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Sports: Diego Maradona, One Of Soccer’s Greatest Players, Is Dead At 60

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor

Very few people in any generation possess the power to make the world hold its breath. Maradona, who died last Wednesday at the age of 60, was one of them.

People gather to mourn the death of soccer legend Diego Maradona, outside the Diego Armando Maradona stadium, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 25, 2020. 

Diego Maradona, the Argentine who became a national hero as one of soccer’s greatest players, performing with a roguish cunning and extravagant control while pursuing a personal life rife with drug and alcohol abuse and health problems, died on Wednesday in Tigre, Argentina, in Buenos Aires Province. 

The news fell like a hammer blow to a nation beaten down by months of economic crisis and the coronavirus pandemic, but one where football is seen as a remedy for all ills.

His spokesman, Sebastián Sanchi, said the cause was a heart attack. Maradona had undergone brain surgery several weeks ago.

Devoted fans around the world paid tribute to soccer legend Diego Maradona last Wednesday from his home country of Argentina, to his adopted home in Italy, where he led football club Napoli to their first ever Italian league title in 1987.

In Naples, fans left flowers and candles outside his former team’s stadium, which the city’s mayor said should be renamed after Maradona.

And in Argentina, where the government has declared three days of mourning, fans gathered outside his childhood home near Buenos Aires to pay tribute.

Tributes have flooded in with former clubs and players past and present paying their respects as well.

Fellow Argentine Lionel Messi, whom many saw as the modern-day Maradona, said it was a “very sad day.”

“He leaves us but he doesn’t go anywhere because Diego is eternal. I keep all the beautiful moments lived with him and I wanted to send my condolences and best wishes to all of his friends and family,” Messi wrote on Instagram. 

Pelé, another legend of the game, tweeted: “I have lost a great friend and the world lost a legend. There is still much to be said, but for now, may God give strength to his family members. One day, I hope, we will play football together in heaven.”

Meanwhile, Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo said goodbye to an “eternal genius.”

“One of the best ever. An unparalleled magician. He leaves too soon, but leaves a legacy without limits and a void that will never be filled. Rest in peace, ace. You will never be forgotten,” Ronaldo wrote on Twitter.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino called Maradona “simply immense” and said “he deserves our eternal gratitude.”

“Our silence, our tears, our pain is the only thing we are feeling deep inside us at this time,” he said.

Pope Francis has also commented on the matter as a Vatican spokesman said Pope Francis “looks back with affection to the occasions of encounter in recent years and remembers it in prayer, as he has done in recent days since he learned of his health conditions.”

Maradona broke into professional soccer with Boca Juniors but went on to play for leading European clubs such as Barcelona and Napoli.

He won two Serie A titles with the Italian side which tweeted “Forever. Goodbye Diego” along with a blue heart.

When Maradona joined Napoli, one newsreader remarked, “the poorest city in Italy buys the most expensive player in the world.”

He was ranked with Pelé among the best, and his ability to surprise and startle won over fans and even critics. But his excesses and addictions darkened his legacy.

One of the most gifted soccer players in history, Maradona’s pinnacle of glory came when he captained Argentina to win the World Cup in 1986 before plunging to misery when he was kicked out of the 1994 World Cup for doping.

Years of drug use, overeating and alcoholism truncated a stellar career and altered his appearance from the lithe athlete who could slalom effortlessly through teams to a bloated addict who nearly died of cocaine-induced heart failure in 2000.

But he reinvented himself in a stunning comeback in 2008 as coach of the Argentina team, persuading managers that with sheer charisma he could inspire the team to victory, despite a lack of coaching experience.

The death of Maradona has now triggered a criminal investigation, and his personal doctor, Leopoldo Luque, appears to be in the crosshairs of the probe.

Police in Argentina have searched the house and private clinic of Luque, just 4 days after Maradona’s death.

Around 60 officers conducted the raids at the two locations, according to local reports, and left with medical records. Prosecutors are looking into how Maradona was treated in his final days, and are investigating Luque for negligence that could result in possible manslaughter charges. Luque is cooperating with authorities, he said at an emotional press conference later Sunday.

“I know what I did. I know how I did it,” Luque said while choking back tears, adding that he was not Maradona’s chief physician but rather a member of a team of doctors that had been treating the icon since his Nov. 3 operation. “I am absolutely sure that I did the best for Diego, the best I could.”

Maradona became a godlike figure in his home country after leading Argentina to the 1986 World Cup title, but the battles he faced with health and addiction problems would follow him everywhere after his career ended in 1997. At the time of his passing, he was the head coach of Argentine Primera Division club Gimnasia.

Lampoon: The Undisputed Top 10 Socially Distanced Thanksgiving Foods

by Nicholas Neoman

In a seemingly endless 2020, Thanksgiving is here! Finally! Perhaps the delicious, overpriced, half-eaten food that takes days to prepare can be the saving grace of a year than finds itself in the midst of a pandemic. Lest we forget, in a year where people are also struggling economically, but still find a way to spend large amounts of money on Thanksgiving dishes, only for a majority of it to end up as forgotten leftovers in the back of the fridge!

Pictured here is a luxurious, well prepared, and expensive Thanksgiving meal that will only be half-eaten!

Turkey is by far the most classic Thanksgiving food. Several years ago, I had the honor of preparing that magnificent beast for cooking and the results were undesirable. Cleaning out the uncooked turkey was not only revolting but also nauseating. As I was cleaning out the cold flesh, I was holding off my desire to vomit. The pale, squishy meat made me squeal like a mouse. As I was carrying the Turkey from the sink, where it was cleaned, to a pan for it to be dressed and seasoned, I dropped it as it slipped from my grasp. The uncooked turkey went sliding through the kitchen and I went diving after it. After recleaning it and a tirade from my mother, the turkey was dressed, cooked, and finally ready to eat. Just like how I spent a good portion of that Thanksgiving isolated in my room in timeout for ruining a turkey, stay isolated in your homes this Thanksgiving – Coronavirus is on the rise!

Stuffing is probably Robin to turkey’s Batman. Always by turkey’s side, stuffing never finds a way onto my plate. One year, my sister decided to freshly make the bread and create her own stuffing. Little did she know that the bread went stale before she cooked it and the whole dish became inedible. In a frenzy, my sister and I whipped up a new batch of bread and remade the stuffing; however, this delayed Thanksgiving dinner by multiple hours. After finally finishing off the stuffing and warding off my hangry family, Thanksgiving dinner was finally finished. Similar to how I keep stuffing off my plate, keep away from events that could give you Covid.

