. 

Another place that will be reopening in the near future is movie theaters. As plans roll out for how reopening will work, movie theaters in Los Angeles and the rest of California will begin to reopen at a limited capacity allowing movies that were delayed to finally be able to release now to the public through movie theaters. Though there is already an option for some movie theaters for people to rent out the theater to watch a past film with a limited amount of people.

Though California is reopening there are going to be places that are more cautious than others, especially certain restaurants. Some restaurants will be more keen on reopening faster and immediately once the restrictions are lifted while others may wait and make sure that the numbers don’t spike right away so that when they reopen they know they are reopening for good. 

Even though Disneyland will begin to reopen, there will still be vaccinations being distributed inside the toy story lot serving as a very large point of distribution for Southern California. As of mid February Disneyland had already distributed over 100,000 vaccinations proving to be a very efficient site for California residents. 

Though stadiums will be reopening it will only be at 15% capacity in California and will have to wear masks at all times and the only people allowed to attend these games will be in state residents. In Disneyland and other theme parks there will be absolutely no indoor dining and a mask mandate will be enforced, with even the indoor rides having certain restrictions in place.

As California lowers tiers and enters the least restrictive tier of the yellow tier there will still only be 35% capacity allowed with the restrictions of only in-state residents able to attend still being in place. Even as there are other stadiums around the U.S. reopening including The Texas Rangers who are going to be reopening at 100% capacity for their first home game on April 5th.

Although it seems California is far off from reopening, places including MLB parks to full capacity as the state has just entered the red tier and still needs to show that it is stable in the red tier for even those restrictions to loosen.

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