Cranberry Sauce, keeping up with this Batman analogy, is the Joker of Batman’s turkey. I find that only a small fraction of people can eat this dish, and yet it somehow finds its way onto the dinner table every single year. The first time I remember eating cranberry sauce was in the much regretted Thanksgiving meal I had at my elementary school. At that meal, I tried it for the first time and it did not agree with my stomach. Later that evening, I had become ill from food poisoning that I am convinced came from that excuse for a Thanksgiving dish. Because of this horrifying experience, cranberry sauce is something im not a fan of. I have never been able to think about that tangy sauce without subconsciously vomiting. In fact, people dedicate whole websites and blogs to discuss their hatred for cranberry sauce. To protect yourself from allowing cranberry sauce and covid into your mouth, wear a mask whenever necessary – like when my mother tried to get me to eat cranberry sauce last year.

Green Bean Casserole would be, in my opinion, better off if it wasn’t made in a casserole format. Simply take green beans and boil them, and call it a day. I still can’t fathom how green beans pair with creamy sauces and onions. Probably the most revolting part of the dish is what my cousin did to the dish last Thanksgiving. My whole family was settling down for dinner when my youngest cousin started to look over all the food to be served. She suddenly sneezed on the green bean casserole which made my skin crawl. Surprisingly, the casserole didn’t look any worse. The mucous from the snot blended in with the nasty casserole. From then on, green bean casserole has never had a positive image in my head. Plan on distancing yourself from the revolting green bean casserole and others – six feet apart at all times! The revolting flavor of green bean casserole can’t touch you from six feet out!

Mashed Potatoes are the cornerstone of my Thanksgiving. I simply cannot get enough of them. It has a simple yet elegant flavor that just keeps me craving. The rich, creamy texture dissolves in my mouth. Some people turn to alcohol on Thanksgiving, others bet on football games, I have my mashed potatoes. This year, I have been practicing my culinary skills. School in Covid is, to put it in layman’s terms, boring. It has driven me to cook food, which I normally only eat. Anyway, this year I was making some mashed potatoes to practice for Thanksgiving, and it honestly looked half decent. It looked so good that my 10 pound dog even wanted a taste. I went to the bathroom and when I returned, I saw white creamy mashed potatoes on my dog’s nose. Afterward, he vomited for a good half hour. Unlike my dog, make the wise decision this year and stay at home.

Ham is by far the best leftover food. As someone who cannot stand leftovers because the quality of the food is lessened by half, ham is the one exception that I fell in love with. After a long meal of eating, I can barely look at food for the next three days. The only thing I like to eat is a nice ham sandwich from Thanksgiving pigs’ butt. I honestly have nothing else to say about ham – no funny stories, no burning the kitchen down. I honestly recommend getting one – unlike Covid, please welcome a roast ham into your home.

Sweet Potato Casserole is what I like to believe to be the greatest dish that “counts as an entree.” I mean it has the word casserole in it, so it must be an entree, right? Anyway, I personally think that a dish that is as sweet as pie deserves to be both a dessert and an entree. Technically Sweet potato is a vegetable and marshmallows are desserts – combine them and you have a superfood! One Thanksgiving, my mom placed a Costco order for sweet potatoes and instead of order 1, she mistakenly ordered 11. That Thanksgiving became known as the “Sweet Potato Infestation.” Everywhere I looked that Thanksgiving, I saw bright orange casseroles haunting me. I still have nightmares in which every corner I turn in my house, there is a sweet potato casserole lurking. However, its unchallenged flavor and remarkable texture make for a delightful Thanksgiving – one that you want to keep Covid out of.

Pumpkin Pie is much better than apple pie. This is probably the most controversial opinion since Bosco removed meatball sandwiches from the menu. I just don’t get how creamy, smooth, rich, and sweet pumpkin pie is even mentioned in the same sentence as apple pie. Hands down, the greatest place to get pumpkin pie is Costco. While I have never been an active enthusiast for any crust – pizza, pie, sandwiches (Uncrustables all the way) – Costco’s pumpkin pie filling is the greatest invention in the history of mankind. I have said it once and I’ll say it again, “I could literally eat pumpkin pie filling for the rest of my life if the nutritional values changed.” Legend has it that there was an eleventh amendment in the Bill of Rights stating that pumpkin pie must be eaten at every Thanksgiving. Anway, before I get into a Lincoln-Douglas debate over the peculiar institution of pumpkin pie, I humbly say to buy or make one if you can. Watch out at Costco though because hoarding is becoming a trend again – which I don’t understand because they’re taking toilet paper and paper towels and not my precious pumpkin pie.

Apple Pie is an extra in my humble, objective opinion. While half of Americans seem to love it, I simply don’t. Don’t get me wrong, it has a fantastic flavor and texture. But I personally think that apple pie wastes precious calories that could be spent on pumpkin pie. I think my family secretly despises me for this opinion. While they are all staunch activists of apple pie, I quietly stand in the corner, eating my pumpkin pie. To be fair, I have some very fond memories of apple pie. Once, my mom bought one pie from Marie Calendars the day before Thanksgiving. My uncle’s dog slipped into the kitchen and gobbled the entire thing. My mother believed that one of her four children ate this tragically disgusting apple pie. After receiving veiled threats, to actual threats, to threatening to not buy Christmas presents, my uncle’s dog vomited the pie. I think that part of the reason I hate apple pies is because it threatened my Christmas. Anyway, don’t let Covid become the next apple pie where it nearly destroyed my Christmas – wash your hands at all times.

Hot Chocolate is the masked singer of the list. No one saw it coming! Honestly, I have been drinking festive hot cocoa since September, but who’s keeping track? Hot chocolate is the most delicious drink in history. The milk takes on the rich flavor of chocolate while still keeping the creamy texture of milk. Hot chocolate keeps you warm on cold winter nights. It comforts you during the loss of a football game – as a Bears fan, I know what that feels like. Even when people say that you can eat your feelings, no one ever mentions drinking them away with hot cocoa! Take the time out of your day to make a nice soothing cup of cocoa and catch up on necessary precautions to help defend yourself from Covid.

As you might have noticed, the coronavirus has been on the minds of everyone at the Brave News. Please take care of yourself this weekend as Covid case rates are beginning to rise once again. Be weary at stores when buying groceries for Thanksgiving because hoarding is becoming a trend again. Wash your hands, socially distance, practice sanitary measures, and most importantly eat some pumpkin pie. On behalf of the Brave Press, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

News/Op-Ed: How Retail Stores Accomodate To Offer The Best Experience For Holiday Shopping In A Pandemic

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor

If you’re a Black Friday shopper who usually joins the early deal hunters on Thursday, you can take this year off because most stores won’t even open until Friday.

Macy's is the first major retailer to welcome back in-store shopping in  Hawaii | Honolulu Star-Advertiser

The usual pushing and shoving to snag that Black Friday item won’t happen this year as retailers grapple with the busiest shopping day amid the pandemic.

As retailers and customers brace themselves for the possibility of tighter pandemic-related restrictions and mandatory closures, this year’s Black Friday shopping season is shaping up to be unlike any before it. 

Face masks, straight lines, contactless payments and other safety measures will now define the 2020 shopping experience. Also, in an effort to make sure no shopper is left out, several companies will extend their doorbuster sales before and after Nov. 27.

A number of stores have bucked the usual holiday tradition and will be closed on Thanksgiving this year. Of course, they’ll be “open” online, and most have already with their promotions throughout November to avoid the typical post-turkey crowding.

If you choose to head out for that in-store spree, you’ll want to check the latest closure updates related to the coronavirus pandemic. (Los Angeles County is currently in the purple tier, which means stores are open but must maintain a maximum of 25% capacity.)

Target continues to roll out its Black Friday deals throughout the month. From now until Nov. 21, the store will offer discounts on electronics, apparel and beauty products. Between Nov. 22 and 28, shoppers can find deals on toys, kitchen, floorcare and electronics, including video games and select consoles. Target stores will close on Thanksgiving Day and will open for normal store hours on Black Friday.

Best Buy will require customers to wear a face-covering inside stores. Additional employees will be on staff to answer any questions and manage lines. The stores will limit the number of indoor customers and direct customers where to walk to promote social distancing. Contactless pickup will also be available. The consumer electronics store will offer some Black Friday deals beginning Nov. 22.

Best Buy will keep its doors closed on Thanksgiving Day but will open them for Black Friday starting at 5 AM (PST) and the stores will stay open until 10 PM (PST). 

Walmart announced in October that it will “reinvent” Black Friday to help shoppers remain safe from the pandemic. The company’s approach is to spread out Black Friday over several days.

Company leaders already kicked off, “Black Friday Deals for Days” earlier this month for online purchases. The next event will run from Nov. 25 to Nov. 27 with online and in-store deals.

Stores will open up on Black Friday at 5 AM (PST). Customers will have to form a single, straight-line before entering the store. Associates will require customers to wear a mask and will sanitize shopping carts. Stores will also limit the number of people inside to promote social distancing. Aisles will be marked with signs telling shoppers where to walk as well.

Honestly, this year online ordering will be your best bet for holiday gift shopping on Black Friday — select curbside pickup as a backup plan if your items can’t be delivered in the time frame that you need. 

Online orders and curbside pickup will remake the look of the 2020 holiday shopping season, especially as COVID cases surge again.

Curbside pickup helps overcome one big hurdle facing this holiday season: Shipping delays. That’s why many retailers have been enticing customers with deals for weeks already, further diminishing the importance of Black Friday.

If you still insist on having a Black Friday experience inside a store, stop and reevaluate your priorities. Seriously, there’s zero reason to go into a crowded store in the middle of a pandemic. And anyone who does venture into a store will be required to wear face masks or coverings (regardless of local ordinances), since nearly all national retailers require that precaution for entry. 

News/Op-Ed: Inside The Faltering Legal Battle Spearheaded By President Trump In An Attempt To Contest The 2020 Presidential Election Results

by Joshua Hernandez, Editor-In-Chief   

After Former Vice President Joe Biden’s election victory was officially called on November 7, 2020, President Trump and his legal team filed a multitude of lawsuits in key battleground states as they levied accusations of voter fraud in an attempt to contest the election results. Almost two weeks later, here is where President Trump and his melting legal pursuits stand as the Presidency has officially escaped his grasp.

Donald Trump puts Rudy Giuliani in charge of post-election legal fight  after series of losses - CNNPolitics

Despite former Vice President, and now President-Elect, Joe Biden winning the election in a relatively convincing fashion, at a presumed electoral college vote of 306 to 232 – the exact same numbers seen in the 2016 Presidential Election – President Trump and GOP Members of Congress immediately began to doubt the legitimacy of Vice President Biden’s victory and in turn, the democratic process of voting that has been featured in the United States since George Washington was unanimously elected President in 1788. 

In an election that was as chaotic, exhausting and unpredictable as expected, both President Trump and President-Elect Biden set milestones never before seen in US election history. As of now, President-Elect Biden has 79,661,770 million popular votes compared to President Trump’s 73,685,981 million popular votes – an overwhelming 6 million vote lead. The tallies received by both candidates are the first and second most popular votes obtained by presidential candidates in US Election history, respectively. 

Besides his historic popular vote numbers, the President-Elect became the first Democrat since Bill Clinton in 1996 to win Arizona, flipping the state and its 11 electoral votes blue. Concurrent with Arizona’s results, President-Elect Biden became the first Democrat since Bill Clinton in 1992 to win Georgia, flipping the state and its crucial 16 electoral votes blue. 

Speaking of Georgia – which went into a recount due to tremendously slim margins, but was not the result of a President Trump lawsuit – President-Elect Biden has sealed his victory there after the recount confirmed that President-Elect Biden had, in fact, flipped the former Republican stronghold. 

Additionally, the Rust Belt states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, which President Trump stunningly flipped toward the red column against Hillary Clinton in 2016, was flipped back blue by President-Elect Biden, taking all of its combined 46 electoral votes. 

Due to the successes of now President-Elect Biden in the election after months of President Trump’s mudslinging, in which he stated that the former Vice President was “sleepy” and not fit to be President, the Trump administration’s legal team decided to file lawsuits to contest the election results – even after declaring victory early – which has not gone their way thus far.

Essentially, President Trump filed major election challenges in the following states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

As of today, here are where things stand with President Trump and former Mayor of New York City who now serves as the President’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani’s, Hail Mary attempt to contest President-Elect Joe Biden’s convincing victory.

Arizona: On Wednesday, November 18, Judge John R. Hannah Jr rejected efforts from state Republicans to request an additional audit in Maricopa County, the state’s most populous county, just five days after rejecting an attempt by Republicans to delay the certification of results in Maricopa County, according to KXAN Austin. The Trump Campaign’s lawyers hopes for a contested result in Arizona has been essentially shut, as even if Hannah Jr had allowed for an audit to take place, the votes would not have been enough to flip Arizona back to President Trump. 

Georgia: As previously stated, the Trump Campaign’s attempts to contest the results here were on Thursday, as a successful recount confirmed a final blow to President Trump’s reelection hopes, with President-Elect Biden once again winning the peach state. 

Michigan: On Thursday, the Trump Campaign dropped their case in the state they flipped in 2016 after Wayne County officials approved the results of the states largest county, effectively reaffirming President-Elect Biden’s victory. 

Nevada: In the state that took seemingly an eternity to count ballots, there have been no rulings in two cases filed by the Trump Campaign – one that seeks the approval of a state Judge to block statewide certification of a Biden victory, and another that claims votes were cast on behalf of deceased people, so the state should nullify the votes and undergo a recount. While it will be a developing story as a decision from a state Judge looms, it may not truly matter after President-Elect Biden’s official victory in Georgia on Thursday. 

Pennsylvania: After President-Elect Biden flipped back the state to the Democrats, a lawsuit filed by the Trump Campaign attempted to stop the state from certifying the election results after they claimed that Philadelphia – a Democratic stronghold – and six other counties in the state wrongfully allowed voters to fix issues with their mail-in ballots that would’ve been disqualified had they not done things such as signing their ballot. On Tuesday, Rudy Giuliani argued in court for the first time in over two decades after signing onto the case to continue the fight for President Trump. However, the Judge did not reach a decision yet, cancelling a hearing that was originally scheduled for Tuesday allowing Giuliani and the opposition to make new filings in the case this week. 

Wisconsin: On Wednesday, the Trump Campaign filed for a recount in the counties that include cities such as Madison and Milwaukee, which are two Democratic strongholds, but allegedly (with no evidence to support the claim) had absentee ballots that were illegally meddled with in a state Biden leads by about 20,000 votes. A recount is set to begin on Friday and must be completed by December 1, which is the deadline the state has to certify the election results. Despite the state headed towards a recount after Trump shelling out $3 Million to only partially recount the state (presumably the aforementioned Democratic strongholds), Wisconsin officials continued to state that the Trump Campaign had no evidence to support their wild claims. 

While it is possible for critics to contend that the election is not over yet, all the evidence states otherwise. As the days go by, President Trump’s reelection bid slips further out of his hands no matter how much Rudy Giuliani and his legal team argue otherwise and the legitimacy of President-Elect Biden’s victory and the democratic process of elections – which should have never been doubted to begin with – becomes clearer. 

Around Bosco: Bosco E-sports And The Beginning Of A New Era!

by Diego Santizo, Sports Editor

The St. John Bosco High School E-sports team is currently on the rise and is already getting eyes looking their way as they have struck a deal with Gamer Company Razer. 

Bosco E-sports is a relatively new program who not so long ago weren’t even a club on campus and now have struck a deal with one of the world’s leading lifestyle brands for gamers, Razer. 

It has been nothing short of a long road to get to where the program is today and a huge contributing factor to why the program exists is Bosco E-sports Head Coach Gabe Giangualano. 

“I had a proposal for the school and next thing we know we had a big fifty player tryout which we narrowed down to twenty and that twenty was ultimately the twenty player roster we carried last season ” said Giangualano.  

Razer is a company known for landing huge partnerships as they sponsor Evil Geniuses who are one of the best E-sport teams in the world, UCLA who always have a solid E-sports program and now they’ve partnered with St. John Bosco High School. 

Seeson Mahathavorn, a global marketing manager for Razer and a Bosco alumni had seen a post on Facebook regarding how Bosco E-sports was starting up and he couldn’t be happier when he found out the founder of it was his old soccer teammate Coach Giangualano. Once he saw how quickly the program as a whole was growing he reached out to Coach Giangualano about a potential meeting.

“Talent starts at a young age. Kobe got drafted to the NBA from high school, so why can’t the next great E-sports athlete? We don’t believe that age or level of development of a program limits the potential of a player that can be found there. As E-sports has grown we’re seeing that pro level players are being found at all ages and parts of the world. Earlier this year, Razer sponsored their first collegiate E-sports team at UCLA and it’s been amazing so far, even with the current pandemic, so why not go even farther back to where many gamers get their start: high school. As for why St. John Bosco, besides being close to me personally, back in July, my former Bosco Soccer teammate and classmate (c/o ’99), Derek Barraza, reached out to me on Facebook, showing me Bosco’s post about launching their first-ever E-sports Summer [Virtual] Camp. He also mentioned that current Bosco Soccer Coach and c/o ’99 classmate, Gabe Giangualano, was leading all things E-sports and it felt like a great opportunity to support a high school team for the first time ever,” said Mahathavorn. 

Giangualano pitched his vision for the program and the two sides managed to reach an agreement which led to Razer donating 50 headsets for Braves to in the Fall 2020 E-sports season. 

“It was a match made in heaven, honestly the best E-sports peripheral company in the world says we ‘want you?’ You gotta say ‘of course!” said Giangualano as he hopes the partnership continues for years to come. He went on to say that the program has improved with Razer’s headsets, the BlackShark V2. Currently the Braves are ranked top 10 in League of Legends, #1 in Rocket League, #1 in Smite, and playoff bound with Overwatch and Fortnite. Giangualano is committed to making the Bosco E-sports program a powerhouse. 

There is a plan in the works that Bosco E-sports will collaborate an exclusive training conference with UCLA and Evil Geniuses on the Braves campus. With the pandemic these plans have been put on hold but will soon be revisited as soon as the restrictions lift. This conference will allow the Braves to work with professionals and collegiate athletes to hear the strategies and tactics they use in their training regiments. Giangualano is committed to developing high school players the way professional clubs and colleges develop theirs.

“We’re always looking to strengthen all of our partnerships – to help E-sports programs grow, to develop talent, to build character. We’re currently working on a “Path to Pro” type of program where we would utilize all of our sponsored teams: Evil Geniuses at the pro level, UCLA E-sports at the collegiate level, and St. John Bosco at the high school level. It’s currently under construction but would include coaching, mentorships, workshops, friendly scrims, internships, sponsorships, etc where all participants will hopefully benefit from one another both inside and outside of the E-sports world” said Mahathavorn. 

Despite the process sounding easy, in reality it was far from it as according to Giangualano it was “a long road to getting E-sports here at the school” and it was “difficult to get the support to get something started”.

This beginning would go back all the way to 2016 as only ten kids showed up for an information meeting on a potential launch which led to nothing. 

In 2017 the freshman class had a lot of freshmen who were interested in a program and had to slowly wait out the process for the next big step which finally came in 2018 as “Bosco E-sports” became an unofficial club on campus which was only for fun. 

Coach Giangualano saw the potential it had and pushed for it to become an official program alongside current senior Mauricio Contreras. 

“I wanted to show people anything can be accomplished as long as you work hard for it” said Contreras. 

The dream finally became a reality when in 2019 the school officially approved the program and gave the confirmation to allow five teams within the program. 

Not only is each program led by a dedicated coach, but captains are chosen to play a huge role in their respective team as they become the backbone for those teams. 

Talent, leadership quality, and inspiration is what goes into the thought process of electing an E-sports captain and Coach Giangualano hopes each captain leads by example and follows these three pillars on a daily basis. 

The five programs of Bosco E-sports consist of: Rocket League, Smite, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Fortnite. Each one of those coaches runs their individual team and a normal Bosco E-sport week consists of: practicing three times a week, two days of rest (non consecutive), and two days of competition whether it’s a tournament or a scrimmage. 

The Rocket League program consists of a varsity and a junior varsity team. The Bosco Rocket League team can be seen as the highlight of the E-sports program as the Braves sit at #1 in all of California and #1 in the Regional League. The team is led by junior captain Brandon Suiter who is a grand champion status player. 

The Rocket League program has had a significant accomplishment as they are the one of the two programs from Bosco to have played against a university, but they are the only program who managed to get a win in their college showcase match. 

Cal State Dominguez Hills’ Rocket League program came up short against Braves in what would be one of the biggest victories ever in the young history of Bosco E-sports.

The Smite program consists of seven players in total and is led by captain Lauren Weldon who attends Bosco’s sister school St. Josephs and is the only girl in the whole E-sports program.

“She is doing a really great job keeping the group organized and communicating our strategies, she has natural leadership qualities,” said Giangualano. 

Lauren described being part of the Bosco E-sports program as a “win-win” because she finally had a good excuse to be playing video games on a daily basis while representing not only SJB, but St. Josephs as well being the only girl there. 

“I don’t really see it as a big deal to me, because at the end of the day we’re all there for one common goal which is to play video games” said Weldon. 

Lauren stressed to all the St. Joseph girls, if they feel E-sports is something that they might have a passion for or is something they want to try they should follow her footsteps and just “go for it”. 

The League of Legends program is the second program of two to have played against a college level team. They took part in a scrimmage the week prior to the Rocket League victory in which they also faced Cal State Dominguez Hills.

 The scrimmage was a best out of three series and each series came down to the last plays making every series a nail biter. Domininguez Hills narrowly escaped with the victory.  

The League of Legends program is slowly bouncing back as they lost several notable seniors last year, but are on the right track as they currently hold a 6-2 record in league play. 

The Overwatch program is looking solid as it’s a split of upperclassmen and lowerclass men giving a “youngbloods” and “veterans” vibe which could end up being a huge factor in their potential success. The Braves are currently waiting to snatch up a wildcard playoff spot in their inaugural Overwatch season.

Bosco’s Fortnite program is always eager to improve. They’ve had recent success in they’re scrimmages and the coaches as a whole couldn’t be more prouder than the performances of all their teams. They are confident all three teams will lock up playoff spots and head into December on a hunt for a title.

The Bosco E-sports program stays on the grind as they’re always available to watch on a weekly basis on Twitch and Youtube starting at 4:00 PM. You can find them on twitch at  StJohnBoscoHSesports.

The Fortnite team streams Monday on YouTube while Smite is streaming on Twitch. The League of Legends team will be streaming on twitch on Tuesday while on Wednesday the Overwatch team takes over. Thursday gets busier as Rocket League varsity and junior varsity can be found headlining on twitch. Friday will usually be whatever scrimmage the program as a whole can muster up and will also live streamed on YouTube. 

Saturday isn’t a rest day by any means as the gamers are up and ready to go in they’re households by 6:00 AM for morning practice.

Not only do the Braves work hard on their PCs, but are also very hard workers in the classroom as Coach Giangualano can’t stress time management enough. All students are required to take a time management workshop that helps players and families budget their time. 

“One of the things we strive for as a program is Academic Excellence. All players are given a calendar to stay organized and budget their time for the week. The last thing we want is for E-sports to occupy all of our time. It’s very easy for that to happen. The calendar, the time management workshop and parent expectations make for a successful student. It’s when that discipline falls by the waist side do we see declines in grades like with any sport.” said Giangualano.

A future goal for Bosco E-sports is saving money in order to improve their computer lab making it an official E-sport lab dedicated just to E-sports which will finally be the first place all Bosco gamers can call home. This will allow the program to continue to take baby steps in being successful while also building for the future. 

While most schools currently offer few game titles, players are found playing multiple game titles throughout the week. The Braves have cut this down and defined the players to a single game title E-Athletes. Meaning players usually only focus on one game title throughout the season. This approach dedicates the player to that particular focus and prevents chaos, burnouts, and loss of passion for a specific game. 

Overall, the goal for Bosco E-sports is to “convert kids from gamers to E-sporters” as Coach Giangualano knows from experience who is a “gamer” and who is an “E-sporter”. 

“Gamers are kids who want to play a game, but want to play it on their time and their time only. E-Athletes are kids who are committed to improving each and every single practice session, listen to their coaches, and always do what’s best for the team” said Giangualano.

Coach Gabe went on to say that his new E-sports club, Game Knights Youth E-sports Academy is about to open up for public tryouts this December. “It’s the best way to develop kids ages 8-18. I was approached by some parents who wanted their kids to be a part of my program but weren’t Braves. At Game Knights, we believe building the kids up at a younger age will produce a much more serious and competitive player and prevent or stop bad video game habits as we bring discipline to that chaos,” said Giangualano. You can get more information on Game Knights at

As for Razer, they’re aware Bosco has all the tools to become as successful as possible and will more than happily continue to support Bosco E-sports as long as they stay on the right path trending towards an upward direction. 

“We’re always working on growing and supporting the E-sports ecosystem, from sponsoring gear to promising teams and individuals to initiatives that give aspiring E-sports players a taste of playing in big tournament type and even wellness programs on how to take care of yourself while grinding to become the best of the best. Stay tuned for more announcements coming your way” said Mahathavorn. 

The future looks very bright indeed as Bosco E-sports are on a mission to become not only one of the best programs on campus, but one of the best programs in the state of California, and very soon one of the best programs in the nation. 

Sports: Aaron Pico, Former St. John Bosco student and wrestler, gets an impressive knockout victory in the second round of his bout with john de jesus

by: Andrew Fierro

It looks like we are seeing the best version of Aaron Pico!

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Going into this fight Aaron Pico was 6-3 and was coming off of two of his best performances he has had. He started off his Bellator career with a 4-1 record before having two disappointing losses. Despite having a rocky start he seemed to be a changed fighter and looks to be better than he ever has.

The fighter he was facing in this fight named John de Jesus was also coming off of a win with a unanimous decision over Vladyslav Parubchenko where he was dominant the entire fight. The fighter used his wide range of different striking techniques to keep his opponent always on his back foot keeping the fight where he wanted. Though with Pico this didn’t work.

About midway through the first round, Pico was able to take John de Jesus to the ground and out wrestle him the rest of the round. It was a dominant round win for Pico and it seemed to be a good start to the fight for him. After this going into the second round he looked to do the same with an early takedown being landed.

After this take-down was landed they were on the ground for a little while though John de Jesus was able to get back to his feet. While on the feet Aaron Pico had John de Jesus up against the fence with Pico controlling the standing exchange. This is when Jesus went to throw a right knee but Pico was ready and combatted his knee with a right overhand that put Jesus to sleep. 

This knockout was an amazing knockout because it showed off the power Aaron Pico has and can use when he needs to. After he knocked him down he was able to finish him off with a couple more punches until the referee pulled Pico off. 

Pico attributes the win to him and his team watching tape of Jesus’ earlier fights and listening to Jesus’ corner telling him different combinations to throw during the fight. When they were able to tell what Jesus was going to throw based on what his corner told him, they were able to come up with a game plan to exploit it.

Pico said before he threw the punch he knew exactly what was coming and was able to remember what his coaches told him to do and get the knockout. This fight and this exchange shows how important gameplans are in the sport of mixed martial arts and how putting in that extra effort of watching tape not only to improve your own performance but to see what the other fighter’s tendencies are could be the difference between a win and a loss.

After this fight, Pico’s record is now 7-3 and he is on his way up the rankings to soon hopefully be a contender for the title. He has seemed to be getting better and better with each of his performances. He has shown a lot of growth and is less of an emotional fighter and more calm, cool and collected. He has been able to incorporate his strong wrestling into his standup making it hard for his opponents to know what is coming next. Aaron Pico is looking better and better and it will be interesting to see how he will be able to top this performance in his next.

Life Of A Brave: Unsung Hero Mr. Edgar Salmingo, Jr

by Joshua Hernandez, Editor-In-Chief

Mr. Edgar Salmingo, Jr, an important member of the faculty and staff as the Vice Principal of Academic Affairs here at St. John Bosco High School, plays a key role to ensure that all school-related operations run smoothly. Despite not getting enough recognition as he should, he is extraordinarily committed to the Bosco community, as he spearheads efforts at Bosco to help students and teachers succeed.

Mr Edgar Salmingo, Jr, Vice Principal of Academic Affairs at St John Bosco High School.

Before arriving at St. John Bosco to embark on his journey of becoming a teacher in a Salesian setting, Mr. Salmingo believed he had a different calling as he navigated through life after graduating from college. Born into a family of five with two other siblings and growing up in both Hawthorne and Harbor City, California, Mr. Salmingo poured himself into his education as a kid, prioritizing school over all else. 

After finishing middle school, Mr. Salmingo decided to attend Loyola High School, where he excelled as a student. Upon graduating from Loyola, he attended UC Irvine for his undergraduate degree, where he majored in Computer Engineering. 

After getting his degree from UC Irvine, he attended Loyola Marymount University, where he got his Credential and Masters in Secondary Education. To further reflect his commitment to education, Mr. Salmingo currently attends Pepperdine University for his Doctorate in Learning Technologies. 

Initially, Mr. Salmingo wasn’t drawn to Education as a career, first working at Apple as a Genius Administrator, or in layman’s terms, a Manager of the Repair Department for Apple Products. Despite being the Genius Administrator at Apple, which was a relatively stable job after finishing his studies, Mr. Salmingo felt as if he wanted to do more with his life.

“I wanted to do something more fulfilling. I left Apple to work in education because I was always interested in getting back into it and I felt like one of the best ways to help students was to oversee academics,” said Mr. Salmingo. 

Beginning the transition into a career of education did not come without challenges for Mr. Salmingo after having been at Apple for around four to five years. However, pursuing a career of education brought him a sense of fulfillment he had never before experienced and once he became acquainted with his roles, he knew his true calling was finally revealed. 

Prior to being hired at St John Bosco, Mr. Salmingo started his educational career at St. Anthony High School as a teacher, before going to Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary as the Director of Educational Technology. As he continued to climb up the ranks, Mr. Salmingo became the Associate Principal for Academic Life at La Salle High School, before being hired to his current role of Vice Principal of Academic Affairs at Bosco in 2017. 

In his role as Vice Principal of Academic Affairs, Mr. Salmingo is an integral part of Bosco’s operations each and every day, even through the current circumstances with virtual learning. Despite his importance to the school, there are many who are unsure of what it is Mr. Salmingo does as the VP of Academic Affairs. 

“My job is to work behind the scenes and put teachers and students in the best position to succeed. My job is really interceding on behalf of students, counselors and teachers, helping them with whatever they need,” said Mr. Salmingo. 

Notwithstanding the fact that Mr. Salmingo works behind the scenes with everyone on campus to ensure that everything runs smoothly for them, he maintains an important, steady and friendly presence on campus as he always lends a helping hand to those who seek it. A hard worker and true master at what he does, Mr. Salmingo has a great rapport with faculty, staff and students alike. 

However, despite already having a very packed schedule with his role as Vice Principal of Academic Affairs, Mr. Salmingo commits himself to more than just his official capacity. After gaining an appreciation for it after having taught it at his previous schools, Mr. Salmingo coaches the Bosco Academic Decathlon team, which also participates in an affiliated program called the World Scholars Cup, a global and local academic competition program.

In his first year at Bosco, Mr. Salmingo flew to Barcelona, Spain with three scholars who qualified for the World Scholars Cup Global Rounds after their successes at the LA Regional Round. After the scholars did well in Barcelona, he flew with them to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut for the Tournament of Champions, where they again did well, a reflection of his coaching and teaching abilities. 

Last year, Mr. Salmingo took 16 incredible scholars to Manila, Philippines for the World Scholars Cup Global Round, and took that same group of scholars to Yale University for the Tournament of Champions, for his second year in a row. Once again, the powerhouse program being built by Mr. Salmingo is a reflection of not just his coaching and teaching abilities, but the general kindness and mutual work that he puts in with his students as they compete in such rigorous competitions with students in California, the United States and abroad. 

The joy that comes with teaching and leading the Academic Decathlon Program is a big reason why Mr. Salmingo chooses to make that extra commitment despite already being so busy with his original role at Bosco. However, Mr. Salmingo also sees his involvement with Academic Decathlon as a duty to help kids succeed and get to know the Bosco Community a bit more. 

“If I don’t have the opportunity to be with the students and teach a class, I struggle to know the students I am serving,” said Mr. Salmingo. 

In his personal life beyond Bosco, Mr. Salmingo relaxes and spends his personal time involved with his family, rooting for his favorite sports teams and devoting himself to creating materials for his Academic Decathlon students.

Despite constantly having a packed schedule in his various roles at Bosco as well as handling his duties as a student at Pepperdine, Mr. Salmingo tries to be the best person he can be off campus by doing things he loves. 

Speaking of who he is as a father, brother, son and husband outside of Bosco, Mr. Salmingo didn’t hesitate to reflect on his individual ways of being and why he chooses to do the things he does at Bosco.  

“I am a person that really cares about other people. I don’t feel like life is fulfilling unless I use my talents to help others. Life is short, but the happiest time of my life are with the people I love,” Mr. Salmingo said. 

While constantly delving into educational subjects with his Academic Decathlon team and handling his responsibilities as Vice Principal of Academic Affairs, Mr. Salmingo certainly makes times for sports and is a typical Angelino in that regard. 

“Being a Filipino growing up, it’s a common interest to love basketball. I’m a huge Laker fan,” Mr. Salmingo said.

Although he has great love and appreciation for the Lakers after watching greats such as Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant growing up, Mr. Salmingo might even be a bigger NFL fan, as he is a true die hard fan of the Carolina Panthers. Growing up in Los Angeles during a time when the city had no NFL team and seeing many choosing to root for the Cowboys and Raiders, Mr. Salmingo had the freedom to choose which NFL team he wanted to root for. 

“I picked the Panthers because I didn’t want to be like others. I wanted to pick a team that was different from everyone else. I was actually lucky to be a blogger for the Panthers for various websites, such as USA Today and SB Nation,” said Mr. Salmingo. 

A true unsung hero around campus, Mr. Salmingo has stayed committed to his roles at Bosco even through personal hardships, as he has lost a best friend in Mr. Eugene Fabiero, the former Band Director at Bosco, as well as his father within the past year and a half.

It certainly has not been easy for Mr. Salmingo to navigate through his personal life and his Bosco commitments as he has endured so much, yet he finds a way to continue to work hard and be present for both his students and colleagues alike. 

In his fourth year at Bosco, Mr. Salmingo’s love for education and teaching has been amplified through the Salesian ways in which the school operates. After not having the traditional fun high school experience due to being so invested in his academics, Mr. Salmingo has always felt he has had some “unfinished business” in terms of being able to experience high school for what it truly is. 

“I went to an all boy high school growing up, so I understand the challenges and fun that comes with attending a school like Bosco. I commuted from Harbor City to Loyola, so I didn’t have a social life. I never had a great high school experience, but I’ve come to appreciate the brotherhood at Bosco. My unfinished business is that I have had a better experience and that my work ensures other kids have a better experience too,” said Mr. Salmingo. 

On a daily basis, Mr. Salmingo works extremely hard to ensure his colleagues and the students he serves have the best experience they can possibly have at Bosco, while also ensuring that things run as smoothly as possible so everyone may be able to succeed.

As he has navigated through challenges in his personal life, juggles his studies at Pepperdine and lends himself to his Academic Decathlon team and whatever they may need, he truly is the hero for many behind the scenes.

However, his work ethic, commitment to his family, his passion for teaching and his availability to the students and faculty which he serves does not go unnoticed. May the unsung hero have his praises sung by the community he so righteously, tirelessly and joyfully serves. 

Around Bosco: New Counselor, Ms. Yesenia Moreno, Joins The Bosco Community

by Aydn Morris

Attention Braves! Attention Braves! One of the latest additions to the Saint John Bosco community is Ms. Yesenia Moreno, our newest counselor, take some time to know more about her!

Q. What college did you attend?

A. I attended the University of San Diego for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Q.  What was your major/minor in College? 

A. I majored in Psychology and double minor in Theatre Arts and Spanish.

Q. What high school did you attend?

A. I attended Cantwell Sacred Heart of Mary High School.

Q. Are you from California, if not where are you from? 

A. Yes, I am from California. Born and raised in Montebello.

Q. If there was any place in the world you could travel, where would you go? 

A. The next place I would love to visit is New Zealand. I have been interested in visiting since high school but have not had the opportunity to visit yet. 

Q. How long have you been a counselor? 

A. This is my first official job as a counselor.

Q. What is the best part of counseling? 

A. Developing relationships and being a support to others.

Q. What is the hardest part of counseling? 

A. A challenge to counseling is the stigma. Mental health and asking for help are both things that are often looked down upon. It’s important to remember that we are never alone in any situation. Someone is always available to support and provide guidance.

Q. Why did you become a counselor? 

A. Since high school, I have wanted to help people but I wasn’t sure how. While in college I found that I really liked psychology and had the idea to become a psychologist. However, while I was studying abroad on Semester at Sea, I felt that I would be of more use at a school where I would be readily available to students and be able to support them in developing persona/social, academic, and career goals.

Q. Did you have a different job other than counseling? If so, what were your jobs before you were a counselor? 

A. Before I started my graduate program to become a counselor, I worked in a few different offices in the division of University Advancement at USD. The role I held the longest was as Gift Coordinator where I assisted in processing donations made to USD. The last job I had was as a Care Coordinator for Children’s Institute Inc. where I assisted with connecting families we supported at 3 school sites to food, mental health, rent, and many other resources.

Q. Was being a counselor a dream job of yours?  

A. Yes! Becoming a high school counselor has been my dream job and I am so grateful that I have reached it.

Q. Do you watch sports and if you do what is your favorite sport and team and player? 

A. I do like watching sports but I don’t have any favorites. I’ll watch whatever game my brothers put on (typically football, soccer, basketball, hockey) but I really enjoy going to a game in person and knowing who the players are so I’m looking forward to attending SJB sports games!

Q. What is your favorite movie? 

A. My favorite movie is My Neighbor Totoro because it reminds me of my childhood. 

Q. What is your favorite genre of music?

A. I listen to a variety of music but in general pop music.

Q. What is your favorite type of food? 

A. My favorite type of food is Mexican because it means home to me.

Q. What are some of your favorite shows? 

A. I really like Queer Eye, On My Block, Derry Girls, and Never Have I Ever.

Q. What is your favorite season? 

A. Summer because I’m able to get outside, travel more freely and go to the beach.

Q. What is your favorite holiday? 

A. Christmas is my favorite holiday because of the delicious foods and traditions my family has around this holiday.

Q. In school what was your favorite subject? 

A. In school I liked subjects based on the teachers and how fun they made the class. I’ve always enjoyed Literature classes because I enjoy learning about people’s stories.

Q. What is your favorite hobby? 

A. I like listening to podcasts. I listen to a wide variety of podcasts from true crime to creating a caring community. For me, podcasts are a way for me to hear stories and learn new things similar to reading but I can do it while driving or cleaning.

Q. Do you have any pets? If so, what is your pet, if not what pet would you like to have?

A. I do not have any pets. I would like to have a dog preferably a labradoodle.

News/Op-Ed: A Breakdown Of The COVID-19 Vaccine Race, What Companies Are Leading The Race And What Problems Can The Vaccine Create In A Changing Society?

by Pedro Ochoa

The race for a COVID-19 vaccine is on its final laps. The main goal for the world is to find a vaccine as soon as possible. 

Beaumont: Another COVID-19 vaccine trial coming to Michigan

As for the drug making companies, their future relies on if they can be the first ones to produce the vaccine. Many big known companies are making a lot of progress to make the best vaccine possible, while some are falling behind. 

With the race coming to an end, there are still a few questions to be answered. Will the race slim down even more? Will a big name company fall behind? Will a small name company come into the running? And, which company will prevail to get a massive paycheck?

From the beginning of the pandemic, many have looked to the promise of a vaccine to prevent infection by COVID-19. Vaccines typically take years to develop before they ultimately reach the market, but given the pandemic’s urgency, progress is being made much more rapidly.

When candidate vaccines make it to human clinical trials, they must go through three phases. The first two stages have already been tested by two major companies. The final stage, Phase 3, involves tens of thousands of people, to confirm the effectiveness of the vaccine and test whether there are any rare side effects that only show up in large groups. 

Moderna and Pfizer, two of the biggest drug companies in this race, exceeded expectations. When looking at the vaccines and what is to come from them including the effectiveness, side effects, and many more, there are still a few big questions to be answered. Here is a slightly more in-depth look at the two big named candidate vaccines in the final phases of trials and close they are to the finish line.


While Pfizer and its partner BioNTech claimed that its COVID-19 shot is over 90 percent effective, Moderna claimed that its coronavirus vaccine is 94.5% effective.


Moderna in its claim said the side-effects of the vaccine were short-lived, and that no significant safety concerns were reported. Pfizer has not said anything specific about the side-effects.


Both Moderna and Pfizer’s vaccines rely on a technology called messenger RNA. The approach is designed to transform the human body’s own cells into vaccine-making factories. The vaccines instruct cells to make copies of the spike protein of the novel coronavirus, stimulating the creation of protective antibodies.

Financial Assistance:

Though Pfizer didn’t receive any federal funding to develop its vaccine, its partner BioNTech received the German government’s assistance of 375 million euros ($444 million). The pharma firm has inked a deal with the US administration for supply agreement of nearly $2 billion.

Meanwhile, Moderna has received financial assistance from the US Operation Warp Speed programme, and the US administration has agreed to purchase Moderna vaccine for up to $1.53 billion.

Dateline for Deployment:

Both Moderna and Pfizer are expected to seek emergency-use authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration. While Moderna could seek clearance from regulators in the coming weeks, Pfizer expects to get two months of safety follow-up data in the third week in November. If all goes well, Pfizer could apply for an authorization in the US this month.


Despite the claims by both the firms of COVID-19 vaccine’s effectiveness, concerns on long protection from virus and people volunteering for vaccination remain at large. Increasing production, availability, and distribution are other key concerns.

These are the two big name companies that are almost at the finish line for this big vaccine that is desperately needed. However, there are over 40 more companies that are in the long race for a COVID-19 vaccine. 

As 2021 nears, there are still many questions to be answered by the creators of the future COVID-19 vaccine company. The goal for the big two companies is to release the vaccine by the end of the year. Can it happen? They have been pushing the release for months now, and as cases rise, the more needed are the vaccines. Although the world is needing a vaccine as soon as possible, the company that wins the race can be in for a big pay day. 

Who will win this huge race to save humanity from this global pandemic?

When will the first vaccine be released to the world?

A+E: Xbox Series X vs PS5

by Ryan Tavera 

Two giants in the gaming industry will once again clash as both Microsoft and Sony release their new consoles into the market, while both are a force to be reckoned with. Which one is worth your money?

Once again the time has come where consumers are forced to pick a side in the dreaded battle that has clouded the gaming industry for years – Xbox vs Playstation. While there isn’t a particularly wrong choice to make here (depending on who you ask), it is important that when deciding which console to purchase, you know what you’re getting. 

Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X have hit the market and are ready to pave the way for the next generation of console gaming. The Xbox Series X arrived on November 10 and costs $499. A cheaper version, the Xbox Series S, is available for $299. The PlayStation 5 came out November 12 and is priced at $499, with a digital edition that removes the disc drive costing $399. 

So, which console is more powerful? 

Typically, the average consumer could care less about the specific tech and numbers that each console possesses. However, it is still a key selling point when considering which console to purchase. (See below for a table comparing key hardware components of the two consoles)

Both consoles are evenly matched elsewhere. They each have 16 GB of memory and support 4K resolution gaming at launch. And when it comes to the latest flashy technology, both Sony and Microsoft have worked to incorporate ray-tracing, a technology that makes light and shadow look better in-game, and offer 3D audio for more immersive sound.

Sony does have one advantage. The PS5 can push through data at 5.5 GB per second, compared to the Xbox Series X, which works at 2.4GB per second. That could mean marginally faster load times, and less time spent on a loading screen.

Despite the flashy numbers that both companies wear like a shiny badge they shouldn’t make or break what console you decide to buy for further in-depth information regarding the specs of both consoles click here

A more attractive aspect of both consoles are exclusive games. An exclusive is a game that can only be played on a certain console. For example, when Microsoft first got their feet wet in the gaming industry with their release of the original Xbox in 2001, a big selling factor that legitimatized Microsoft as a video game company to this day is Halo Combat Evolved. Since 2001, Halo has remained a staple in Microsoft’s assortment of games, and the franchise has swayed consumers for years to choose the Xbox over Playstation. 

However, in recent years, this has changed, as their flagship titles such as Halo and Gears of War are no longer the hard-hitting or cutting edge giants they were years ago and recent installment of the franchises have continually let fans down as they fail to live up to the legends they once were. 

On the other hand, Sony has kept turning on the heat with ambitious games such as Uncharted 4, God of War, Last of Us 2, Spiderman and Bloodborne while the Xbox has coasted by being the console you get because your friends have an Xbox.

This problem is only being highlighted in the recent release of the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, with Xbox’s new engine, new developers, 120 frames per second, and a trailer that has hyped fans for the upcoming installment of the Halo franchise. 

Microsoft is trying to hit the restart button with the release of their most powerful console to date, while Sony is attempting to maintain a stranglehold on its base of support from the gaming community with the new PS5.

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